Written by lucky guy

20 Aug 2013

As we lay cuddling in the afterglow of our love making session, I remarked how sexy the sight of a lady being fucked by 2 guys was, on the porn video we had playing, and that I would love to see Lynn in that situation, being spit roasted.

Lynn looked a bit shocked and said why, my reply was that I always thought she was great in bed and that to see her having fun with another guy fucking her tight little pussy would be such a turn on,

Nothing much was said, but over the next few weeks as similar sights came on the porn videos, Lynn would seem to look more, and I made a few sexy comments about how she would be so good at handling two guys,

Let me fill in a few things first, Lynn enjoys all aspects or sex, oral pussy anal sex, and we both like to get a bit kinky, with her fingering and some times fucking me with her toys, but only so far with one another.

After one such event, where 2 well hung guys gave the woman a hell of a session, Lynn smiled back saying it did turn her on, seeing the guys filling both holes, and spit roasting the woman on screen, but no more. So the next day, I put an advert on a contact site for a male to join us in a 3 some, to test the waters.

I didn’t know what to expect, and soon found dozens of guys had responded to our my advert, searching thought them, one took my attention more than the others, he was married, from inter state, and was looking for a couple to experiment with when on business in our area, so a few emails later, and swapping a couple of pictures, I arranged to meet him on his next visit, when he first arrived, to see if he was ok in person.

Al emailed to tell me when he was arriving, and that he could meet close by, with me, as arranged on the Monday morning, around 10 am, so a place was set, I made an excuse to pop out for awhile to meet Al alone. We got on well and he was every thing he had said, tall, good looking, well built, and around 10 years younger than us. He also had spare time being owner and sales person for his company.

So I set up a chance meeting for tonight, in his hotel bar, telling him what to do, for our hopeful seduction of Lynn. He was game to try, saying if all else failed he was sure it was better than spending time alone in town as normal,

So mid afternoon, I told Lynn I was going to take her out for a light meal and drink tonight, and then come home for a night of passion, and to be ready and dressed to head out around 6.30. As we do, Lynn got sexed up, and ready, her tight little red dress, I love her in, leaves very little to any ones imagination, and I told her to especially make sure she was ready for her toys, which means I would be fucking her butt, with her vibes in her pussy, she loves this.

So we set of, my heart racing, as we drove to Al’s hotel, picking a table in easy view, we sat down, and I ordered a drink for us both, right on time Al walked in, looking smart, he said hello as he walked by, standing near us he ordered a drink. Then he walked over, asking did I know where a certain place was in town, as he was over on business and was thinking of going that way the next day, I invited him to sit with us, as I told him the easy way to drive there, and we all began to chat in a relaxed way, and when we came to order, I said would he like to join us instead of eating alone, o f course, he said thank you and we began a lovely meal with a few drinks.

After we had eaten he offered to pay, saying it was going on his company expenses, and would we like to see his range of woman’s toiletry products, he was over to market, by now, Lynn was more than comfortable with Al, and he invited us to his room to view them. As he shut the door, Lynn looked great walking in front of us; her figure highlighted by her dress, made Al turn and gives me a huge smile. And he offered us a drink and began showing Lynn his products.

One of his lines was a massage oil, which with out saying any thing, smeared some on his hands and walked behind Lynn and began to massage her shoulders, she melted, as his hands work her body, Al saying how he loved giving massages and had taken a course in it, to maximise the pleasure for the woman, I turned, and said why not let him show you how good he is, and give me some tips for our fun. Lyn looked a bit shy at first, but we have been to nude beaches, and her all over tan showed. So I said, guys have seen your body before Lynn and Al is giving me tips on massaging, so why not.

Lyn lay down her dress unzipped to the waist as Al began to give me tips, and show me how to massage correctly; Lynn began to enjoy the attention of us both, as her dress was pulled down a bit more she did not object. Then Al said most people do not massage the feet to the fullest, and how, when down right, can relive a lot of tension and with that, moved down and started at her toes, Lynn again moved around, her body showing signs she was more than enjoying this, as I smiled once more at Al.

Soon he was working his way up her legs, and made mention that to do her full justice, he would need to go right up and massage her butt and lower back. Again I moved Lynn helping her remove her dress, with no resistance at all from her. Again Al worked her legs, heading up her legs, Lynn began to open them more, his hands now slipping between them and rubbing close to her pussy. By now I could see a very damp patch appear between her legs, as I was working her back; my hands would slip around tweaking her nipples now and then too, we both heard her moaning lightly as she enjoyed her massage.

Al took the lead, his fingers closing in, would touch her pussy lips every now and then, at first, as if by accident, then more and more he touched her lips, as I showed her nipples more attention too. Then Al took things fully in his control, and began to deliberately work her pussy lips, she moved possible, with out thinking to allow him easier access, by now her moans were louder, and taking a more rhythmic line. Al now working her pussy hard, set of her first orgasm for the night, making her jump and look me in the eye, a huge smile and a loving kiss reassured her all was ok.

Al now told her to turn over for him to work on her front, as she did her bra came off and I pulled her panties off to, saying how sexy she looked. Al calmly leant down and kissed her, saying how lucky I was to have such a hot wife. His hands now working her front, at first tummy then to her great d cup boobs, I had kissed her, and she saw the bulge in my pants, with that she said loudly, “This is not fair, I’m naked and you two are dressed”, with in seconds Al and myself stripped, Lynn immediately grabbing my hard cock and began to work my muscle. Al took his time working her body, his hands now circling her clit, would divert and head inwards causing Lynn to jump, but again, he kept her waiting, her clit glowing with juices now, as his fingers began to take her over the top once more, as she did he licked her clit and took made her orgasm quickly, by now she was his to control.

I watched as his cock grew, about 7 to 8 inch’s long, and thicker than mine, Lynn took my cock out of her mouth and told Al to move up for her to suck his cock, as we switched positions, she opened wide, a gleam in her eye as his man hood slowly disappeared to the pubes, oh wow, what a sexy sight. My cock now straining hard, as I licked her clit sending her into a constant orgasm. Soon I just had to feed her my meat, moving up; her pussy took my cock easy, her juices flowed as I began to fuck her.

I was now lying on top of her, Al’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth, inches away from my face, looked to good to be true. As Lynn made all sorts of noises, eating his cock, I began to kiss her, so close to him, she looked, and then without warning his cock slipped out of her mouth and went straight in mine. I jumped, but with out thinking also sucked it, before he pulled it out and slide it back in Lynn’s mouth, my mind was blurred, I had never sucked a guys cock before, but that was nice, I could see Lynn glance my way, and me smiling, then the devil in her came out, she pushed his cock back in my mouth.

Al jumped like me but again I sucked it hard, this time a few times and Al left it there for me to suck, Lynn now laughed and said see why I like sucking your cock its nice, between sucks I said it sure is. Al moved a bit now for me to suck him easier, which took me by surprise, as no where had we spoke of bi fun, but I took to sucking his cock with pride, going right down touching his balls on my chin. Lynn licked his shaft while I sucked him more, then we swapped around, me licking him while she swallowed him whole.

My cock was straining now, holding of as long as I could but this was too much, Al’s cock buried in Lynn’s mouth, set me off, with one huge growl, I shot reams of cum deep in her pussy. Al nearly blew his load to, but I knew he was waiting his turn, as I pulled out; he went down, eating her out, and Lynn now shaking wildly, as her sensitive clit got his expert attention.

Just as quickly, he moved up, her pussy taking him in, as inch by inch she worked his meat, Al’s face was one of pure delight, as he began to fuck my lovely wife, all 8 inch’s or so deep inside her willing hole. This is what I had wanted to see for so long, as I moved up, Lynn sucked our juices from my cock, her orgasms, were now just one long orgasm. I knew Al’s cock was going to need relief soon, as her pussy gets very tight when she’s hot like this. Then what I was hoping for, his face contorted, his body stiffened, all signs of control lost as he made a unholy sound, we knew Lynn was now going to feel his seed, and did she, they shook and shook, his body going wild, as Lynn was lost in pure lust, for what seemed like ages they continued to orgasm together.

Slowly they came down, Al lying next to Lynn his cock still buried deep in her cum soaked pussy, and I just had to have a close look. Never have I seen my wife look so sexy, her swollen pussy lips holding firmly onto Al’s cock, as his cum run out, I flicked her clit, sending shivers down her, as Al pulled out, with out thinking and so much lust I went down, eating her out, eating his cum as I did, Lynn shaking once more, grinding her clit into my mouth.

I dove my tongue deep inside, taking all I could from her, by now she was lost, Al going up, filled her mouth with his cock and cum juices, as the slurping sounds echoed around the room. My rock hard cock once more filled her hole, as I felt the warmth of his cum still in her. She carried on, and then asked if she could rest for awhile. As Al and I played slowly with her body, keeping her hot.

Lynn gave me one huge kiss thanking me, and Al for making this a night to remember, we both said, “It’s not over yet”, and her smile telling us we were right too. As she straddled my cock, and began to ride me cowboy, Al stood his cock going down her throat, as she took pride riding me, then I looked at Al, and winked, he moved down, stroking her body and clit as he went.

As he watched, I pulled Lynn’s butt cheeks open, and began to finger her hole, with some massage oil Al took over, Lynn now going wild, as I knew he worked more fingers in her, the feeling against my cock, more intense. Then he moved around, I wasn’t sure now, would she let him, but as she lowered her body onto mine, His cock found her more than willing hole, I could feel him working into her rear hole, his cock rubbing against mine inside her body, then he was in, Lynn giving one last hard push back told me he was balls deep, as both cocks worked in sync to give her maximum pleasure.

My lovely wife took us both going hard, we both had to work to hold off Cumming, or we would explode to quick, so after some 15 minutes or so, I turned her over, Al now took his turn in her pussy, while I once more filled her butt.

It was all to soon, my balls could hold back no more, as hot cum flooded her ass, Al continued to fuck her as she rocked around, sucking my cum from deep in my balls, with her anal muscles, one thing she excels in too, I fell of, leaving them briefly to shower quickly to freshen up, as I returned Al was now fucking her ass doggy, both lost in lust, as Lynn made all sorts or weird noises, I then noticed Al had several fingers buried in her butt to, and was going like a man processed, my cock soon got sucked into her mouth, I slid under Lynn licking her clit as my nose rubbed Al’s cock the view was so hot, my wife’s butt filled with cock and my nose rubbing him, made my cock jump up straight away.

Al let us both know he was building up to a huge orgasm again, the violent shaking seemed harder than before, as Lynn took another hot load from his balls. My tongue licking her clit, took her over with him, as both seemed to lose total control, I was struggling to keep with them both, as his cum run out, again without thinking I ate every drop I could get, he still pumped her butt, forcing more cum out, I licked his cock, as cum juices mixed, with hot pussy juices.

Then again Al pulled his cock out, and rammed it hard, forcing me to swallow his cock, at first I gagged, as I had never done arse to mouth, but his cum was so sweet, I sucked him dry. He pulled out of my mouth pushing deep in her pussy then back to my mouth, and did that a few times, each time I sucked his dry, then her butt, to pussy to my mouth, I was lost in sex, not caring, Lynn’s orgasm still taking over her body, as Al’s cum started to run out I found my tongue going deep in her butt looking for more, oh boy did that send her over the top again quick smart.

As we rested once more Al asked how I was feeling about him being bi, I said that it wasn’t some thing I had thought about , but was totally enjoying, being so turned on seeing him fucking Lynn, he said good, as he was also enjoying experimenting, and was loving both of our attentions.

We had a drink and chatted, but soon, I found my cock heading towards Lynn’s pussy, slowly at first then with more speed I began to work her back up, as Al kissed her, then Lynn began to tell him about how she some times fucks me with our vibes, and dildos, which kind of blew me away, as we had never discussed that out side of our bedroom, Al asked how I liked it, she beamed a big smile, Oh he likes it she said. Al shot me a big smile.

As I continued fucking her Al moved away, at first I was not aware of what he was doing, then as I felt him touch my butt cheeks, I squirmed, but his finger soon went in my hole,

He was well lubed up, as soon another finger joined in, then 3, Lynn felt me jumping around and could see what Al was doing, and a wicked smile came over her, as now Al began to push his cock head against my butt hole, I froze, my anal muscles tightened up, but Lynn kissed me and said “go with it”,

I relaxed a bit, it was a weird feeling a guys cock going up my butt, but again Lynn kissed me, smiling back reassuring me, then more and more he pushed home, then the feeling of his balls against mine told me he had all his man hood in me, and slowly began to fuck my arse.

I must admit it was feeling good, my body now taking him and without thinking I was pushing back meeting his thrusts, as Lynn just kept my cock going, Oh wow, this was bloody good I began to have strange feelings, my cock was still hard, but I hard a weird but very nice orgasm, but no cum then another and another. Lynn saw what was going on and said “how you know what an anal orgasm feels like, and why I like anal. I couldn’t say any thing, but my smile and a row of anal orgasm let her know.

Al fucked me for what seemed like ages, Lynn had swung around, sliding under me sucking my cock, she was also playing with his cock as my body took it al in, Then although I wanted it, I also wanted this to go on longer, Al began to pound me so hard, I was straining to stay up, the noises he made signalling his orgasm was close, bugger,, but then his cock swelled to what seemed like twice the size, as he unloaded deep in my bowels, Lynn sucking my cock got a mouth full of my cum, I was in bliss.

As we all come down, I could feel his cock still pumping my arse, as Lynn moved further under me, then Al pulled out, a emptiness took over, but then my sexy wife did some thing I never thought of, she began to lick my butt, eating his cum from my hole, Al pushed his cock back in forcing out more cum, then I heard her suck him dry, before he again pushed back in and repeated his move, several time they did that, as he moved away, I sat up, pushing the last of his cum out, looking down to see it splash onto Lynn’s face, what a sex woman.

As the last drops of cum run out, Al kissed her, licking his own cum from her face, I just had to join in, turning to eat his cum from her face, she kissed us both, soon we all lay, exhausted , happy and with empty balls, Lynn lay between us, kissing us both she thanked Al for giving her, her first 3some, and making it so special too, then she looked me straight tin the ye and said did you set this up, I could never say no, but smiled at her and said Yes, are you anger, her kiss and a huge cuddle told me no, Then she turned to Al and asked how long he was in town for, the biggest smile every came on his face, “All Week if you want”, “Yes Please tomorrow come to our house”, I want more”

We never did make it home that night falling asleep in one another arms, and the morning was another story.