30 May 2016

Her sweet, soft round arse undulated up and down on his big cock, soft mew’s slipped from between her sweet lips. She’d never been fucked by this guy before and she always insisted that she had no desire to have sex with anyone but me. But here and now, it was clear that she really liked his length and wondrous girth. I wasn’t small cocked, but I had recently confessed my secret desire to watch her with another man and surprisingly she eventually gravitated to the sexy idea. I knew that she’d fucked other men previously to me.

Now here we were... “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned out wantonly. Grinding her hips down, her raspy and tremulous voice betrayed the intensity of her immense excitement on his rigid organ and she released a loud guttural groan, she came hard with his cock deep buried inside her body.

I slid between his legs and pressed my lips to her tight clenching sphincter as she orgasmed. She’d always loved it when I rimmed her and her body shook violently as one climax spilled into another. I teased and tongue fucked her arse, until she take no more orgasms and she slumped, cum filled, from his wet glistening cock and fell onto the crumpled bed . She looked surprisingly appealing and when she softly guided herself onto my mouth I didn’t resist. I had never dreamed of sucking her cum filled pussy but I found she tasted so great, I knew in an instant that I was meant to do it.