Written by happy first timers

29 Apr 2013

we had always enjoyed a good sex life, Dave was kinky, and I loved what we got into, watching porn some times to find new ideas, any way when Dave said he had seen a advert and replied , and been invited to a swingers party, it shocked me some, but he said we didn’t have to play, just watch and talk to others, so on Saturday night with my tight mini and white top we headed of, It seemed like any other party, people talking and drinking, but ever now and then I would notice couples going of together towards the bedrooms, so when I had to visit the toilet I found myself nervously watching from the hallway as a couple played in one of the rooms, I stood almost frozen in excitement as the guys licked the ladies pussies, one seeming to take his lead from the other, then after awhile they moved up, and began to fuck the ladies, both going wild with the woman orgasming as they were fucked hard, my pussy was soaking wet by now, as one of the ladies saw me and motioned for me to get closer, I did, trembling in excitement but also some fear too, this was broken when a hand rubbed my butt, I thought Dave had come to find me and I let him play, then his finger slide deep inside my wet pussy making me shiver, my first orgasm rocked me hard, as he worked my clit and hole, then his cock slide under my butt, pushing against me, I leaned forward so my arse was rubbing his cock, then he slipped his cock in me, Oh boy, I had a few more orgasms, as the couples saw me and watched, I had never been watched before and this was so exciting , cum after cum, then my dress come of and my top, as hands worked my body, it was then I froze, the hands weren’t Dave’s, what and who was I doing, I didn’t want to look around, what if Dave saw me, oh god what do I do, just then his cock slammed hard against me and I cum again, to late, as he took me again and again, fear nerves and excitement took over as I orgasmed like never before, then with one hard trust I felt his cum, lots of cum, hitting deep in my womb, then he slipped out and left me there naked and shaking, my pussy leaking cum, but I was so turned on, never before had I been fucked by a stranger and I liked it, seeing me standing there cum running down my legs, one of the woman came over and lowered her head and licked my clit, oh wow, did I cum as she took me over the top so easy,

It was then I looked up, Dave stood in the door way, cock in hand, a gleam I have never seen before, what can I do, but motion him to me, we kissed, he played with the woman’s boobs as she continued licking my pussy, I moved back laying on the bed, she kept licking away and I motioned for Dave to fuck her, he seemed dazed, I was telling him to fuck another lady while I was being eaten out, his fingers slipped in feeling his way, not knowing, as her husband was still in the room playing on the bed, then with one rock hard cock and a single trust he went in, this was the first pussy he had fucked since we married many years ago, his body was in shock, I could see he wanted to cum, but also wanted to last longer enjoying the feeling of a fresh pussy on his cock, the lady licking me moved aside as one of the guys slide his cock deep in my wet pussy, Dave looked so horny as I began to orgasm once more with a stiff cock working my cum soaked hole, we both looked into one another eyes, with pure lust, as we enjoyed the sex, Dave let loose spilling his cum in her pussies just as I to was flooded with my second load,

I took Dave by the hand and lay him down sucking his cock dry of cum and pussy juices, mmmmmm that tasted nice I thought too, sucking him harder then ever, it was then I looked over seeing the lady who had so nicely eaten my pussy with her legs apart, so without thinking I went down for my first pussy meal, Dave grabbed my hips shoving his cock deep in my hole, as we both experienced new feelings, after awhile I moved showing Dave her pussy and guiding his cock back in, before long he was pounding her hard once more, it was then it got kinkier, as I was pulled aside and another cock filled my cunt, I had no idea who it was again, this cock was bigger than the others, my mouth still taking in all the pussy juices I could get, soon I was moved, and laid on my back, the other lady sat over me in a 69, as we both began eating once more, my cunt refilled by big cock, as hers to was filled by some one, But not Dave, he was now fucking the other lady on the bed near me her big tits swaying as he fucked her doggy, things carried on for some time . guys swapping pussies and ladies licking and sucking what ever came to hand, then I noticed that their were more guys than before as the bed was so full and others watched on, I was sitting astride one guy who had been enjoying my pussy for some time, when a finger slide all to easy into my butt, I jumped but didn’t pull of either, then my heart pounded fast as his cock was pushing against my butt, should I be so reckless, what if Dave didn’t want me to do anal with another guy, but before I could decide, both holes were being used and they got into sync together using my body for their pleasure, I saw Dave he was looking my way, his eyes glued on the 2 guys fucking me, for a few seconds panic hit me, but then the biggest smile came over his face , and all my fears fell away, as I let myself go, orgasm after orgasm now shooting though my body as feelings like never before hit me, all to soon they both groaned like wild animals as they seeded my body, I could feel the heat, cum running out over the guy under me, then to my surprise Dave came over, moving the guy out of my butt and ramming me full of his hard manhood, with a new vigour he fucked me like never before, my arse screaming as the pain but also pleasure took me so many times over the top, then Dave to added to my body with his man seed, It was then I nearly lost it as a mouth went down licking my pussy and then my butt, taking the cum from me, who would do this, another woman eating cum out of me, I moved my head, It was Dave he was loving it, licking me wildly with cum all over his face, my orgasms went into over drive, I moved over and kissed Dave taking cum from him as we did, our tongues going wild between us, as my senses went crazy,

Before long we lay resting, my pussy being licked once more by some guy who, was happy just to look and lick, then we dressed and said our good byes and left,

Once home I told Dave about the guy fucking me before he turned up, he said yes I saw you, and loved it,

Drifting of to sleep I wondered when we might go again. Cum still sticking to my thighs