Written by happy father in law

22 Feb 2013

my wife had gone out shopping with her friend for the day, I had already cleaned myself and was playing with my toys, some thing i oftne do when home, around 9.30 the door bell rang, i grabbed a pair of shorts and opened it, my daughter in law asked if I could have a look at her car, that wa smaking a noise, it turned out to be easy to fit, a noisy fan belt, and I told her i was off to have a cooling swim as she drove off, I dropped my shorts and went straight in the pool, did a few laps then got out and wandered around picking up a few things, before noticing my daughter inlaw at the back door smilling at me,,I picked up a small towel just able to wrap arond me, as she turned and said she had forgotten to pick up some tool for our son while she was here, could I get them for her, and also added it looks bigger in real life too,, as i walked away I thought oh my she was using my pc a few or so ago,, did she see my private pics,, as i walked back in with the tools, she wasnt there, but i heard noises from the pc room,, the picture on the screen made me shiver, my wife fucking me with a big 10 inch vib in our strapon, mmmmmmmmmmmmm she said you two do have fun,, as she flicked tho other pics,, one of sue with 3 guys fucking her made her say greedy girl, then one of me with a big cock fucking my arse made her smile too,, then she really smilled as she saw my 12 inch dildo in the strapon, at first just going in, she said no way''' then as more pictures came up it went all the way in,

let me see that mother she said, I went into my bedroom and grabbed it,I had already had it in me just 30 mins or so ago, as i turned she was standing there, oh my god that is huge she said,, taking it from me,, she looked and smilled I dont believe you can take all this she said,, daring me as she said it,, I lay on my back legs up arse open and gave her some lube,, well who am I to say no,, with that I grabbed my amyl and took a few sniff,, and she pushed it hard up to my hole,, I worked it and then it went in,, slowly at first them all bar the last 2 inchs,,I told her its much nicer for me in the strapon, so a few seconds later we had her set up and it went back in as she fucked my arse for me,, she was cumming too as my anal orgasms ripped tho me time after time I cum, as she fucked me then I said push hard and I pushed back, with a bump it went all in me and a loud gosh came from her lips, she raped my arse for me fucking me harder now,,

I took somemore amyl and kept cumming, but as it always does,, one last orgasmy and i fell flat trying to regain myslef,,

she laughed and said wow that was great I looked and said want to try, I swung her around legs on my shoulder as my cock slipped deep in her wet pussy,, fucking her hard, opening up her hole for my toy,,first up I grabbed my 10 inch vib, turning it on and slipping it in her pussy, she cum like mad, then i Lubed up my cock and eased it in with the vib,, she jumped but took it all, her orgasmys racing though her body as she jumped around on my cock,, then after she was well and trully fucked I pulled my 12 incher up to her pussy, telling her to take a sniff of the amyl, she did and the first 2 inchs went in easy,, with more lube and amayl most followed quickly, with all bar the last 3 inchs in her,,,,she was going wild, her pussy eating it all up, as mu fingers found her butt hole and worked it,,, again she jumped but i told her to relax and sniff again, she did as my fingers went right in 2 then 3 then 4 she took them all, the 12 inch still planted deep in he rpussy her cums getting louder,, i slid my fingers out and without saying any thing quickly slide my cock deep in her arse, she jumpped at the speed it went in, but soon pushed back feeling it fucking her,, with both holes filled she went off big time cum after cum, she was squirting too loads of liquid I fucked her for some time until she pulled of and lay exchausted,

Il ether rest for awhile then slid my cock back in her arse and ground my balls into her pussy,,soon my balls told me i was about to cum, I let loose ream after ream filled her butt, as she took it all cumming herself,, as i relaxedshe swung around, sucking my cock dry, mmmmmmmmmmm so i turned her around more and ate my cucm out of her butt, she blew her mind as my toungue found her hole,,

we fucked again for several more hours before she had to go and pick up her kids,,, we both agreed, we shouldnt have fucked but also both agreed if we could mmmmmmmmmmmm why not do it again