Written by lucky guy

11 Mar 2012

many years ago, we knew a couple, ginger, and whats his name, never did swing with them as sue my wife didnt like him but she was hot,, any way, some time later she called sue and asked if she would like to join her in an evenings fun with a guy she used to meet, and put on a girl on girl show for him, and to help he was willing to pay $200 each to them, he knew they wern't hookers but wanted to see 2 girls together,, after a few mins sue said yer why not and it was set up,

I waited at home while my sexy wife went out to meet them both, and sue told me about it all when she got home,

They met at the hotel and ginger and sue went to his room, after talking for awhile the girls got started, kissing and stripping one another of, seeing as they had not played with one another before, it was all new to them both, soon they were licking one anothers pussies and eating cunt, he stood wanking as it was only said to be girl on girl, things warmed up with them both playing and fingering one another,, sue had been told he liked anal, so she was prepared for it too, as ginger pushed one of her vibs up sues arse,, licking her clit as she did, they carried on for some hour or more with him standing near them, then whilst sue was under ginger 69 ing her, he pushed his cock hard into gingers pussy, sue kept licking her clit and his cock as he pulled out, it didnt take long, he must have been turned on big time, as sue said his balls swelled to twice the size and his cock seemed to pulse quicker and he shot his sperm deep in gingers cunt, sue ket licking his cock and balls, and as he slipped out she sucked his cock dry, she said he had a huge smile on his face as she did,

they rested for awhile sue eating his cum out of ginger while he said he would really like to fuck sue as well, she was more than ok with that as she thought he was a spunk any way, but he said I'll give you an extra $100 if i can fuck you too, sue of course said yes, so they both worked on his cock until he grew and slid easierly into sues pussy, already wet from gingers work out on it, having just cum he was going for it, pounding her hard , and for quite some time too, ginger also got under sue and licked her clit , ,,then possible by accident, his cock slipped out and nearly went in sues arse, she jumped and he pulled back, but sue it seemed didnt mind, as she told me, she put her hands around and pulled her arse open for him and without needing to be told twice, he fucked her just as hard in her arse, ginger also taking the lead and pushing a 9 inch vib in sues pussy, set the guy off , he went wild fucking sues arse like there was no tomorrow, groans came from them both, as once more his cock grew , sue said it felt like he doubled in size in her, he shouted and shot gallons of cum up her arse, ginger copping a fair bit as sue tightend her anal muscles as she had one huge orgasm pushing most of his cum out of her, his cock fell out and ginger sucked him dry, sue turned and kissed ginger sharing his cum betweem them, this was to much as he played with his cock and nearly blew another load, but apart from a few drops nothing else came out,

he fell on the bed, totally fucked, the girls kissing, and sharing the last of his cum,

well by now my cock was rock hard, and I pulled sue over onto her knees and stuck my cock in her wet pussy, building up speed she rocked back and her first orgasm hit her, after a few more orgasms I wanted more, so I slipped my cock out and sue knew what i wanted, as my cock slipped in her arse, his cum still lubing up her insdies, my balls were full and i wanted to hold of as my cock worked it magic in her, cum after cum ripped tho her, as my cock pounded her hard, then with little notice my balls empited in her,, fillng her once more with hot cum, she to had one last orgasm,

as we lay taking about her new found win of $300 she said she would have done it for nothing any way as she liked him and it was a great night for all,

I asked if ginger had said any thing about a return fuck, for me, and sue smilled saying that because they had both enjoyed it so much, that might be on the cards,

lets hope so I said