Written by bi couple

24 Dec 2012

many years ago, my wife and I were friends with a older couple one of whom I worked with, soon after we had married my wife had been with my mate and me with her best mate, but in seperate locations, so we never saw one another at play, so it was many years later and in a differnt country that this took place.

we met Ray and Sally one evening at their place, a flat in town, and had a few drinks and chatted, as the night went on, we put our baby to bed, in the spare room, and had a few more drinks with them, nothing had been planned as we chatted and got more comfortable, soon all 4 were laying on the floor with just candles on and music playing, as we chatted and drunk, some how I ended up next to sally, being summer and a hot day, I only had shorts on, she had on a summer dress, things had gone a bit quite with the conversation between us all, but the night was very relaxing, when out of the blue her hand went to my cock,being young it shot up and she grabbed it hard, kissing me as she did, it was dark and my wife and ray were on the other side of her, we kissed and I played with her boobs, moving down to touch her pussy, my cock being massaged by her, then she said hang on and turned over, turning back she said, "its ok for us to play, they are already fucking," so with no more to do, I stripped of and took of her dress and slid my cock straight into my first 4some pussy, after awhile I went down and to eat her out, while she sucked my cock, it was then i could see my wife on all fours doggy being fucked hard, her groans telling me she was enjoying it, we all fucked for some time before rays groans as he cum, set me off and I filled sallys pussy with my hot cum, resting for awhile we then moved into the bed room, where I ate sues pussy with his cum still dripping out,, ray fucking his wife hard as he watched us, then i turned sue over and doggied her hard, ramming his cum in deeper with my cock, before I too flooded her womb with my juices, being young and plenty of energy, we swapped once more and took turns fucking each wife sharing cum from one to another, at one time they got into a 69 and i fucked sallys pussy while ray filled sues pussy soon we both got into stride and flooded thier pussies for one last time that night, as we talked about it they too had never swung and said it was good to just have happened with us,

it become a regular thing, with us all fucking and playing saturday nights, sharing wifes pussy juices and cum,

that was the start of a long and very happy swinging lifestlye