Written by fun couple

19 Oct 2010

we had spoken many times about finding a well hung dark guy to join us for a 3 some, and with some luck sue found a guy who wanted to meet her for a 1 on 1, so with sunken heart i told her to go for it, and she would have to fill me in later,

but come the night her guy turned up , I was stil lat home and we started talking, soon he was comfortable with a 3some, well it didnt tak long to strip sue, and us guys got naked very quickly, my eyes were fixed on his cock as he took his pants of, sue was in for a good time,

we took her into the bed room and started licking and kissing her all over, his mouth soon found the spot, while my cock filled her mouth, she gave my manhood a good work out, her breathing going wild as he hit the spot more than once, i gave hime the nod and we swapped possies, and i watched as sue slowly sucked his cock hard, her eyes wide as she took in its size, i moved up and slid into her wet pussy, i had no trouble it was so wet and warm, my pace grew as she took him further and further in her mouth, i could feel my cock wanting to cum, but i held back, knowing i wanted to stay hard for as long as possible,

again i looked at mark, and gave him the signel to fuck my wifes hot pussy, he smilled and moved between her legs, his cock shining with sues saliva on it, he was gentle, as his cock began to enter her piussy, i wasnt sure if she was going to be able to take it all, but as inch by inch went in her smile grew bigger and bigger, soon he was buried to the hilt, and started to pump her happy little hole, i just had to watch, this well hung dark guy fucking my wife, for so many years i had wanted to see that, he knew that too as he asked if i liked what i was watching and the biggest smile every came across my face, soon his pace quicked and sue was moving all over the bed, as the noise of the two bodies collieding together got louder and louder, but having wanted to try some thing else too, i asked if he was ok with dping her too, this brought a smile to his face too, so we quickly moved with him under her still in her pussy andmycock working its way into her arse, like all things it took time but once we got the rythem right we worked up a good pace, sue was in heaven, and it wasnt long before she hit the big O and let out a huge scream as she did, we slowed and let her rest, mark seemed a bit down, as im sure he had wanted to fill her pussy with cum, and i asked if there was any thing i could do to help. he said possible but wasnt sure ,,i said just ask, and he did, I turned around and he came up behind me, my heart was going wild, with a small bit of lube, his cock found a new home, my arse was nicely filled with a big black cock, my first too,it didnt take him long to build up to a fast pace, my anal cums going wild now, and each one edging him on faster and faster, i was more than happy as some 15 mins or more pasded and still he ounded away, but then that feeling i know as a cock swells inside me and that warm sticky feeling as he flet loose a nice hot load of cum, sue was under me now and as his cock slid out she sucked it dry, and as i moved i felt a huge load of cum running out of me and looked down to see sues face and boobs covered in cum mmmmmm so sexy, we all lay exchausted for some time, but things soon warmed up when my cock grew and wanted some more pussy,

well our new found friend met us many times and each time we tried new ways of doing one another, he even let me take him too, and he felt his first load of man cum in him,

life can be fun, and boy he sure is ,,