Written by new swingers

9 Mar 2013

Fun in the sun

We have been married for around 10 years , and my wife is quite kinky in bed, she loves swallowing my cock and cum, and anal and pussy sex, and for the last year or so, she has been having fun fucking my arse with dildos now and then, so with a change of job and the kids at school, we have started going to our local nude beach mid week for a change, I noticed the sex, when we got home from the first visit was more adventurous, and for the next few visits it seemed she was more turned on when we got home, so after our last beach day and sex, I asked her why she seemed hotter than normal, with a sly smile, she said about the guys hanging around us on the beach, playing with their cocks, and this time she had seen 2 guys fucking in the dunes, I had too but didn’t mention it to her, I said yes your turning them on with those big tits and shaved pussy, with that she smiled and sucked my cock once more, the week after we got ready to head down the beach again, i put the large beach blanket in and some other stuff including suntan oil,

As we walked along guys started to pop up and look at us, i went further along to a space in the dunes which was more out of the way, and layed the blanket down, taking the suntan oil I got Kay to lay on her back and rubbed it on her legs, working up around her pussy to her boobs, guys now standing closer watching me, all rubbing their cocks, then I told her to flip over and again worked the oil into her legs and butt checks, as I started to oil her back I sat over her legs, my cock rock hard rubbed against her butt, with each trust forward my cock pushed harder against her pussy, until it slipped in, Kay jumped but pushed back, letting me know she was ok with it, guys now standing very close, wanking openly , Kay lifted her butt so I was fucking her doggy now, pounding her pussy for all i was worth, I motioned to one guy to move to Kay’s mouth which he did, she looked shocked at first, but with my cock pounding her hard, she took him in her hand and started to wank him, then mmmmmmmm she sucked his cock, my wife was sucking a strangers cock, oh wow, my balls nearly unloaded there and then, she took his cock right down which was too much for him and his face told me she was swallowing his cum, he moved off and she turned her head and smiled at me, as another guy face fucked her,, again she took his load, oh wow as the 3rd guy took over my balls let loose filling her with gallons of cum, but my cock stayed hard, seeing a guy with a similar cock to mine, I motioned for him to take my place, his cock slid straight in, and he began to fuck her hard, by how guys were just cuming over Kay’s face and body, either to keen to wait, or happy just too cum over a good looking lady, i watched as she swallowed a few more loads, and then her pussy took its second load, My cock once more hard I slid back in and fucked her again, this time I lubed my cock and worked her arse open with my fingers, slipping my cock in when I knew she was ready, she worked back on my cock hard, she loves anal sex, taking all my cock and pushing back hard, again she was so intense on the guys in her mouth as my cock plundered her arse, so I got another guy to lay down, and moved her over him, I think it was only then she realised, someone else was going to fuck her, as I slid his cock in her pussy my cock went back in her arse, oh Yer that got her attention, she worked us both, pushing back each time we pushed into her ,soon he shot deep in her pussy I felt his cock pulsing tho her inner walls, as he unloaded ream after ream of cum in her, Kay was having huge orgasm’s, one after another now as she realised she was being filled with fresh cum, my cock also let loose and flooded her butt, we both moved off, as another guy eased me away as he aimed his cock at her pussy, oh my god, this is going to be good, he was about the size of a coke can, thick and with one huge knob head, he eased it in, Kay jumped as he did looking around, but then easing back onto him as inch by inch he worked it all in her pussy, my cock was once again rock hard, my wife had by now sucked of at least 6 guys and been fucked by 3 others, and she was still going strong, working big cock in and pushing back as he fucked her,,, I knelt next to her working my fingers in her arse as he continued to fill her to the max, his cock was great to see, then out of the blue I felt a guy fingering my arse, I had never had a guy touch me, but I wasn’t worried now either, I was so turned on, then a finger turned into a cock, and he eased it into my virgin hole, wow, what a blast as my arse was fucked for its first time, Kay must have noticed as she moved and watched my arse taking a pounding, her hand came under me and played with my cock, big cock seemed to like what he saw and pulled his cock out of Kay’s pussy and pushed it against her butt hole, she jumped but again to my surprise she pushed back, he began to slid his cock in, each time pushing in, an inch or so then pulling out, when he was about half way in, Kay just rammed herself back onto his cock and let put a loud scream as he went balls deep inside her, the guy fucking me was now pulling me by my hips back into him every time he trust forward,, the feeling racing tho me made me cum to, a anal cum, oh wow I want more of these, then his body stiffened his cock went wild inside me pulsing and then wham he shot his load deep in me, another anal cum ripped tho me as i felt for the first time the warmth of fresh cum in me,, just then big cock began to jerk around, his cock seemed to swell and pulse also as he to flooded Kay’s arse with cum, I moved over and slid under Kay as his cock slipped out, dropping onto my face, I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock, taking the juices from him, then opened my mouth as Kay eased his hot cum out, his cum was thick and lumpy and dropped out in large blop’s, I lapped it all up, then watched as another guy rammed his cock into her arse and within seconds filled her with cum too, what a blast, my mouth taking his cum to which was runnier than the first, I was so turned on my cock just stayed hard, I knelt up again and soon a cock filled my hole, as 2 other guys used Kay’s holes, her mouth also filled with cock, what a day, from virgins to cock sluts in one day, Kay was going strong, and there didn’t seem to be a shortage of guys either as each time i looked around, there were plenty playing and wanking themslefs, I took another 3 guys each fucking me and making me cum as they filled my arse full, my cock was still hard, as I looked around, guys stood wanking some walking over shooting cum over Kay, than watching until their cocks got hard again, it was then I began to get kinky, and asked if any guy wanted to be fucked, by me, a small guy moved over and knelt down in front of me, his arse smooth and strangely nice looking, I grabbed some lube and eased my cock into him, again my mind going wild, I love anal with Kay, but now my cock is balls deep in a strange guys arse, my hands grabbed his hips and I fucked him with all the energy I had, Kay had turned and was watching, her face beaming, as I fucked my first male butt, by now i was up for any thing, and told another guy to fill my wanting hole, his cock slipped in easy and we both worked to get into some kind of thyme, then I grabbed a guy and sucked his cock, here I was with my first full house, arse mouth and cock all busy, the guy fucking me blew his load and another took over, wow he’s big as he pushed hard into my wet hole, but by now it was very relaxed and took it all, he too didn’t last long and blew in me, it was then I noticed big cock, can I, I thought, as I motioned for him to fuck me, he guided his cock in, again slowly, as my arse was sore but loose, but soon he was hanging onto my hips and pounding me for all he was worth,, bloody hell, did he feel good, his cock hitting new depths and pushing my hole to the max, my mouth was filled by 2 loads as they pushed both cocks in together, then my cock pulsed and swelled up, a new feeling was going tho my body, as big cock was hitting the right spots and giving me anal cum’s, just then i let fly, my balls emptied deep in the guys arse, my body shaking as orgasm’s ripped tho me, this set big cock off, oh wow,, his cock grew inside me swelling to twice the size, then wham I could feel his cum, it was so thick and hot inside me, gallon after gallon, flooded me, we both collapsed, my mind going wild now with kinky thoughts, it was then I moved over , rolled Kay on her back and sat over her face, and said take this, as I pushed his cum out of my arse into her mouth, she sucked it all up licking my arse and making wild noises while she did, we carried on for awhile longer Kay took a few more guys while my arse was fucked twice more by new guys, then we had to clean up and get home, making sure we got big cocks number before going, we have plans for him another day,

That night after the kids had gone to bed and we had time to talk, I asked Kay how she felt, one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen came on her face, and she said, can’t wait till next week, then she looked at me and said, how was your first male fuck, I told her great, i could get used to that, and pulled my biggest toy out from under the pillow,

The next meet with big cock was good too, that’s for another day