Written by Licksucknfuck

20 May 2012

We had talked about swinging 7 years ago but life got in the way so this time when we discussed it we thought let's do it! So after a couple of weeks of horny lustful sex together we took the plunge! We had looked online, joined SH and was even more turned on by the anticipation of what lay ahead. We felt more in love than we already were, connected better and just felt happier about this new path we were heading to.

We took ourselves away from work early and headed into town for pre festivities. Booked into a pub for the night and got ready. My sexy man went downstairs to the bar while I got ready, smooth all over and looking very sexy. I entered the bar and caught the eyes of men checking me out, (note to oneself; I must look really hot!)

So after flirting with my man and hearing him tell me I looked so sexy was great. We got to the club all nervous but felt so ready to be there we went and chilled out with another couple playing pool. Flirting throughout the game we decided that if you didn't sink a ball you had to drop your pants. Needless to say the other male lost his first and his partner went straight down on him. I was offered to join in so I said what the hell and got on my knees and gave him a playful suck to feel my way. This was the first cock I had sucked on besides my mans since I was single 8 years ago. Getting up I could tell he wanted more. By now we had all decided it was time to robe up so headed to our lockers. I was feeling so horny but still kind of shy to jump in so my man and I took off to check out the action. We ended up back at the spa and sure enough there was our friends from the pool table. His partner was sucking on his dick with another lady and he gestured for me to join them. I climbed into the spa and We sucked on his dick again, by now he had a massive long hard thick dick. My partner was happy to watch and see me pleasuring this man. We all got out of the spa and headed over to one of the rooms with the swing and some mattresses. While miss pool table got on the swing and wanted my partner to lick her. I was most happy for him to have a turn while I watched but mr pool table had other ideas. He asked me suck on his cock again as he loved the way i sucked so sensually. I joined him on the bed while he caressed my ass and played with my nipples. He had such a hard on neither of us could wait. He bent me over after putting on a condom and I spread myself and thought gee it's massive. But to my surprise I really enjoyed being chock a block full. His partner by now was moaning and close to orgasm, he told me to turn around and so we could watch them. I repositioned myself with my ass up in the air watching my man bring his partner to orgasm. He pushed his cock inside me and started to fuck me deep and with full thrusts. All I could think was WOW I am loving this. I was getting lost in the moment with pure pleasure. He had his hand on my ass pushing down and really pounding me. His balls were slapping my clitoris as well. He had the strength I liked in a man. I was moaning loud during my orgasm and didn't think my orgasm would end. I looked up and seen the doorways with other couples watching us and my man and his partner were done just watching as well. Quite a crowd for my first time being fucked by another man. I was excited and felt so sexy being there that I didn't care who watched. My man was the first to congratulate me and tell me he loved watching me get pounded and that I was so sexy.

After a drink upstairs and some fresh air we went back in and found another couple to play in a private room. My man had told me he was keen on her earlier so we joined them. I had fancied the sexy little blonde who gave me my first girl on girl kiss up stairs but seeing as though my partner and I liked opposites I was willing to play for him. I lay next to this smooth and sexy woman and started licking her boobs while my man again went down on another woman. (he could do it for hours!) I got pretty horny just licking her nipples so I kissed her on the lips and explored her mouth. A woman's body is so smooth and soft and until your kissing and licking and feeling another woman's body you just don't realise this. I was watching my man licking her out so I went to join him. I didn't know what I was doing bit I started exploring her vagina with my tongue. I did all the things I enjoy being done to me. She tasted great and loved my nice long tongue. I loved vaginas! I explored her smooth and supple vagina with my fingers and slipped my fingers inside her. I still can't get over those first feelings of WOW! After we finished with this lovely eager couple we had another drink break. By this stage I finally checked the time and it was 230am. Where had my night gone! I was having so much fun the time went way to fast. We looked around and the club had emptied out. We went back to the rooms downstairs and found all the remaining couples in the big room. We thought yeah let's finish off the night in here. My man went down on me as I lay back and listened to everyone fucking around me. I had someone's feet near my head and bodies were everywhere. I could hear the slap slap and squishing slurping noises and I could hear moans, lots of them. The lady who ran the place came out then and told everyone it was getting close to closing and we had to finish off soon. At that point I was offered a finger to taste and i licked it, mmmmm woman's juices! He asked me if I would like his wife to sit on my face. My reply sure! So she sidled over and got herself positioned on my face. She had a better tasting pussy than the last one and I just couldn't get enough. I was sucking and licking and nibbling under her. I was hearing her moans and thought WOW I am doing that to her! My man was enjoying my juices just dripping out of me. The atmosphere in the room changed really suddenly and everyone got hornier and noise was coming from all around as everyone began to cum. The girl sitting on my face was coming and I was licking and sucking on her sweet vagina like I was ravished. Everyone came within moments of each other and the feeling in the room was euphoric! Most of us were laughing as we were walking back to the lockers to get changed. So all in all we both had a brilliant time, it's now just been 48hours since this experience and we are keen to go again. We haven't stopped smiling since we left the club and it's hard to turn off the porno video that's running in your head seeing the images again and again. My new word for letting my man know that I'm thinking of our first encounter is WOW! (woman on woman!) haha he starts laughing everytime. It's our dirty little secret and we love it. He loved sharing the vagina with me, maybe next time I can share a cock with him.....after all that's just one of my fantasies!