Written by Cam

5 Nov 2018

My wife and I had met a lovely married couple through mutual friends at a party. As it turned out our new friends lived in the same suburb from us just a few hundred meters away. We would go out for dinner and drinks and one evening they invited us back to their home for after dinner drinks and coffee. They had a spa bubbling away in lovely enclosed centre garden courtyard with soft almost darkened mood lighting and her hubby who had obviously been planning suggested we all go in. But he said no undies and the girls were in in an instant. We were all floating around at opposite ends each with a glass of wine in hand. Her hubby had slowly moved near to my wife and I later noticed his glass on the side and both hands were under the bubbles. As his wife and I were busy in idle chat, my wife and he were just sitting back up to their necks in bubbles. little did I know that he was fingering my wife and she was squeezing his now growing erection.

I was as hard as rock, and his wife noticed them playing and said okay let's join in. Within seconds she turned and faced me. She was a magnificent lady with large perky breasts and taller than me. She wrapped her legs around me and my super hard cock pressed against her pussy. We made pumping motions in rhythm as I kissed her neck. All this time wife and he were getting it on and were joined at the hips locked in an embrace, kissing. I glanced and knew he was inside her. This drove me crazy. What a turn on to see them both at it. By now my beautiful new lady friend was guiding her pussy lips onto my cock and pushed me in. It was difficult at first as she wasn't lubricated in the spa. But a few moments later we were at it beautifully, rocking and fucking, the four of us enjoying each other. So natural and beautiful. After that night the four of us enjoyed many good times together. As time passed we all socialised together and also my mate and I would see each other at each other's place, talk cars and boats, have a drink etc. One afternoon my mate dropped in and my wife was out shopping. We are both are pretty horny guys and we talked about how great it was enjoying each other's wives. They certainly enjoyed feeling different guys. Both of us are quite well endowed, though he is longer than me but I am a bit thicker with a larger knob. We were talking about our different cocks when my mate said he was getting hard with all the dirty talk. We said let have a look at them. He said get yours out. I was certainly super hard and we both undid our shorts. He reached out to mine and I grabbed his. I just naturally got down without a word said and took his hard cock into my mouth. He let out a muffled "yeaoh" and said " I can't believe this is happening" I couldn't stop. As if some force took hold of me, I sucked that cock good and hard and felt how good it was and he was pumping it into my mouth. I took it deep and he said he couldn't hold back and shot the biggest cum load down my throat. I swallowed it all and left him clean. He was amazed. I was amazed. He said then and there he had fantasised about me in him and asked if I would try. With an ever harder cock I ran to the bedroom and got the lube. Both novices at this, we lubed his hole an my cock and I fingered him and eventually got two in and he was opening up a bit. I eventually pushed my cock ever so slowly and things started to work. Bit by bit we got the job done, I was in with some slow in and outs but the tightness made me cum too quick. But my mate loved it. We sat there wondering whether to tell the girls. We decided this was our secret, secret men's business.

Our fun as a foursome continued with great success but my mate and I met alone occasionally to enjoy our private men's' business. That was almost a year ago when they moved interstate relocating for work. We talk on the phone occasionally and wish we could see each other. The wives have suggested we take a holiday and visit them during the Christmas break. Now that is a great idea, I am getting horny already - is it because of him or her?