Written by cuckold husband

23 Jan 2011

My wife and I moved to Adelaide a few years after we were married so that she could be closer to her family. For the 3 years that we were there we were regular weekend visitors to maslin beach not that her parents ever knew. They thought their little girl was an angel and would have been horrified if they had known what a sex maniac she was. I met her in Sydney where she had moved for work and she was a right little hot pants. It was the swinging sixties and there was not much to worry about except getting pregnant back then and everyone was out to enjoy their freedom. Liz was no exception, she enjoyed sex and rarely said no to a good fuck. Our weekends were spent at the beach with a large group of friends and everyone was fucking everyone. We toned it down somewhat after we were married but there was still the occasional drunken weekend where I watched my little wife take on multiple cocks. She was on the pill so she always allowed them to cum inside her unworried about the fear of pregnancy.

When we moved to Adelaide this lifestyle came to an end for awhile till I discovered maslin beach. Things were very simple back then, no police patrols to worry about so we enjoyed the freedom to fuck in the open with others watching. She,s very much an exhibitionist and so am I so we liked being watched and sometimes had as many as a dozen guys watching us and wanking off. We stopped going for 6 months after she became pregnant. Once she began to swell she felt uncomfortable about her body. I told her she looked hot and her tits had grown huge then but she still wouldn,t go with me until one very hot summer weekend she finally agreed. I had intentions of fucking her on the beach with a large audience the way we used to do. She was still just as horny as she had been before I filled her in and liked sex as often as I could get it up. We spent the day kissing and fondling each other putting on a show for the pervs buy didn,t actually fuck. When everyone began to leave the beach we packed up as well. We had a lot of gear, chairs,blankets,towels and eskys all of which she insisted we bring if she was to go with me which meant a couple of trips up the hundreds of stairs for me at the end of the day. I set off with what I could carry leaving her to climb the stairs slowly on her own. I passed her at about the halfway point as I hurried back down for the remainder of our things. Their were a couple of guys walking behind her perving on her and I turned as I passed for a look myself. She had on a very short maternity dress and nothing under it so they were getting a good look at her hot cunt as she climbed the steps. I grabbed our things from the beach and headed up again. When I reached the midway point there she was standing with three or four guys around her all of them wanking as they admired her twat. She was sitting on some guys esky with her legs apart and dress pulled up while she watched them jerk off. She told me later that he had been jerking off waiting for her by the toilet block and had offered her his esky to sit on which she accepted. Within a minute of her sitting down guys began appearing from nowhere wanting to join in and than the first guy asked her if she would show her twat since she was getting to see all this cock and she did. That was when I arrived. I don’t think most even realised I was with her. They thought I was just another perve. We stayed for about 15 minutes and more and more guys kept appearing and began wanking. Eventually Liz decided to move on and together we climbed the rest of the steps. It was a slow climb and by the time we reached the top most the guys had gone having to get home I guess. I opened the back door of the car and Liz sat and rested while I fitted our gear in the boot. As I was doing this one of the remaining men wandered over a towel tied round his waist and his large cock protruding from the gap where the towel was knotted. He spoke only briefly to me then moved round near my wife and began wanking again. Liz likes to watch any time but particularly now when she was so horny she was making it obvious she was enjoying the show. She likes a big cock and this guy had a very big mushroom shaped knob. Would you like to suck it he asked her and she told him maybe another time as she was too exhausted. The fact that she would even hint at being interested meant he kept trying. He was turning on the flattery telling her how sexy she looked and how he thought pregnant women looked hot and how he,ld like to do her. She was laughing and at the same time loving it and enjoying how hard he was trying to get her but kept telling him she couldn,t. I had finished loading the car but didn,t want to break it all up. I missed the old days and the fun we had as much as my wife did.”Give it a kiss then”he said waving his dong in her face “I will if you promise to help me too my feet afterward”she offered. He said he would and pushed his cock toward her face. She gave him a kiss on the knob then ran her tongue over the eye as she pulled his foreskin back. She wouldn,t have had to keep that up for long before he shot in her face but she stopped and he pulled her to her feet as he promised thanking her for her efforts. She told him it was a pleasure and kissed him softly as he grabbed a feel of her arse. I offered her a less revealing dress to put on before we went home and she peeled the other one off then naked turned and leaned back in the car. She obviously wanted more than just a suck of his cock and the opportunity was too good to miss. Her friend wasted no time running his hand over her cunt and when she didn,t object he grabbed his cock and rubbed that over her cunt. Still she didn,t resist and he glanced at me as he slid his cock inside her. It was a quick fuck over in less than a minute and as he pulled his cock back out he grinned and nodded in the direction of her swollen belly and said “at least she cant get pregnant”