Written by Zan

16 May 2010

What a experience this resort was.I heard about it on ch9 many years ago but until you go it was very mind opening.Yes its a long way to go but worth the trip if are in that part of the world.

A few years ago I decided to go as a single guy .I arrived in late to resort (8Pm) and decided to look around resort.Most people were having dinner or about to watch what ever nightly activities were on .

I made my way down to the prude slide pool .It has a reasonably size pool and a huge spa( fit at least 20 people) . Anyway ,on one of the pool chairs I could make out a couple were,well, having fun.She was on top riding him and moaning loudly.No one else was around,so I sat on a pool chair close enough so I could see what was happening.It was rather dark so seeing what was happening was hard.Still, the noise they were both making was awesome. She rode him for a good 20mins . He then got on top and had her legs over her shoulders and I could hear pool chair creaking as he slammmed hard into her. He pumped her hard for another 10 or so mins before he cum inside of her.It was funny that when they finished they got up and walked by me and smiled. This was the start of many more great sex I saw.

Its not a cheap place to stay.Everything is included in price but found food was second quality .Lots of activities to do during day ,Adult games .

Spa can see action during day from guys getting head to fucking on side of spa.Action can heat up just before dinner as you have drank all day and saw guys go down on girls and make them cum or even just fucking in spa. It was a big spa so plenty of room . After dinner and later on , people go in for a relaxing time of fun .

Hedonism has a dance club,where people drink,dance and fool around .Alot of American couples go to resort and for single guys it can be a bit " on your own mate " sort of situation,except one night.

During day I starting chatting to a couple at the pool during day . We had dinner together and went to nightly show and then ended up at dance club.

She had a short dress on and her hubby encouraged me to dance with her as he wasnt much into dancing . She was getting real close to me in the dancing and I grabbed her ass a few times and realised she had no panties on .This got me hard instantly and I rubbed my cock against her and kissed her neck while I put my hand under her skirt and felt her pussy.She was moist,as I rubbed her pussy as we danced.People dont care in club and some of the nights u were would just see couples fuck.We caught up with some other couples they had met previously and we all decided to go back to their room.

Once in room it didnt take long to get started.People go nude all day so its not big deal seeing people naked at night . Jenny, got me undressed and started to suck my cock ,while her hubby undressed and got under his wife and started licking her already wet pussy. With 2 big beds in room and 3 couples, 3 single guys and me the room was rather crowded.

All the rooms have mirrors on ceilings which is a good viewing.

It didnt take long for some hot action with me fucking this chick I only met during day, and her hubby getting his hot sucked off by a blonde woman and she was being fucked by single guys, while her partner was encouraging her to cum and would occassionaly lick her pussy while being fucked. At one point the you couldnt see the bed as so many bodies on it .Was awesome. The action went on for many hrs and when I got back to my hotel I dropped by spa to see if anything is happening.I like to watch .

At 2am with at least 10 people in spa,guys licking pussy,couples fucking, and moans everywhere, i hopped in spa to watch . For the next 90mins this went on . 4am I eventually get to bed......tired.but a huge smile on me...

While I was there I would see couples give a show in their room with curtains open,or on sun beds in gardens ,several couples fucking away at night time.

I was talking to jamaican security guard,who is black as anything and u cant see him in the dark,he was saying he loves his job and he has said he has seen everything.He is not allowed to join in ,but use to go home and fuck his wife senseless.

Many swingers groups go there for week long vacation and fun.

It is certainly a place I would go back to and thorougly enjoyed it.