Written by mad pervert

11 Nov 2010

My wife and I just spent 10 days in Sydney visiting friends and during the day while they were working we would head off to one of the nude beaches on the harbour. We found plenty of guys on all the beaches out looking for some fun but my wifes favourite was the beach they call Lady Jane beach. It,s just a short walk from the carpark to a lovely little beach full of horny guys, a lot of them gay, but quite a few straights as well. on our first visit there a well tanned middle aged guy with a very large cock began eyeing off my wife Liz. he was not very subtle with his perving setting his towel up right in front of Liz. We were laying close to the wall facing the water while he had his back to a large rock in front of us and facing back toward us so he look straight up my wifes cunt. because the beach is so narrow he would have been only a couple of metres from us but that didn,t faze my wife. She is a bit of an exhibitionist and a pervert like myself and likes guys looking at her. She lay with her legs apart all day letting him enjoy the view of her hot snatch which kept him hard most of the day. We had to leave early to meet with our friends but as we began to dress so too did our pervert friend. Despite having looked at her cunt the whole day he still had to have a further look as we climbed the metal gantry that leads down to the beach. My wife doesn,t wear panties and she had on a short wrap around skirt that fastens up the front with 6 buttons of which at that point only 2 were fastened. he caught up with us on the path and walked with us telling Liz how much he had enjoyed the day and asking if we,ld be back next day which we said we would. There,s toilets a little way along the path and I left them talking while I went for a piss. When I came out she was sat on a stone wall nearby with one foot up on the wall and her cunt very much on show to our horny friend who was standing in front of her. she stood up when I returned and we said goodbye and left.

The next day was like the first. he was already there in his position and said he had saved our spot for us. His cock was well greased and he had obviously been having a wank while he waited for us. as I said Liz is just as much a perve as I am and enjoys looking at a big cock so she was perving on him as much as he was on her. When it got to about midday we went for a little walk. It,s only a small beach but at one end there,s some concrete structures left over from the war years and we walked into one of the lookout boxes and Liz was leaning on the ledge of the lookout opening admiring the view and I stood behind her and began fingering her cunt. We had been playing like this for a few minutes when I realised we were not alone. Our friend had followed us and was standing near the entrance of the pill box watching and jerking off. He said nothing and backed off when I saw him and when we returned to the beach he was already back. We settled in for another hour of perving then Liz decided she wanted to walk again this time over the rocks at the other end and asked our friend if he wanted to join us. As we climbed over the rocks we came across two elderly men wanking as they watched another older couple playing with each other. We stopped to watch as well. The old couple stopped for a few moments then decided it was o.k. to continue and started again. they both looked to be well into their 60s but still horny and as he climbed on top of her and slid his cock into her I ran my hand over my wifes arse intending to play with her cunt some more and to my surprise found our friends hand already there. I had been so intent watching the others i hadn,t realised. I looked round at her and now saw she had a hold of his cock as well. She smiled and gave me a little kiss then looked back at the oldies who were now fucking like young kids. the two old wankers were shareing their attention between the oldies and my wife. when the oldies finished fucking we left them to clean up and continued round the rocks awhile where my wife finished our friend off with a handjob. As we turned to walk back I saw the old guy that we had watched fucking had followed us and was watching us. He gave us a smile and said hello as we passed and waved his quite large stalk at Liz. Once we got back on the beach there was the old girl he had fucked sitting with another guy who from their matching towels and hats seemed clearly to be her husband so she was getting a bit on the side as well and I dont think he knew.