Written by nude guy

12 Nov 2010

I,ve shared my wife with a number of men over the years but it,s not something any of the family knows about. We keep our sex lives very private as i,m sure none of our parents or children would in any way approve but their have been times when we,ve come very close to getting sprung. one such time happened back when my wife turned 40.I had asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she answered "a nice big cock" There was a guy we knew from the beach who fitted the desciption to a T and she had often commented how good he looked so unbeknown to her I had a chat with Larry and told him what Kate had said. I think he thought I was joking at first when I told him what I had in mind and asked was i serious and did I really think Kate was serious. I told she had just been joking but that I knew she would be into it anyway once she got over the surprise. he came by early in the morning,Kate was still in bed as I had promised her breakfast in bed. I made up a tray with toast and coffee then Larry stripped naked and took it in. the look on her face was priceless when she saw him particularly since he had a very impressive boner. he has a very large cock about 10 inches in length and very thick and he keeps his pubes shaved clean as a babys bum."Oh my god"she exclaimed holding her hands to her face. "You said you wanted a big cock for your birthday"i said laughing. She lifted up the bed covers inviting him in with her. she sleeps nude most nights and I had made sure she did this night. they rolled about under the covers kissing and feeling each other up for awhile but things didn,t go any futher than that. she eventually said she needed to shower so Larry and I went downstairs for a coffee. when we went back upstairs she had showered and put on just a singlet top and was leaning out the window talking with her mother who had dropped by and was standing on the front drive chatting about having her round for a birthday dinner. with the curtains pulled around her there was little more then her head visible to mum but to me and Larry there was one lovely naked arse. i couldn,t resist the temptation. I stood behind her and slipped my finger in her cunt and fingered her while she chatted. when her mother got in the car and drove off she turned around grinning "Did you like that?"i asked her. "You could have given me something better than a finger"she said cheekily. She had barely said the words then i heard the car door open and her mother calling again. She had neglected to ask her something or other. Kate turned and poked her head out the curtains again and this time i nudged Larry to go to her. he,s not very shy and had been rubbing his cock the whole time so it was very hard and he stepped up behind her and holding his cick in his hand rubbed it against her pussy. Rather than pulling away as we both expected she pushed back and lifted her arse standing an her tip toes making it easier for him to enter and Larry didn,t pass up the opportunity he slid his fat cock deep into her and began slowly fucking her. I dont know how she kept a straight face or managed to carry on the conversation with mum while Larry fucked her. I know she was enjoying it though cause the minute her mum left she bent right over leaning her tits on the window sill while Larry continued to fuck her holding her hips and driving his cock in deep. He didn,t cum in her but pulled out without cumming once he got close. "Happy birthday sweetheart"I told her and she put her arms round my neck and we kissed. We all went downstairs and I left them in the living room while I made coffee. when I returned she was on her knees sucking his cock. "I was hungry"she said standing up as i walked in. She sat beside him on the sofa and he immediately slid his hand between her legs and began rubbing her cunt. "I,ll leave you to it"I told them and walked outside and watched through the window wanking myself as i watched him get her down on the lounge and fuck her again. He had just climbed off her and I had put my cock in my pants when her mum walked round the back. I made plenty of noise about her being there while Larry scampered upstairs naked and hid out. Kate only had time to pull a cushion over her lap before mum came in. I didn,t realise till after she had gone that this time

Larry had cum inside her and Kate was sitting there with her cunt full of spunk and unable to move till her mother left.