9 Jun 2016

Double Penetration is a wonderful ecstasy, for everyone involved. Both my sexy wife's delicious holes feel better with something impressive in the other tube, the friction of two cocks, tightly rubbing away inside my wife is so damn hot!

So this is a short tale, based on just any naughty night...

A new Swingersheaven friend and I pounded into my wife, she, as always, felt spectacular and so deliciously tight, but, in my excitement, I came way earlier than I really wanted. I thought for sure our friend was about to cum also, so I really didn’t try, too hard, to hold back either. I groaned and erupted my semen, even as my wife was groaning for more.

It turns out he wasn’t even close. I pulled out of my wife’s arse and sprayed ribbons of semen across her back. I was turned on, I was spraying cum fucking everywhere, and it was as if I couldn’t stop orgasming as I stroked my cock over her arse cheeks. Splash, after splash, after splash. I sprayed cum in her hair, on her back, on her neck, on her ass, it rolled down her thighs, onto the bed sheets, his arms and chest, as she bounced vigorously on his cock. She didn’t, or wouldn’t, stop bucking. She came up for air and moaned audibly, in another orgasm, as I emptied the last few drops of my cum on both of them and wiped my cock on the back of her lace corset. She just kept fucking and grinding herself on his fat cock, rutting, driving as a bitch on heat. Fucking herself senseless on his wonderful cock, barely changing her sexual rhythm, as I dismounted.

I totally underestimated his fucking stamina. He was erect, hard and totally relentless. He beat the living fuck out of my wife’s pussy. He was vigorous and rough. My wife will be bruised and sore for days from this destruction of her sexuality, despite the soft pillows underneath. My wife’s body was fucked hard and she still whimpered and screamed out in ecstasy. She took his pounding eagerly and with absolutely no complaints. My wife bounced sexily, up and down on his big, thick dick, gleefully defiling herself, enjoying sweet, intense, orgasms. He drove himself high and deep, hard up against my wife’s cervix and pinned her body in place, he was enjoying her long and protracted, sensual, orgasmic release's.

Soon, watching the sexy scene before me, I was horny again and nicely hard, so I rejoined them on the bed and motioned to him, as I spread my wife’s arse cheeks open. I then slid myself underneath her and sucked her nipples, her soft, warm, breasts swung back and forth under his pounding rhythm. I steadied her shoulders and pushed her harder backwards, driving her onto his relentless cock. She was stood, bent over, in front of him, bent over as he sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her backwards and forwards on her heels. I played to his lead role in “Giving My Wife Multiple Orgasms.” My erection could wait no more, I was in full force and I was ready for another ride myself, just as he pulled off his condom, pushed my wife back onto the bed, stood over her and emptied his thick cum all over my wife’s open pussy and soft stomach.

I slid onto the bed, on one side of my wife and pressed up against her soft, sweating, exhausted body, our swingers friend collapsed on her other side, my wife’s sweating body now between us, she was still catching her breath. I softly massaged the ribbons of his warm cum into her skin and she gripped firmly, gently stroking my hard dick. For a brief moment we made small talk, I brought my spunked, sticky fingers up to her lips. She opened her mouth and cheekily sucked and licked his gooey, creamy seed from my palm and fingers.

She was still lying on the bed, sweaty and totally naked, when he shook my hand, kissed my wife, dressed and walked out the door. Once our friend was gone, my sexy wife propped herself up on a pillow, spread her legs, and leaned back, very expectantly. I crawled between her luscious legs, savouring her fresh sexual warm fluids, drooling from her body. She was sensitive to the touch and quite sore, but still keen for one more release. I devoured her, the sensual erotic musk of her sexual encounter flowing freely onto my tongue, and a short while later my wife groaned out her last orgasm, riding her hips against my wet face. Her head was pressed hard back, into the pillows, when she finally came....

I then stood in front of her, naked and hard. My wife knelt at my feet and traced her fingers admiringly along my erect cock, casually measuring me against her forearm. She lingered like that for a moment, softly kissing and licking my cock and my shaven balls, whilst she rubbed my cock across her face. I reached for her erect nipples firmly between my roaming fingers, fixing her in this, delicious submissive position. As she began sucking me off, I used my wife’s breasts as a support harness, I was guiding her mouth up and down my shaft with slow, firm pulls on her large breasts. Her red lips remained, sexily, compliantly sealed even as I pushed her, ever farther down onto my cock. I was by no means brutal, careful to make sure she was okay. A few times she tapped my leg for a quick breather, and for my part I allowed her plenty of time to catch her breath. But she was clearly enjoying it, as was I, but her eyes watered from the effort nonetheless. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but it was wickedly erotic to see a few tears glistening, involuntarily, running down my wife’s cheeks as I fucked her gorgeous face. It was such an incredible sight to watch her with her hair splayed around my cock and balls, her pert, soft, swollen lips, pulled over my dick, sucking for all she was worth! And cum I did, I released my final pent up orgasm, I groaned and I coated her tongue, pulsing my thick, viscous semen, rope after rope of my hot sticky cum, she swallowed every drop of my second orgasm, we both collapsed onto the bed.

Now that is my, delicious, sexy, girl...!