Written by Leon

21 Apr 2018

It was a warm summer afternoon as I sat in my car in a quiet suburban street contemplating what I was doing there, I had been talking to an older married couple for about a week or so after replying to their ad online and now it was time to meet. I was waiting for a final txt from "Mr B" with the address and confirmation to come over, it was certainly not my first time playing with a couple but there was something about this encounter that made me particularly excited and nervous. Finally I got the message I was waiting for, I parked out front of their house got out and approached an enormous front door, Mr B answered the door with a smile on his face and wearing just a pair of footy shorts, he invited me in and took me through to the loungeroom where Mrs B was waiting, wearing nothing but lacy black lingerie, stockings and heels, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Although there was quite a gap between our age I was positive that I had never laid eyes on a woman that made me as sexually excited just looking at her, I could feel my cock growing harder in my jeans as she walked over to me, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek then took my hand and directed me towards the couch while Mr B poured us some drinks. We talked and laughed for a little while and as we got more comfortable I began to caress futher and further up Mrs Bs thigh, I could tell she was getting excited by the little groans she'd let out, then a cheeky smile shot towards her husband sitting accross from us, she ran her hand over my buldging cock and started to rub and squeeze it while she leant in and kissed me hard, my hands where exploring her whole body but eventually settled on her tight round ass with a loud smack, she kissed me harder the more I squeezed and I could feel her hands pulling at my belt trying to release my hard cock, before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me and had my dick down her throat. I sat back and enjoyed the view while she sucked licked and gagged her way all up and down my cock and balls, her husband had his out now too and was vigorously stroking it while watching his wife swallow every inch. This woman was intoxicating, every look she gave me, every bit of dirty talk that came out of her between mouthfuls, it was driving me crazy and I knew I had to have her, I picked her up and threw her onto the couch spreading her legs and pulling aside her soaked panties I dived into her dripping wet pussy rolling my tongue back and forth over her juicy clit while she moaned, she tasted so good I never wanted to stop, my tongue was exploring every inch of her pussy and occasionally down to her perfect booty where she'd let out an excited giggle and then push my face harder into her ass. By this point Mr B had joined us on the couch, while his wife sucked on him I could hear him asking her how badly she wanted to be fucked by me, her replies were muffled by his thick cock but we both knew she was begging for it. Mrs B kicked her heels off and repositioned herself on the couch backing that perfect round ass up on me as she reached between her legs grabbed my cock and started slapping my hard knob against her wet clit then pushed my length inside her and let out a loud sigh of pleasure, I pumped away at her from behind while she continued to suck on her man until eventually it was too much for me, I said I was going to cum and she thrust herself against me harder and told me to fill her pussy, I grabbed her hips and shot a huge warm load deep into her then I fell back onto the couch absolutely spent. I sat back on the seat accross from them and caught my breath for a minute, Mr B had sat down and got his wife to straddle him while they were kissing, he spread her ass to reveal her tight hole dripping with cum and running down his cock and balls as he slid inside her, it was such a great view watching that ass bouncing up and down but I had to have her again. I got down on my knees and started to rim her while she was grinding on her husbands cock, the huge creampie I'd given her still oozing out and making a mess everywhere, she spread her cheeks wide and told me to fuck her again so I pressed my hard knob against her asshole and slowly pushed my cock all the way in, Mrs B was very vocal by this point and obviously didn't care what her neighbors thought, she was screaming for us to fuck her harder and deeper and listening to her was turning me on so much, I could feel her husbands cock inside her pussy, pounding away, I was ready blow again in no time but this time she wanted to taste it all, so I pulled out of her ass and quickly got to my feet just in time to cover her beautiful face in sticky warm cum, she stroked me and sucked every last drop out. Mr B followed suit just seconds afterwards and covered his wife in a second load then we all collapsed in a sticky sweaty heaving mess in the loungeroom and had a laugh about the fun we just had. They invited me to stay for dinner and drinks which I happily accepted and after another romp in the shower with Mrs B and a beautiful meal we all retired to the bedroom where I ended up staying the night, needless to say not much sleep was had.