Written by kitty_n_donkey

31 Jul 2012

After the failed attempt the previous evening we set out earlier straight after work to try again, this time we knew what we were looking for and had better directions, we set out about 9pm driving 30 minutes to the place we had discussed during the day, our nerves were getting the better of us and I could hear my heart pumping in my ears, with all our years of experience with casual group sex, this was going to be a BIG first for us.

We arrived at the park early, the park was massive with miles of meandering roads winding off into the dark. it was eerily bright and the only noise we could here were the occasional dog bark in one of the neighbouring yards, a constant reminder that we were very much in the open. Every car that pulled into the park could have been them, we couldn’t help but wonder how many of the others were sneaking into some dark corner of the park for a bit of taboo fun. But we knew where they were going to be, at the back on the left side of the park, so we parked in one of the side tracks close to where we expected them to be and waited.

A big red van came in driving farther and farther into the park, at first it seemed like they were going to drive back out but all of a sudden they U-turned and pulled up just around the corner, the head lights flashed on and off twice, indicating to anyone in the know what was about to go down, and the lights went off. In the dark we heard a the van door slide open and closed. Our heart were racing, we quickly shared a cigarette and stepped out into the dark. We slowly approached the van as we drew closer we began to make out 2 dark shapes sitting beneath a gazebo, at first we could barely make out the silhouette but it was soon apparent that we had come to the right place, the woman was scantily clad wearing a flimsy summer dress and was busy on her knees sucking her partners reasonably sized and well shaped cock. We took a seat beside them and patiently watched as she worked her hands and mouth along the shaft, with out so much as a hello her husband indicated I should join in. I didn’t need much prompting as I had been anticipating this all night, the instructions were clear, no names, no need to introduce our selves, just jump on in. I positioned myself between her thighs and began to tease her clit with my tongue. Kitty took a seat on the bench and waited patiently for her turn,

The woman muffled a moan and ground down on my face a little as she began to suck her partners cock more vigorously. After a while she was ready to trade places, she sat up and slowly released me from my pants then lay on the bench, kitty took up position between her thighs, and she drew me closer, taking as much of me into her mouth as she could, she had clearly had a lot of practice with this, taking more than most on her first try. She gently licked sucked and swallowed my cock while she stroked her partners, who had now taken up a spot on the opposite side of the table. She took turns with us both between gasps and moans, kitty was clearly doing the job she intended to, after a body rocking orgasm she was ready for something else, she gestured I move into a different position and kitty went over to her partner and began sucking his cock, the woman suked my cock to full mast and grabbed a condom from the table, while still sucking she carefully opened it then in a quick movement removed her mouth and placed the condom on the tip, then began working it down my shaft with her mouth, this was a novel way of doing it, and I had never seen it done before let alone experienced it myself. Once she had slid it all the way down she bent over and guided me towards her, I quickly checked the condom was down as far as I could get it the gently slid myself into her a little. She exhaled loudly, her hubby was a decent size, but few we have met have ever matched me in length or girth, and never in both, I took my time working it in and out gradually slowly getting deeper and deeper, once I could feel she had taken as much as was possible I worked up the pace, driving gradually harder into her. She moaned loudly and her hubby flashed me a smile, all the while kitty was working away on her husbands throbbing cock.

. After yet another orgasm her husband turned to her and whispered, ‘you should try him in your ass’ with out a word she slipped me out and grabbed the lube, the worked a bit into herself then lubed me up and bent back over, once again she guided me in I could feel how her gradually open and slide down onto me, I went slower this time she was clearly not used to such a large cock back there, but she moaned and gyrated on it all the same, he asked her how it felt, and she moaned loundly, driver herself harder and deeper onto me, I could feel another orgasm building in her and her legs began to quiver, kitty looked up and asked her if she had ever had a DP they both replied no, so she suggested she give it a try as she has had the most explosive orgasms from it. They smiled and nodded in agreement and I withdrew. Her partner grabbed a picnic rug they had brought and layed it down on the grass laying on top of it he signalled her over, she climbed on top of him and slid her pussy over his cock, I followed and positioned myself behind her, reaching behind herself she grabbed my cock and slid it back into her ass. After a few shaky starts and one unfortunate slip out, her husband and I worked up a good rhythm we both drove in and out of her as her breathing got heavier and heavier, she came again, harder this time rocking back and forth on our two rock hard cocks, she rode the orgasm as long as she could then collapsed, her husband slip out and we adjusted our position so he could climb out from underneath, he knelt in front of her and fucked her face hard and deep till he blew his load deep into her mouth, she swallowed and sucked all the while being fucked from behind still, kitty the voyeur that she is was watching the show and fondling her clit, I asked her if shed mind if I came and she told me to do it, she laid back a little and played with her clit faster, I took this as a signal she was getting close herself, and thrust m self harder and deeper into the girl, now furiously fucking her arse as she sucked her mans now spent cock. I leant back a little and came trying not to let my orgasm throw me off my rhythm, I continued the pace as long as I could while she muffled moans on her mans cock, eventually completely spent I leant back and slid myself out. I gave her a gentle tap on her rump and went to the table to grab a tissue and clean up. Eventually we regrouped at the table and exchanged thank you’s I shook his hand and gave his wife a hug and kitty hugged them both and we trotted back towards our cars. The car ride home wasn’t long enough as kitty and I reminisced about our first true dogging experience all the way….