Written by alanandanne

2 Feb 2015

Over the last few months I have been relating to you what Anne and Paul get up to while Nola works interstate and I (Alan) work overseas. This of course is hearsay evidence, I said to Anne you write the next one, after all you were there not me.

So here is Anne to tell you in her own words what she and Paul did.

Alan has told you of our special arrangement where I visit Paul while he is away and Nola is away, we talked about it for a while and as Alan said "you fuck him when I'm home and I fuck Nola when she is here so cant see the problem fucking while we are away provided we all know about it"

It was Australia Day Alan overseas Nola interstate stinking hot day, had some dramas at home needed a plumber ,I was feeling miserable.

phone rang saw the number, " I am home alone it is so hot I am going in the pool want to join me?''

I thought yes why not; get me out of here.

I replied yes love to. I grabbed my mobile phone texted Alan at work "Off to Pauls" have fun was the reply.

Now I know Alan gets excited when I tell him I am going to Paul's house, he can't wait to her the details ALL the details.

I thought I had better dress conservatively being mid afternoon so off I went arrived at Paul's house.

I know Paul is always pleased to see me his shorts are a great indicator. As always he greets me big hug super pash, his big cock hard against me.

We go up stairs chat for a while before he hugs me again, he steps back lifting my singlet of my nipples as always erect even more so he leans over rolling nipples around in his mouth as his hands fine the strings of my shorts he un does them soon they are on the floor. My G string to off. I pull his shorts down and wow big hard cock springs out I had to take it in my mouth so I suck his cock it is so hard I rolled my tongue over the big knob I look up Paul's head is back mouth open, I thought he is going to cum in my mouth ,he was so horny. I thought no way I'm wasting that I'm going to fuck that first.

Paul said stop, he picked me up sat me on the kitchen bench laid me down and sucked and licked my wet dripping pussy, I could hear the slurping noises as he devoured me, I lost count how may times I came. He stood up his cock rock hard pointing straight up, I slid off the bench straight on to his big cock legs wrapped around him arms around his neck pashing him as he drove that big cock in to the hilt I took it all every inch. He fucked me for a while he walked in to the lounge me still impaled on the beautiful cock. He sat on the couch I rode that cock as he sucked my nipples and pashed as well. He pumped his cock deep into my wet pussy. Then the head went back his cock got even harder as he blew a huge load deep into my pussy. So beautiful.

We then went into the pool had a swim I sat on his lap arms around his neck floating around the pool talking. As we floated I felt his hand on my cum filled pussy and a gentle kiss and suck of a nipple, it wasn't long I felt movement, that big cock wasn't finished yet, we sat in the pool a little longer by this time two fingers were massaging deep in my cummy pussy and his cock was ready ,nice and hard again.

We got out of the pool went inside dried off, his cock throbbing again, I laid down on the couch as he slid his big cock in to my cum filled pussy and proceed to pound me again he was going at a frenetic pace then slowed down as another huge load erupted again deep in my pussy.

We sat and talked as his cum oozed out of my pussy looked great. I know Alan would have loved to eat me right now.

Time to go home another big pash feel of my tits and pussy squeeze of that hot cock then drove home sitting on a beach towel. Can't wait for Alan to ring so I can get him rock hard telling him all about it.

Nola home soon so much fun to be had I know of two big cocks waiting for her return, plus a hot mouth and pussy and tits to suck..

Alan got home Thursday told him everything then up to the nude beach with a couple Alan had played with years ago, I had never met them we got on VERY well .......that's the next story