Written by alanadanne

3 Feb 2015

I arrived back in Australia drove home to my baby Anne. Anne as always met me at the door nude. She was showered and shaved smooth as silk, she gave me a huge pash ,I was rock hard.

We walked into the kitchen I stripped off huge hardon which was being stroked by Anne as I massaged those hot tits.

She said "put your bags away have a shower and bring that cock back here".

I went had a shower and shave making sure my cock and balls were smooth as I washed my huge hard cock I was aware not to wash it to vigorously otherwise I would cum.

I dried off went back to the lounge sat down by a naked Anne with her knee raised her adorable shaved wet pussy looking at me.

I said well what happened on Australia day with Paul, she told all about it again as she had told me by phone, it was better in person.

I loved hearing it all again ,sucking his hot cock' fucking him, all the cum oozing from her freshly fucked pussy, loved it. I was so hard and throbbing, Anne saw my cock standing straight, she leaned over taking me in her mouth gently sucking me, Fuck it was so hot so beautiful. I reached over placing my hand on her pussy, it was like fountain wet and dripping.

Anne looked at me with FUCK ME eyes as she straddled me lowering herself on to my throbbing steel like member, sliding in with consummate ease, it was amazingly erotic, passionate, so loving as we slowing made unbridled passionate love.

I knew I wouldn't last long after being away for 2 weeks plus all the talk about Paul fucking and sucking Anne and Anne sucking his big cock and being eaten on the kitchen bench plus walking around impaled on Paul's fat cock.

I felt cum on the way, I pulled out of that hot wet pussy stood up and splattered Anne's tits and chin with a'' litre'' of cum

I just kept cumming. She was covered.

Friday night watching tele as well as being on SH site when up on skype Paul name appears, so we call him up, he is home alone Nola still away . He is laying on his couch naked as are we.

We start talking dirty both of us telling how we want to suck his cock ,Anne telling how she wants to fuck him again.

Anne got her vibrator out I placed the cam on her pussy as she fucked herself, Paul watching on Skype stroking his hard cock, I have camera in one hand cock in other . Anne is moaning as the vibe s magic, I cumming screams Anne, Paul s hand is a blurr its pumping his hard cock so fast, this is the cock that three days ago was buried deep in my baby's pussy spraying hot cum into her dripping love canal the one Anne had down her throat sucking, now being stroked as my baby cums again and again knowing two horny guy are stroking over her both wanting to fuck her.

Anne sits up starts to suck my cock as she watches Paul pull his cock, I can hear Paul telling me how much he wants my hard cock in his mouth, I too tell how much I want to suck him, I want to 69 with Anne as he fucks her I want him to cover Anne s Pussy with cum so I can suck her off with his cum all over my face.

Paul starts ooohhh ooooo oh fuck I cumming, with that his stroke slows down as a huge spurt of cum lands on his chest followed by more spurts, what a hot load. Anne is stroking me ,I feel cum on the way they both watch as my cock sprays cum over Annes tits .

What a night.

Saturday morning having brekkie Anne on cam showing off her tits for the roomies, when the phone rings, its a couple I knew from a few years back . I have just re connected with them ,they have only met Anne once and she knew I use to fuck Lyn.

Mike asks do you want to join us ,we are up the north shore at Noosa, I asked Anne YES came the enthusiastic reply.

Anne and I had not swung with Mike and Lyn before although I had, they were hot. I said to Anne this could be good.

They picked us up, drove to Noosa North Shore found a very secluded spot erected the marque got comfortable all nude.

We chatted had chicken, prawns, champagne. Went for a swim ,Mike told me Lyn always brings her beach toy.

On our return Mike grabs a little black bag Lyn takes out this little vibe with two leads on it. Anne and Lyn lay down Mike turns it on both pussies have a lead on their clits, Anne loves it she starts sucking Lyns big tits and kissing her.

Mike then starts fucking Lyn I start fucking Anne. Anne and Lyn pash sucking and playing with each others tits as they get fucked. I whispered to Anne "want to fuck Mike?" she smiled said yes I tapped Mike and pointed to Annes wet freshly fucked pussy, he looked at Anne , she smiled so he fucked Anne I moved over to Lyn, I slid my cock into her wet pussy she whispered welcome back, I said great to be back.

We fucked our brains out, Mike let out a groan as he blew a load deep into Annes pussy and a short time later I gave Lyn a big load.

We all went for a swim for while then returned to the marque, Mike has Lyn over the tail gate of the 4x4 doggy style Anne massaging his balls squeezing the base of his cock, Lyn has my cock in her mouth sucking me as Mike pounds her, Mike unloads another load in Lyn not bad 2 loads from Mike 1 from me love it.

We had a wonderful week fantastic we are so lucky we have beautiful friends.

We all cant wait to do it all again.