Written by horny couple

10 May 2013

I wrote about our fun with our young baby sitter from many years ago, we stayed friends and knew her hubby and her well for many years, then some 10 years ago they broke up, Shelia, went thought a rough patch, as she found new boyfriends and tried to get her life back together, as time went on, she was with out a boy friend for awhile, and used to visit us, often having a few drinks, but nothing sexual happened as it didn't seem right, then some months later, we fired up the spa, and decided to warm up in the water with a few drink,

as time went on we spoke about the good ol days, lol and how she ran riot for some years, going to swinging paries and orgies on her own and with us, and then she asked us, what had we been doing swinging wise, well at first we said, that we were still into swinging and group sex, but things had changed a bit, with that she said pray tell, well with a slightly red face, and an even stiffer cock, I said I'm now fully bi, she looked a bit flushed at first then asked questions, I told her I enjoyed anal with guys, them fucking me mainly, but also fucking them some times too, and that Sue also enjoyed fucking me with a strapon well you couldnt stop her asking about it, what did we do, how did I enjoy it and so on, what size toys, anyway, by now my cock was solid and she was holding it, while Sue was kissing me too, so I just had to get things going once more,, sliding Sue onto the edge I went down and licked her pussy, Shelia kissing her, as we worked her to her first orgasm, than I swapped the girls around, my mouth watering as I aimed at shelias pussy for the first time in years, tasteing her juices brought back fond memouries of our past sexy fun, as she to screamed in orgasm, so I took them both by the hand into our bedroom,

between the 3 of us we soon got back into the fun, the girls licking one another as my cock went from one pussy to another, after wetting shelias pussy with cum, my cock stayed hard as I watched the girls kissing and eating one anothers out once more, I worked her arse a bit, putting a few fingers in, then with some lube slide my cock back in, reliving times gone by ,,, i fucked her for some time before her asre also took my man juices, flooding out and making a mess on the bed,

then she turned and said your turn, looking at sue with a smile, soon Sue had her strapon with our 10 inch vib in it, I was on my back, shelia looking on as my butt took it fully, sue fucking me hard now made me have my first anal cum for the night, Shelia looked strange as no cum had shot out, but sue told her, about anal cums, then I got on my knees, the 10 inch going back in, shelia got under me and 69'd watching close up, as I ate her pussy for her, then Sue said watch this, as my 12 inch monster was pulled out of the drawer, put in the strapon, some lube was added, Shelia said no way, as it started heading down my tunnel. she was agasp, my arse opened up and I went wild, anal cum after anal cum ripped tho me, my butt now fully open, I took it for some 10 mins before I turend to Sue, and said, let show her the full show, Sue put some lube on her fist and slipped it in, nearly half her arm goes in, well you could hear the groans as shelia watched her juices flowing as she cum with out touching herself,, then Sue fisted me hard, I collasped on top of shelia, my butt now near her chin, sues arm on her face,, well the juices squired out of shelia, as she rocked the bed,

as I lay motionless for awhile the girls spoke , I was to far gone to know about what, when Sue said ON your knees, so I did, then I felt a different feeling as a finger went in me, then some wispering then more, then I heard Sue say, just push them all in, with that pop and Shelia's fist went in deep, her gasp telling me she liked it, she played around inside asking me how it feels to have a hand in side, I told her its even better when its some one differnt and that ever time i get of onit, the night went on the girls used my body as I used them, it was fun getting back into things, we sucked and fucked one another Sue fucking Shelias pussy with the 10 inch and then , as the 18 inch double ender went in both pussies I sat watching, both working it in as far as they could forcing the other to orgasm too, then Shelia got me 12 inch monster and sat over it, i said be care full its huge, she smilled, as it started going in, my eyes lit up, I'm inpressed I said, as she rode it fully, not much left out of her, your butt will be next for that I said smilling, she laughed saying not yet but with pracitse we can try,

I siad next time we will try and you will get som eof it in, she smilled and said yes please

mmmmmmm I look forward to more fun with them both, maybe those orgies are still going