Written by nortie2

8 Aug 2014

Cassie started babysitting for us over a year ago. She is short, fit pretty spunky young girl, just turned 18.

I was at work and Sammy wanted to catch a new band playing at our local so she arranged Cassie to come by after she finished work at a nearby fast food joint to mind the kids.

Sammy wasn't that impressed with the music so she came home around 11 to find that Cassie had cleaned up the house. She said she was bored as the kids didn't stir during the night. They sat on the balcony having a drink and a smoke, Sammy noticed Cassie was a bit tense and asked why. Cassie replied that she's noticed all the footy socks tied to the legs of the bed, and was wondering what they were doing there. Sammy blushed and replied that Marto had tied her up the other night. Sorry, I should have put them away she said. Cassie gushed, "oh no,,,, I think its so sexy,,,, I wished my boyfriend would do something like that"

Sam said to her, "you're only young, you have plenty of time to do all that sort of stuff". Cassie said "I know right, but all I get is quickies in the back of his car before he goes home to his mates and their playstations."

I'm sure it isn't that bad

Wanna bet

Really, would you like me to tie you up?

Oh would you, it would be sooo naughty.

Have you ever played with a girl before?

Only a little bit with a friend from school. What about Marto, would he be cranky?

God no, it would be a sexy suprise for him to come home to, Would you like him to join in when he get's home.

You mean you wouldn't get angry if he touched me?

Lol, no Cassie, I love watching him play with other girls.

Wow, that is naughty

Sammy was getting all wet by this time, she said "I'm going to have something to put me in the mood" to which Cassie replied, "if you are having a drink can I have one too"

After having a stiff vodka, Sammy grabbed her by the shoulders and softly kissed the much shorter girl softly on the lips. Cassie responded ardently pushing her tongue into Sammy's mouth. Sammy pushed her top down to reveal her pert little tits, and kept it sliding down collecting her shorts on the way. She stood back admiring her body as she stood there breathing heavily in nothing but her skimpy knickers, and asked if she was ready for this. Cassie just nodded dumbly.

Sammy then layed her on the bed on her back, tying her firmly by the wrists. Sammy then started kissing her again, nibbling her ears and throat working her way down to her breasts topped with amazingly hard little nipples. Cassie's breathing was becoming ragged as she started to squirm under Sammy's ministrations. Sammy pulled back, pleased to see a wet patch on Cassie's thus far untouched knickers.

Sam asked her, "when you played with your friend, did she lick you?" Cassie said breathlessly "no, just fingered me". Sam giggled "well then you are in for a treat" and started to pull Cassie's pantys off.

Sammy worked slowly, knowing Marto would be home soon she wanted to delay things so he would arrive to witness the climax. Undressing as she went she nibbled and tickled the girl all over watching as the young petals of her trimmed pussy opened in anticipation. holding off for as long as her libido would allow she finally dived into lick the tight little pussy that was pulsating before her. Cassie reacted immediately, thrashing againts her bonds, grinding her pelvis into Sammy's face, moaning loudly. It was at this point that Sam heard Marto's car pull into the drive.

I arrived home a little weary after a long evening serving drinks, which has the effect of making me tongue for a beer myself, as I walked up the steps I could hear moaning coming out of our bedroom window. A little shocked at first I thought Sammy must be playing with one of her toys and thought I might grab a beer and catch the show. I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, I cracked it and took a long refreshing swig before I entered our bedroom.


What a sight, I was confronted with Sammy's beautiful arse sticking up at me as she worked our young babysitter into a powerful orgasm. I'm pretty sure Cassie didn't even know I was there as Sammy waved me to the bay window seat. I disrobed as I watched Sammy viusly finger the girl whilst her tongue lapped at her clit. Cassie bounced around as she reached another peak, the sight and sound of which made my cock stiffen untouched as I took another mouthful of beer.

I could see juices running down Sammy's legs as her pussy pulsated with desire. I couldn't take much of this,,,, my cock throbbed for attention. I stood, leaving my beer, and walked my cock straight into Sammy's waiting pussy. She moaned into Cassie, making Cassie look up and finally notice my presense, I just nodded hello and started to thrust hard into Sam driving her face harder into the young girls loins. This caused both of the ladies to moan even louder. it was such an erotic sight watching my cock slam into Sam as she made Cassie squeal. My juices were boiling as I pulled out and spurt thick ropes of cum over Sam's arse and lower back. Cassie watched this with wide eyes, so I bent over and licked up my own cum and sucked it into my mouth then went around the bed and kissed the restrained girl dribbling my seed into her mouth.