Written by dandkc

10 Dec 2013

The Beach

Dan and Kim have always enjoyed their time at their special beach. The beach is a non-official nude beach where Dan and Kim enjoy time together away from work and the pressures of everyday life. A normal day at the beach involves sunbaking naked and enjoying a swim when the weather and water is warm enough. They both enjoy reading while at the beach, usually an erotic novel which adds to the feeling of escaping for a while.

They are happily married and enjoy being naked at every opportunity, however work and family life means this time is limited and all the more special when it happens. They are uninhibited people and have a healthy sex life way above the average having sex at least once most days.

The beach is at the end of a bush track with secluded areas at the back of the beach tucked away in the low dunes. These areas off some privacy from people walking along the beach who more often than not don’t even know there are naked people only meters away. Most days there are a handful of like-minded people at the beach, a mix of single men and couples. Everyone respects each other’s privacy and space but all enjoy the same freedoms of tanning and swimming without the restriction of clothes. Dolphins and whales are often sighted and the water is crystal clear and calm on most days. The combination of the sea air, the beautiful location and the warmth of the sun on naked skin adds to the enjoyment of a day spent at the beach.

Dan enjoys looking at Kim’s gorgeous curves and often spends time stroking her body including her favourite, a back scratch. This usually leads to Kim rolling onto her back, she stops reading. Dan can’t resist her gorgeous tits and smooth freshly shaved pussy. A quick look up and down the beach for walkers, there is no one to be seen. Dan positions himself between Kim’s slightly parted legs and starts gently massaging her tits, before long he can feel her nipples pushing at his palms. He continues massaging from her tits to her thighs, teasing, brushing her soft outer pussy lips. Dan licks and then sucks and nibbles on her nipples making sure they both get the same amount of pleasure. By this time Kim is starting to squirm and her legs fall apart. Dan’s cock is rock hard and small beads of pre cum appear. Dan goes back down onto her tits and makes sure his knob brushes Kim’s pussy but doesn’t go in. By now Kim has put her book down. Dan’s tongue flicks away at her nipples and occasionally he bites them gently, Kim lets out a sigh as Dan’s mouth goes from one tit to the other. Now he has started to gently stroke Kim’s pussy while still sucking and licking her aroused tits. He can feel her moistness on his fingers.

Dan squeezes some pre cum onto his fingers to use as lube on Kim’s button. He rubs her aroused clit between his fingers while still playing with her tits. After a few minutes of this Dan moves away from her tits and starts to push the head of his cock into Kim’s pussy, slowly easing the knob in then out again. He does this a few times then pushes all the way in and pumps a few times all the way in and out. By now Kim’s pussy is wet and aroused and begging to be fucked. Her lipped are now engorged and the sight of this almost sends Dan into orgasm. He pulls his cock out; it’s glistening with the juices from Kim’s pussy.

Dan keeps fingering Kim’s clit and pussy lips knowing he won’t last too long if he keeps fucking her. Now and then Dan pushes his cock in for a few strokes and then continues rubbing her button. He can now start to sense how close Kim is to orgasm. Her hips are starting to move around rising up to push against Dan’s fingers. He leans down to lick her rock hard nipples and squeezes then hard with his spare hand. Her hip movements are getting faster and faster, bucking like a wild animal. Kim lets out a groan and fucks Dan’s fingers harder and harder, then squeezes her legs together. They can both feel her orgasm pulsating through her. Just before her orgasm subsides Dan pushes his cock inside her once more thrusting as hard as he can for about twenty strokes before pulling out and blowing onto Kim’s tits. They kiss passionately before starting to get dressed and pack up. They both know they have to leave their little piece of paradise and head back to reality.

A few weeks of work and normal life pass by before Dan and Kim get the chance to get back to the beach. It’s a beautiful summer day about 32 degrees and just enough wind to take the edge off the heat.

Dan tells the story from here……

We arrived at the beach early to try and beat the afternoon crowds and the fresh sea breeze. As we walked along the beach we notice a few of the regulars already there enjoying the sun. Our usual spot is not taken so we lay down our towels and got undressed. It feels good to be here again, free from clothes.

I still can’t believe how sexy Kim is. She is the girl of my dreams in many ways but her body is just so sexy, from her perfectly rounded double D breasts to her curvy hips and arse. Her pussy is luscious especially when it is aroused. We are both uninhibited and have no problem being naked around likeminded people.

We settled down on our towels to start reading our books. I couldn’t concentrate; the sight of Kim’s naked body next to me was a huge distraction. I managed to read a few chapters which took my mind off the gorgeous woman lying next to me. The sun felt good on our bodies and it was soon time for a swim to cool off.

We walked down to the water which was cool but refreshing on a warm day. We made our way out into deeper water. I took Kim in my arms to feel her skin on mine. She loves the feeling of swimming naked. It takes the weight of her beautiful breasts as they bob around in the small waves. Another couple join us in the water about 50 metres away. They appear to be similar to us, enjoying the freedom of the beach and skinny dipping together. After a few minutes the other couple move closer and say Hi. They introduce themselves as Mike and Jenny. It turns out they are regulars too and say they have noticed us here before. Mike and Jenny are very similar to us physically but Jenny’s tits are smaller than Kim’s.

We got talking about the beach and how much we all enjoy coming here. Mike and Jenny usually take the same spot as us if it’s not taken and mention where they are today is small and not very comfortable. I looked at Kim and we both asked them to joins us, there is plenty of room for the four of us. We left the water so Mike and Jenny could move their things over to our spot.

We settled down on our towels. The girls are next to each other in the middle and the guys on the outside. We chatted for a while and realised how similar we were. They also have a family and use their time at the beach for down time away from everyday life. Very soon the conversation got around to the thought of total strangers lying next to each other naked and how natural it felt. Jenny started saying how much she liked Kim’s tits and wishes hers were a little bigger and that she often wondered what tits like Kim’s felt like.

Kim and I often talked about what it would be like to have a bit of fun with another couple. We had joined a swinger’s website but nothing ever came of it. I started thinking that maybe this was our opportunity. I ran my fingers up and down Kim’s side just missing her breasts. She let out a feint sigh. This was the reaction I was looking for. I rolled in and gave Kim a kiss and a winked at her, she responded with a sultry smile.

I said to Jenny “maybe you should have a play with Kim’s tits so you know what it feels like”. Mikes eyes lit up and Jenny blushed but Mike gave her a kiss and told her to go for it. Jenny rolled in closer to Kim and gently started rubbing Kim’s tits one at a time. Kim’s nipples were rock hard within seconds. Mike reached over and started playing with Jenny’s tits. I moved in closer to Kim so my now hard cock was rubbing her arse. Kim reached down and grabbed my cock and started working her magic. I joined Jenny playing with Kim’s tits and occasionally reached across and stroked Jenny’s arse. Jenny got up onto her knees and started licking and sucking Kim’s tits. I reached behind Jenny and found her pussy was almost dripping. I started playing with her pussy lips and occasionally pushed a finger inside. Kim’s legs were slightly spread so Jenny could kneel in between them. Kim grabbed Mikes hand and placed it on her pussy, which by now was also very wet. Jenny continued kissing and sucking Kim’s tits and now and then she reached between her legs and pushed my fingers hard into her dripping hole.

Jenny moved down between Kim’s legs and started going down on her. Before long she was fucking Kim with her tongue and fingers, girls know what girls like. With Kim’s pussy now fully occupied by Jenny, Mike and I moved closer to Kim and Started playing with her tits. She reached down and grabbed a cock in each hand. I could tell Kim was close to blowing, her hips started bucking wildly and she was making those noises I knew meant she was far off. I leant over and tongue kissed Kim passionately which tipped her over the edge.

When Kim had settled down we all shuffled around, there was more fun to be had. I started finger fucking Jenny while Kim gave Mike a hand job. Jenny said she didn’t want Mike to blow just yet. I was putting four fingers inside Jenny while rubbing her button with my thumb and sucking on her nipples. Mike looked after Kim’s tits while she worked her hand around his cock. After about ten minutes Jenny got up told Mike to fuck her doggy style. Kim and I did the same. Kim Mike and I all blew within seconds of each other.

We all went down to the water to clean up and cool off. We spent ages in the water floating around, and talking about how much fun we just had. Back up at the towels we arranged ourselves into a daisy chain so we could all play with each other while lying on our sides. We did this for what seemed like hours. No one needed to blow we were just giving each other pleasure.

The shadows started creeping over our little place of pleasure. We all decided reluctantly that is was time to go.

We drove home not saying much but knew how much each other had enjoyed our playtime with strangers at our special place.

After we had dinner and put the kids to bed we had passionate sex then fell asleep cuddling up closer than ever before.