9 Apr 2018

I'm soooo nervous, dressed up to the nines walking down the street freezing my nipples of in this tiny red dress, why did I wear a dress when its sooooo cold? I've lost my friggen marbles. Then, I start to remember why. I'm going to meet up with a woman, at a club somewhere, just the 'two of us'. I can't really recall why or what for, whether I know her or even remember her name.. for some reason things seem a bit of a haze. But I know I feel excited, nervous, sexy, vulnerable and HORNY AS HELL.

As I approach the club I think we agreed to meet at, I have this uncanny feeling of being followed. Having a quick look around, I don't notice anyone so just rush into the club. I walk in and it's not that busy, half the people turn and look at me. Ahhhhhh again I think to myself, why am I wearing a dress? And red?

I hate attention yet the outfit I'm wearing screams look at me. Again I remember why and that we both agreed to where a red dress so we would recognize each other. I pause for a moment thinking who is this mysterious woman I've come here to meet? Again I am soooo nervous yet excited and don't even really know why?.?

I start looking around the room for a woman wearing a red dress and I can see 3? Hmmm what do I do? I decide to go to the bar and get a drink.

I then have a sudden urge to go for a pee and no one to watch my drink. So walk across the dance floor towards the toilets. Twisting and winding through hot, sweaty bodies, half inebriated and dancing around like fools. A guy pinches my butt, I instantly spin around and slap him, he just gives me a cheeky smile. The nerve, wish I slapped him harder now cos by that look he enjoyed it too much.

A bit frazzled I sort of stumble down the stairs and almost trip over, but this gorgeous woman, with dark hair catches me. It was quite a soft landing, with my face planted straight in the middle of her warm heaving breasts. For a moment I can't breathe, suffocated by bosom flesh and all I can think is how amazing this angel that saved me, smells. I look up and say th-th-thank you. She looks at me with these deep eyes and says in a soft, sweet voice, you are more than welcome Hun and flashes me a sneaky smile.

I remember I'm busting for the toilet so thank her again and continue to go through to the toilets. The corridor is narrow so I have to press up against her breasts to get by and ohhh it makes me soo hot. I finally get into the restroom almost pulling my pants down as I'm walking through the door. As I'm sitting there a bit flustered from the dance floor incident and a bit embarrassed about falling down the stairs. I started thinking about the Angel that saved me from landing on my face, it was making me moist thinking about her.

Then it hits me.


What if she was the woman I was here to meet?.? Ohhhh how embarrassing, I wonder if she noticed my red dress? Ahhhhh I just want to stay in the toilet now.

Then I think ohhhh well, bugger it, if it was her, we'll have something to talk about and if not, it’s all good. I didn't get this dressed up in the middle of winter to sit in the stinky bloody toilets. And part of me hoped it was her, she was gorgeous. So I hop out the toilet, wash my hands, have a look in the mirror, quickly put some lip gloss on, freshen up and walk straight back to the bar.

I have to walk across the dance floor again and am relived that wanker wasn't there. As I approach the bar right in front of me I see 'Angel' standing there. She is soooo HOT. I really hope she is who I'm here to met. I walk over to her sooooo nervous and still a bit unaware as to why I'm really even meeting up with her but I'm guessing from the general way I feel, it's for something quite cheeky.

I am soooo scared, the butterflies in my stomach feel like they are having an orgie. But as I approach we connect eyes and for some reason I feel calm. I say hello and give her a smile, "I love your dress", "can I buy you a drink"? Ahhhhh I really hope she is 'the one'. She looks at me with these big piercing eyes and I swear my heart stops. Of course I'd love a drink Sarah, what ever you're drinking is fine.

Ohhh my gosh she knows my name, she MUST be the one I'm here to meet.

We start talking and laughing while we have a drink, cracking jokes about my lead feet, it's like I've known this mysterious, no name, woman for years. The entire time all I can think about is how absolutely gorgeous she is and how amazing her boobs look. Every time she laughs they jiggle. LoL. She then leans towards me and asks if I would like to have a dance?

YES. I blurt out a little too eagerly, will she notice?

She gives me another cheeky smile, grabs my hand and leads me towards the dance floor. I don't know why but her just holding my hand instantly makes me wet.

We start dancing and it just so happens, it's my favourite song. We 'bump and grind' for a couple of songs, the thoughts and feelings I'm having are just soooooooooooooooo naughty. Especially cos I don't even know her name? I can't recall talking with her or how I even know her?. But I feel like I know her quite well.

Mean while, I sort of feel/realise we weren't really alone. Maybe that’s why I felt someone watching me before? Lurking in the shadows are our husbands, watching from a far. This thought excites me more than I think I've been before.

I'm starting to get a bit hot and sweaty from all the dancing and lean in to say we should get another drink. As I do we both stop and its like everything around us is spinning and there is not a soul in the room. I forget what I'm even going to say as I'm just mesmerized by her heaving chest. With every breathe in and out, her boobs go up and down, up and down, up and down. SNAP, everything stops spinning and my trance is broken, I sort of shake it off and gesture to head back to the bar and get another drink.

I just stand there watching 'Angel' order our drinks, she's leaning over the bar and her huge, round breasts are almost touching it. My eyes then move along her gorgeous silhouette to her amazing, plump arse and by golly all I want to do is grab it with both hands and give it a good hard squeeze.

Our drinks are ready and as she goes to hand me mine she catches me checking her out. Ahhh the butterflies are back. My eyes quickly scatter in all directions, I grab my drink, embarrassingly thanking her. And bang with her gorgeous smile, bitting on her straw, while giving me the most incredible look, she tells me I'm welcome and makes a gesture to head back to the dance floor. All I thought was YES ma'am. What ever you say.

We start dancing again and this time the excitement and tension build to the point that I can't stop myself from touching this woman for one second longer. I pull her into some seedy corner and we start making out.

My hands are going crazy, I feel like I have no control over them touching, stroking and feeling every part of her body I can reach. It is hands down one of the most sensual, intimate, moist, exhilarating, sneak, cheeky kisses I have ever had and makes my legs feel like jelly.

We must have simultaneously remembered we're in public, both quickly pulling away and straighten up. We then must remember somewhere our husbands are watching and give each other a cheeky smile. ; )

OK, by this point, we are pretty hot under the collar to say the least. As I lean in to talk to her, my hand strokes up her inner thigh, I feel the warmth between her legs and find it soooo erotic. I whisper in her ear, "soooooooooo should we get a room"?.?.?


My heart is pounding out of my chest from all of the excitement, nerves and anticipation. It hits me..I've never really had to EVER put myself out there like this. I'm a girl, I've never even asked someone out before let alone if they want to get a hotel room with me. What if she says NO?.? This is how guys must feel all the time?.? Am I crazy?.? What the hell am I doing?.? Why did I even ask her that?

Ahhhhhhh I hope she says YES. LoL. At which time she pulls me in for another quick kiss and whispers, "ONLY if its a nice hotel".?.?

We both laugh and laugh and laugh. I reach in my handbag, grab my credit card and slip it into her left hand. As I lean in to reply, this time I go for a bit of a nibble along the nape of her neck, this obviously arouses her as her breathing changes. "Hun you choose the place, take hubby up to the room, get some wine, strawberries, chocolates and what ever else takes your delight. Hubby and I will have a dance while we wait for you to message me which hotel and room number".

I reach in my bag again, this time pulling out a black bit of fabric. Placing it in her left hand, I lean in and resist every single urge in my body to just ravish her right there and whisper, it's a blind fold, I have one too.?.?

The instant look she gives me, I know this excites her. To the point that she grabs me for a hug goodbye, kisses me on the cheek, then turns around and quickly walks towards the door. I reframe, with great difficulty, from jumping up and down in excitement like a teenage school girl. And all I can think about is how gorgeous her arse is as she walks away from me.

Ahhhh then it hits me..So where is Stephen?

I start to look around the room, SUDDENLY I feel a nice, solid smack on my arse, one hand on each cheek then these hands start moving to my lower back and across to my hips. I'm then pulled towards this person, I start thinking its probably my husband but remember the dude who grabbed my butt earlier so swiftly spin around to see who it is.

Thank god. He grabs me with one hand behind my head and the other on my arse, as he pulls me in for a kiss, he looks me straight in the eyes and says, 'babe you are soo fucken hot. You drive me crazy'. Then pulls me in so tight and close that I feel his hard cock through his pants, pressing against me while he basically eats my face. Ahhhh I'm sooo excited. I explain that we are just waiting for a message, we are both pretty excited, we dance and laugh for the next 20mins or so.

Then I feel my phone vibrate, my heart skips a beat. I quickly fumble in my bag to grab it, it's a message from her. We both look at each other, Stephen lifts an eyebrow, then grabs my hand and heads toward the exit pulling me with such force I almost stack it.

I think from all the excitement and anticipation my mind just wasn’t working as, at this point we just seem to morph into the lobby of a hotel room. Standing in front of these huge silver elevator doors. As the doors open we walk through and its one of those lifts that's just covered in mirrors. All I wanted to do was press stop and fuck Stephen right then and there. I'm sooo friggen wet I'm surprised I'm not dripping down my inner thigh. I then remember 'Angel' is waiting up stairs and quickly hit the button with a 13 on it and the elevator starts going up. I find it VERY intriguing as 13 just so happens to be my lucky number.

'Ding', the elevator stops, as the doors open and I go to take a step out, I look back at Stephen like, what are we doing? Are you sure we want to step out of this elevator? He gives me his reassuring, all knowing look and says 'Babe, get that sexy butt out of this lift'.

The direct, reassuring, assertive manner in which Stephen said this was such a turn on. I pushed him back into the elevator, slamming him against the wall and we started passionately kissing. My hands moved south feeling his pulsing cock through his pants. Knowing he is excited too almost blows my mind right then and there.

Again I want to just ravish him like a hyena pouncing a baby gazelle but as I hear the doors closing, I pull away and my arm goes flying in between these gates to heaven…..(or hell?) I straighten my hair and dress, then again turn to look at Stephen. “Ok babe, lets go.” We walk out of the elevator and up to a door with a huge silver 13 on it. I stand there for a moment, again in some sort of trance, a million good and bad things racing through my mind.

Then I hear this familiar voice, "Babe, you can go over things a million and one times in your head, but until you walk through that door, you won't know the answers to your questions".

I snap back to 'reality', give hubby a smile and knock on the door. As I hear the door opening, I quickly tell him to turn around, shut his eyes and not to open them until he is told.

As Stephen turns around the door opens just a crack, it's her, she sees it's me and I swear her smile said a thousand dirty words. As the door opens, I notice she has taken her dress off and is wearing this tiny, silk, slinky, black, short, sexy négligée. It gently clings to her body caressing every beautiful curve and the way the light is bouncing off it, is just arghhhhh, she is soooo sexy.

I also notice she has let her hair down, taken her shoes and some make up off. Who would have thought that stripping back all of these so called beauty 'enhancements' and just wrapping her up in a bit of thin silk could make her look even more sexy and attractive than before. So natural……. So bare…… Sooo beautiful.

I go to walk through the door, then remember, Stephen's standing there, with his eyes shut, so I turn around and yank him through the door.


As the door closes behind us it is such a loud noise, that I jump into her, again, almost stacking it and being caught by this 'Angel’. I think that's just what I'll call her, asking what her name is now…….would just be awkward.

I quietly ask if her hubby has his blindfold on, the look she gives me is a YES. So I turn around grab mine out of my bag, rip Stephen's top off and put the blindfold over his eyes. I give him a passionate kiss, “love you babe”, we both whisper.

I turn around and see Angel kissing her husband, who is also topless, sitting on the edge of the bed and it’s such a turn on. There is just one HUGE bed in the middle of the room and a black shiny leather sofa up against the wall. There's a bathroom to the right and as I walk deeper into the room, I notice a curtain along the back wall. It is only slightly open but just enough so the room is softly lit up by Luna’s reflection. I can tell it's covering sliding doors, which lead out to a small balcony. I can see city lights shimmering through the crack, an entire city out there unbenounse to what we are up to. To the left of me is a tiny kitchen, lovely black granite tops on the benches, a mini bar and little table.

My attention turns to the table where there is a lovely fresh bunch of gorgeous wild flowers, chocolates, strawberries and a nice bottle of Moët in a silver bucket of ice. I quickly pop a strawberry and chocolate in my mouth at the same time, as I couldn't decide which to have. Mmmmm they are sooo yummy especially with the flavours combining across my tongue. As I turn around, 'Angel' is watching me, my mouth is full and we both laugh so much I almost choke. “Well you can get a bit in there, can’t you hunny?” She says teasingly, I quickly swallow what's in my mouth, again a bit embarrassed.

I grab a strawberry by its’ leaf and move it towards her mouth. As the strawberry gets closer to her lips, I see her tongue poke out just a touch and sweep across her slightly pink, soft lips as it gives them a bit of moisture. All I can think is ahhhhhhhhhhhrghhhhh. They open ever so slightly and again our eyes met, FUCK she is hot.

As I put the strawberry between her lips, they slowly close around it and for the split second before she bites into the sweet berry, it looks like she’s got a cock in her mouth. Surprisingly this seems to highly arouse me. Her teeth pierce through the flesh of this strawberry and she makes a few noises of delight as the juices spread over her tongue tantalizing her sense of taste and smell at the same time.

A drop of juice drips down the strawberry, where it falls on to her bottom lip and down to her chin. It just looked like the strawberry cum in her mouth and there was the love juice dripping down her chin. I reach forward and wipe it off along the back of my hand. At this point I can tell she is also sooooooo nervous, the vulnerability is such a turn on and just makes me want to reassure her everything will be ok.

But I don't even know if it will. The realization that she is probably feeling a lot of what I am, a burst of confidence hits me and I know everything will be fine. Great even. But deep down I'm still a little unsure.

Then I remember we aren't in the room alone, the guys are soooo quiet I forgot they were even there. 'Angel' and I exchange looks and its like we can read each others mind, we smile turn around and walk towards the others husband. This is the first time my attention is grabbed by the 4th person in the room.

Ohh my gosh I'm soo glad he's wearing a blindfold as I feel quite rude. I've been here quite a while and haven't even said Hi. I come up behind him and whisper 'Hello' in his right ear. I can tell he knows its not 'Angel' as his breathing becomes slightly erratic and he seems to get goose bumps along the back of his neck. I give myself a cheeky smile and decide to softly blow on his neck, this makes his whole body shiver. I find it soooo exhilarating. He seems to be quite a big man and the fact that little old me makes him nervous is actually very empowering.

This 'big, tough' man so vulnerable and nervous just from a whispered word or soft blow?.? I find it so arousing, as if I could have this effect on such a strong, good looking man. I then place my hands on his shoulders and proceed to massage them, slowly moving down his back. As my hands move across his bare flesh and my nails run up and down his back, I notice he has an amazing tattoo across it. And it reminds me of an ancient Greek ruin or something. Makes me think this man could have more substance to him then one would think at first glance. It is sooo hot and adds to the tension as I feel him slightly move away from my touch, loving it but obviously not sure whether he can allow himself to TRUELY enjoy the moment. I then look over and 'Angel' is sitting on Stephen's lap kissing him soo passionately.

It is sooooo serial as I've never seen my husband kissing from this perspective before, let alone kiss someone else. He looked sooooooo sexy and like he was enjoying himself. I thought to myself how odd it was that I didn't feel jealous but in actual fact it added to my own excitement, so figured I'd follow their lead.

I lean forward with my breast pressed up against this mans back and ask, may I sit on your lap? I then notice how great he smells. Not like Stephen and nothing like 'Angel' yet each arousing/ tantalizing my senses in different ways.

I can tell my question makes him quite nervous, yet excited but he doesn't answer. I start to suck and nibble on his left ear and whisper, "Please, I won't bite..hard" as I press my teeth ever so gently into his ear lope. I can feel the huge smile come across his face as his cheeks rise and push up against mine.

I know this means, that yes I may sit on his lap.

I eagerly hop off the bed walk around to the front of him, grab his hands, placing them on my hips and sit down in his lap. For a moment I just sat there thinking about how weird it was that it felt so exciting, safe, comforting and natural to be sitting in another mans lap. Especially with my husband sitting just a few feet away. I then remembered, with Angel, I look over and they seem to be having quite a nice time and at that moment Angel pushes Stephen back onto the bed and lays on top off him, making out like a pair of horny teenagers, at it for the first time.

I then turn back to this mysterious man and think to myself, I wonder if it'd excite him to see his wife a top another man. So I decide to ask him, "would you like to have a sneak peak at what your 'Angel' is doing?”

This is the first time he has spoken to me and in a deep, decisive voice he says, "I would fucken love to".

I move his head so it’s pointing towards them and away from me and lift the blind fold ever so slightly. Just for a couple of seconds, enough to get a glimpse of what's going on, then quickly pull it back down.

I can tell this excites him enormously as I feel his cock grow bigger in an instant, now pressing into my left butt cheek through his jeans. It's so exciting, feels so right yet naughty at the same time. I lean in and start kissing him, all the while the involuntary murmurs and movements he is making get me soooo moist. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have a wet patch on his pants.

His hands start to move over my body. It's the first time he genuinely wants to touch me and I REALLY like it. His hands move up to my breasts. I get goose bumps all over and my nipples go so hard I think I really could poke his eye out. His hands reach my boobs and cup them ever so softly, in my feelings of absolute delight, I notice his hands feel different to Stephen's. His hands are bigger, he touches me differently, this is soooo hot.

I gently shift my weight to my upper body, I feel him resist as his body goes stiff. As I whisper "its ok" he relaxes again and allows me to slowly push him back on the bed. It feels so different to having Stephen under me. We start kissing, his lips are soooo soft. Hands are going everywhere and I can feel his cock through his pants pressing up against my hot, wet pussy. I just want to flop it out and ride him til morning time.

Then I remember its someone else's husband I'm kissing. This freaked me out for a second and I pulled back. He asks, "are you ok"? In such a caring, concerned voice I instantly feel calm again, "all good, just a bit thirsty and my tummy is rumbling, would you like a drink and strawberry or two"? “Yes thanks that would be awesome” in his deep voice. I think for a moment about how we have barely spoken, I don’t know anything about this man, apart from he is 'Angel's' husband. And I don’t even know who angel is. So I decide before jumping off him to get a drink, I'd ask what his name was.

For some reason in the night THIS has made me the most nervous, to the point that I wonder why, I’m straddling another woman’s amn while she’s getting it on with my husband. I lean towards him and whisper, "So what is your name"? This indescribable smirk comes across his face, the mystery and intrigue is almost unbearable".

He then replies in his sexy deep voice, "Does it really matter now gorgeous"? This makes me smile from ear to ear and as I hop off him I call him a 'cheeky bastard'. This is the first time I wish he wasn't wearing a blind fold as wanted to look him in the eyes when he said that. But, FUCK ME, it made me feel sooo erotic and naughty.

As I walk towards the kitchen area I slap 'Angel' on the right butt cheek. Just hard enough to make her jump and leave my hand print but not enough to actually hurt her. She stops kissing Stephen straight away, turns around and gives me this look like, you are lucky I'm laying on top of your husband or I'd slap you back bitch. I laughed and cheekily apologized for interrupting them but I was just wondering if either of them would like a drink?.?

In that instant it's like she remembered her husband was there, jumping straight off Stephen and says that they would love a drink. She walks over to the other side of the giant bed where her husband is laying, leans down and starts to kiss him while her hands stroke and lightly squeeze his groin area. As she is standing and bending down to kiss him her sexy nightie is barely covering her breasts bulging out the top of it, only being held in place by the seam of the nightie resting on top of her hard nipples. I'm just watching, hoping that the universe will help out and allow one or both of her breasts fall out of her top. That gravity, the force and friction of her heaving breasts moving up and down against her nightie would persevere and slid this thin piece of silk obstructing my amazing view down and let me have a sneaky peak.

Mean while I'm pouring a glass of champagne, so distracted by what I'm watching that I continue to pour after the glass is a full. Only noticing because my hand starts feeling cold and wet?.? As I realise and look down 'Angel' must have just caught me watching them and let out the cutest giggle. Then leans over whispers something in his ear and they both smile.

She then looks back at me and climbs across her husband without breaking eye contact, like a Tiger stalking its’ prey. I am literally frozen and my heart is pounding. She goes to climb over Stephen and as she throws one leg over must have realised she was straddling him.

Her stare is broken and she turns to Stephen, leans in and whispers something in his ear before going in for a quick kiss. At which time his pelvis gives a strong, swift, thrust against 'Angels' gorgeous butt. This makes her jerk back towards him with her boobs smacking him in the face. They both smile and as she throws the other leg over and pushes off Stephen's hot body, she gives his nipple ring a quick little flick. I don't know why the hell this is making me sooooooo FUCKEN sexually aroused……but IT IS.

I think I decided at the start of the night that if it didn't feel wrong I was going to do it, even though I didn't quite know what, IT, was.

Suddenly I realise someone is standing right next to me, it's 'Angel'. I turn around and as I do she grabs me. Pulling me in so tight for a kiss, that I think her breasts might just pop, pressed up against my hard nipples. We kiss for a few moments and then I push her up against the bench, helping lift her so she is sitting on it, facing me. It's at this point I realise she's not wearing any knickers and just blurt out "you cheeky little minx". She flashes me a look, very cheeky smile and says "I'm not the one on my knees with my head between a woman's legs"….. Bitch.

This make me a little mad but very hot and kind of determined to show her what this cheeky little minx could do. So I lent towards her left knee and gave it a bit of a bite, this made her jump and let out a tiny yelp. I then proceeded to lightly nibble and sensually kiss all along the inside of her thigh from the knee right up to the crease at the top of her leg. At this point, she's has goose bumps all over her gorgeous body. I reach my hand up and after having a bit of a grope of her amazing breasts quickly stand up and kiss her soft lushious lips. Then without even connecting eyes, I pushed her chest softly, gesturing for her to lay down. She nervously, yet willing, laid back. I funnily thought to myself, in a silly little accent, ‘you beauty you're in.’ Hahahaha

I start to think the other leg/knee might get jealous so get to kissing, sucking and biting it like I did the other one. But this time as I get to her leg crease I don't go back down but head north. I'm face to face with these huge tits that have been teasing and tempting me all night long. The only thing 'standing' in my way is a thin, black bit of silk. I pause for a moment as it hits me how amazing she smells, then smerk to myself as I think well the universe is DEFINITELY on my side this time around.

I simply pinch a bit of her nightie just above the belly button and give a bit of a yank down. BANG there they are in all their glory, not exactly what I imagined as things rarely are but FUCKEN AMAZING all the same.

Instantly my hands come up one under each breast, I sort of push them together, lean in, sucking and nibbling on the left then right. I go back and forth so many times, my tongue going round and round her hard nipples. I use one of my hands to twist, roll and pinch her nibble that my mouth isn't playing with. I suddenly start to wonder whether 'Angel' is enjoy herself?.? I've been so into what I'm doing that I haven't really thought about it. The sounds and body movements the gorgeous woman I'm trying to please make, re-assure me that I must be doing something right.

It then hits me, the guys are sitting just a few feet away, I had completely forgotten they were even there being sooooo immersed in my own activities. Straight away I pulled back a bit, to 'sort of to get a landscape view'. I then turn my head towards her right breast and use my peripheral vision to look towards the bed, I can tell in one quick glimpse they are talking and both have there blindfolds slightly lifted.

Ahhh I'm kinda embarrassed yet it’s pretty exhilarating at the same time. Then 'Angel' grabs my face one hand on each cheek and tilts my head up so that I'm looking at her. As my attention goes back to her, I quickly forget about the guys watching us. Fuck her eyes are sooooo mesmerizing. I realise she is looking straight back at me. Then she says in a sweet, nervous, curious type of tone, "Is everything ok Hun?" I stand up, kiss her sweet, soft lips giving her bottom lip a soft bite as I pull back, "Hun, everything is FANFUCKENTASTIC".

She smiles and I again push her back, this time I think to myself I’m just heading straight for her hot wet pussy. I grab an ankle in each hand and push her legs up so they are bent at the knees and her feet are now resting on the counter. I begin to slowly separate her legs by stroking the insides of each leg. At first she is quite tense and her legs quite stiff so I start to kiss and nibble along her left leg. As I get closer to her gorgeous, wet vagina her leg relax and willingly open, as if they decided to finally give in to temptation.

I move my head straight towards her pussy and as my tongue touches her clitoris instantly she has an all over body shiver. Her whole body sort of shakes and she presses her butt against the bench to try and pull away. I grab one leg in each arm coming from underneath and wrapping around her top, upper, thigh with my hands, I'm able to reach her boobs as I quickly check. I then grab a firm hold and before pulling her towards me I pop my head up, 'All good babe'? She just smiles and I know that's another yes. I tighten my grip around her legs and pull her towards me. I then lick, suck, tease and fondle her hot wet pussy for the next 10 minutes. I can hear her moaning and feel her squirming, it is making me soo hot.

I am quite surprised at how good she tastes, it’s really nothing like I've ever tasted before or how I imagined. Better then a sweaty blowjob after work and MUCH better than trying to swallow a load of man's love juice, even with my strong gag reflex it’s sometimes a struggle. Although I admit I’ve tasted myself before, that was just weird, Yet this, this was amazing. I kept going hard and crazy with my tongue at her clitoris round and round, sucking and licking her soft flesh until she was almost about to cum then slowing down and backed off.

Next thing I remember, we were standing there, eating strawberries. We started to feed each other and our husbands, sneakily swapping who gave who what. They were each seated on the edge of the bed and now completely naked.

Ahhh 'Angel' then leans towards me to give me a strawberry and asks, do you have any fantasies? I laughed nervously and replied, "We are in a fantasy", we both laugh and she looks at me and says "no but seriously".? I already knew what I was going to say but got so embarrassed and went bright red. 'Angel' giggles at me, "go on tell me" she says in such a re-assuring voice, I then WANT to tell her.

Ok, I gesture to her to come closer and then whisper, I have always wanted to see Stephen passionately kiss another man. Bang, her piercing eyes look at me, "that my dear is definitely do-able". With a huge smile from ear to ear, I then asked her if she had a fantasy in mind?.?

Her smile changed to a cheeky almost evil looking smile, "I'd like you to suck my husbands cock".

I'm a little bit shocked by her forwardness but VERY TURNED ON. As I lean in and kiss her, my right hand moves straight between her legs and my fingers go really crazy, really fast. This makes her legs almost give-way.

Her vagina is so wet and so warm, it actually feels better then playing with my own.

I stop, pull back and say "THAT Hun, is ONLY do-able, if you would suck my husbands cock too".


I hadn't even thought it yet and the words just involuntarily came out of my mouth. I then look at 'Angel' and the look she gives me again melts away any doubts or worries.

She turns away from me and takes a step towards the bed. Omg the guys are sitting right there. 'Angel' bends down and pulls both of them towards her and starts whispering something, they all have a bit of a chuckle. But I barely notice as the view from where I am standing is AMAZING. I find instead of wondering what she is saying, I'm again just staring at her arse trying to resist the urge to grab it. It hits me, WHY? So I take a step forward and grab her butt with both hands, she lets out a cute sort of sigh. She stands up straight, spins around and pushes me backwards until my legs hit the black sofa and I fall back straight on my arse.

She then plonks her sexy self right next to me and says "Action".

On cue both of our husbands stand up, take a step towards each other. Slowly reaching their arms out to find one another, as their blindfolds basically render them blind. It looks a bit funny and awkward but this just seems to make them look even more vulnerable and sexy.

Eeekkkkkkkk as their arms connect and they 'find' each other for me the tension builds to an unimaginable level. As they move closer and closer toward one another they seem to be moving in VERY VERY sloooooow motion.

You can tell they are both extremely nervous yet seem to also be slightly excited, both sustaining a half barred cock. There is now only a gap between their faces of about 10cm, OOHHHH MYYYYYYY is this really happening, are they really going to 'do it'? I QUICKLY pinch myself hard and VERY SURPRISINGLY it hurt. ( I can still feel that pinch) As they are moving in, they each tilt their head to the side.. But both to the same side. As they 'go in for the kill' SMACK they bump heads, it's quite a hard, solid thud.

It obviously hurts as the both say ‘ahhh’ and reach for their head giving it a rub. 'Angel' and I try to contain ourselves but can't help bursting out into hysterical laughter, we quickly calm ourselves down, apologising for laughing at them. They tell us both if we want to see this, we shouldn't laugh at them. We both apologetically agree, giggling yet genuinely trying not to, it really seemed to excite us both even more. Guess it just tied in with the initial fantasy, two men kissing, leaves them very exposed and vulnerable, especially in this sort of context.

Stephen tells us, that if we have finished laughing at them, they can get ‘back to business’.

"Yep ok ok we won't laugh again", we quickly shout out.

Stephen smiles then reaches out and grabs 'Angels' husbands face, I assume to make it easy to find this time and UREKA.

Fuck, its like watching the moon landing or something and as their lips finally connect. I try to stop myself but can't and shout out, “HOUSTON, The eagle has landed.”

We all lost it. Was pretty funny, love it when things seem to be set up for my twisted, witty punch lines. The guys didn't even let it interpret them more than just a quick laugh. They start to kiss again.


It is sooooooo HOT, HOT, HOT. I can't move. I can't even blink, again mesmerized by what my eyes are seeing. They are kissing each other with such tenderness, it is soo sensual, they are slowly moving their hands up and down each others’ bodies. As I see each hand move over the bare flesh its like I can feel what it feels like, as they grab each others butt, I have an urge to scream out FUCK YEA.

But I CAN'T.

I feel like I can't do or say ANYTHING more to interrupt this moment, to the point that I literally can't move a muscle. Most of their nerves and inhibitions seem to have melted away and just for a few moments they allow themselves to get lost in the moment.

Then in a split second I know it's all over as their cocks lightly tap against each other, like two knights locking swords during a battle.

This made them both jump back and instantly we can tell, makes them nervous, uneasy and a little bit uncomfortable. It seems to be enhanced as they obviously remember we are watching. They both make the cutest body/facial movements. Looking so vulnerable, innocent, scared, nervous, yet we can tell, still a little bit exited but unsure if they can even let themselves’ feel that way.

They are standing there with 'everything' on the 'table'. Butt naked they just look so vulnerable. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKEN SEXY.

I don't think I have been more aroused. I realize that standing in front of me now are two of the sexiest, strongest men I have ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on.

I realise it really has nothing to do with what they look like but the fact that they are strong enough to bare their souls to us. Even if it wasn’t exactly their cup of tea, willing to make that sacrifice to arouse little old me. Basically laying everything on the line.

I then remember 'Angel' is sitting next to me, I wonder how she feels? I turn and look at her and the look on her face said pretty much the same as me. Again we seem to talk without saying a word and both get off the couch crawling toward our own husband.

At the same time we both grab their now slightly soft cocks in our hand and it seems to catch them by surprise.

I wonder if Stephen knows it’s me straight away, my hand touching him? As I move closer to his cock I quickly 'wet the whistle' and open my mouth. As soon as Stephen cock touches my tongue, it's like he instantly knows it is me. I'm lucky I didn't have it further in my mouth, as the rate it doubled surely would have choked me.

The fact that he reacted to my touch with such enthusiasm makes me suck on his now fairly hard cock in the same manner. I can very clearly feel every bump and vein just on the inside of my lips. I notice the warmth coming off of his cock heating up my mouth. The noises and sounds he is making let me know, all of those previous nerves have again melted away and he is enjoying himself.

Up and down my lips move slowly and sensually down his cock as it take it in and out of my mouth. All the while sucking, licking and slurping away like I'm eating a mango gelato, at the beach, on a hot summers day.

I then quickly look to my right, remembering we weren't alone and see 'Angel' giving her husband the same 'Royal' treatment. As I see his cock disappear between her lips I think to myself, 'where does it go'? I know where it goes but it just seems to disappear like 'magic'. Maybe that's why I named her 'Angel'.

This is soooooo fucken arousing.

I chuckle to myself and my excited attention turns back to Stephen. I look at him, wish I could see his gorgeous blue eyes but at the same time glad I can't because I would probably just be embarrassed as hell. He knows I was watching them, as his right hand is behind my head. He gives me this smile I've never seen before, it is VERY CHEEKY.

He then softly put firmly pushes my head towards his now pulsing cock, this sort of annoys me yet turns me on at the same time. I shove his cock in my mouth and although I know he would have to already be on the verge of exploding his load I go at it quite hard and fast. He then lets out the loudest moan I've ever heard him make and I feel a hand on my right shoulder. “Settle down Hun, the show isn’t over yet”.

This makes me jump, as it caught me by surprise.

I look up and standing over me is one of the sexiest women on this planet with the most devilish smile.

I pause for a moment and think about how truly lucky her husband is, that this amazing, beautiful woman chose to share her life..herself with him.

Then it hits me, she is offering that same loving gift to us.

Letting us in for just a moments pleasure, but sharing part of herself and her husband with us all the same. I think it is this concept, for me, that makes this experience sooo FUCKEN MIND BLOWING.

As she is standing there looking absolutely stunning. It isn't that she is perfect, the complete opposite actually.

It's the fact that she can stand there, bare, not a thing on her entire body. I guess sort of exposed, bearing all of her curves, bumps, lumps and scars, every flaw that makes her human. Each one making me think about the story that lies hidden behind it. Essentially she is standing there TRUSTING ME with EVERY SINGLE THING, that she would normally hate and try and hid about her body.

But at this moment and place in time, she seems carefree and fearless. Truly lost in the experience we were all sharing, FREE, from societies pressures, expectations, judgements and persecutions. I think to myself that this could quite possibly be the first time in her entire life she has allowed herself to let go and just experience a moment.

She then grabs my attention by a smack on my right bum cheek and quite hard. Hard enough that it’s actually throbbing. She laughed and said 'that was for earlier'. Then looks me dead in the eyes and whispers in the sexiest voice, "May I"? I knew exactly what she was talking about. How could I say no to this AMAZING woman bearing her soul and boobs (lolol) to me?.?. Without another, look or word exchanged we basically swap places.

So there I am standing naked in front of this nameless man. At least I had something to call 'Angel'. I started to think about her loss of inhibition and suddenly started to feel extremely nervous, standing there, exposing all of those flaws. Damn my head. I wish it would just SHUT UP sometimes. I then realise, he is probably just as scared as I am.

And 'click' like a switch my mind kindly becomes a passive observer again.

I whisper "hello" once more in his ear and instantly he knows I'm not 'Angel', his breathing starts to become rapid and a bit erratic, just like before. This instantly makes me feel better as it again confirms he also has fears. I then decide to tell him how hot I think his wife is and how lucky he is. Hearing me talk about her and describe her amazing features he knows so well definitely puts him at ease and actually quite arouses him, as his cock again becomes hard, pressing into my leg.

I remember Stephen is right there and as I move my hands down this mysterious mans chest towards his cock. I look to my left and see 'Angel' open her mouth and ever so gently place Stephens cock between her lips, with her left hand firmly gripping around it's base. The facial expressions Stephen makes, are sooo different. His cock sort of goes a bit soft as if knowing its not me and trying to tell Stephen not to do it. That is sooooo fucken hot.

'Angel' catches me watching out the corner of her eye. With my husbands cock in her hand and mouth, she just gives me this biggest grin which oddly looks so FUCKEN SEXY.

I then turn back to the man before me, get down on my knees, when I notice someone put a pillow there for me to kneel on. Ohhhh SOOOO thoughtful, it actually makes me so wet. I swear I'm dripping down my leg. I put my knees on this soft pillow and grab the cock that's been just standing to attention, right next to me, patiently waiting for any attention that might come its way.

I have the same effect as 'Angel' did on Stephen and it’s like his cock is unsure if its allowed to play. Instantly recognizing its not her touch. At that exact moment 'Angel' screams out, "FUCKEN LOVE YOU BABE".

As soon as he hears this, its like his cock got the green light and started pulsing it was that hard. I move my head back a bit and it looks like it was just staring at me now. I again move towards him and as his cock is about to enter my mouth, I quickly lick my lips. His cock is so warm and throbbing in my hand. As I place my lips around this hot, chunk of meat and my tongue starts to circle his knob, I taste his pre-cum.

'Angel' says is such an assertive voice, OK FELLAS, TAKE YOUR BLIND FOLDS OFF, NOW.

Both off there hands instantly fly up to their face.

They slowly start to slide up these tiny, nylon, pieces of material, only held in place all this time by two pieces of elastic and VERY STRONG WILL. Hindering some of the amazing visual stimulations I've enjoyed, yet adding such mystery. It definitely heightened my excitement and allowed me to let go of my worries about how my body might look to another man.

Ahhh do I really want them to even lift away these amazing pieces of fabric?

At that moment they take off their blindfolds high enough that their eyes are now revealed, I connect eyes with Stephen, 'Angel' and then look up at the man who owns the cock that’s now in my mouth.

As my eyes move up his body I am sooooo scared.

I wish I had a pair of sunnies on or something, so I can see him, without him seeing me.

Ahhhh as I get to his face, my eyes slow their movements towards his eyes. As if I'm telling them to look at him but they are just so scared they resist. My heart is beating so hard I can not only hear it, but my wet pussy pulses in-tune with the beat.

As our eyes finally connect, he looks deep into mine, with these kind, sexy eyes.

A split second is all I need to know all of my worries and fears have been for nothing. In fact I’m pretty sure we are all going to have a great fucking night or a great night fucking.

And BANG…….

Everything goes white and I wake up sweaty, alone and very fucken horny.


P.s. Sorry if that was an anti-climax but how do you think I felt... LMAO