Written by Melbcpl2

12 Nov 2013

The morning after

Is was 9am and I awoke to Maddy standing in the door way to our room asking " do you know where Karen is i really want my breakfast and she has to cook,"

Good morning Maddy, sorry I am not sure where Karen is but if I see her I will send her your way." I said in my most sarcastic voice.

I can't believe maddy, how demanding she knows that Karen was as drunk as last night and had even said she wouldn't be up before 10.

Little did she know that Karen had spent the night with me and Brian.

Maddy shrugged her shoulders and stormed out of the cabin, I then had to look around to see if Karen was still in bed with us, nope she was gone.

Then I heard the shower start to run, ah she must have just slipped out before Maddy came in. The sound of the water running made me need to jump up and find the toilet. It was located in the bathroom with the shower and after last night I didn't think she would mind if I snuck in for a quick tinkle.

I knocked as I entered and said its just me Karen need the toilet. She replied "of course go for it."

I couldn't help but to have a chat with her while on the toilet, more to deown out the sound of me going to the toilet than a chat.

"your sister was just here looking for you, she seemed upset that you weren't cooking her breakfast" I said

"yeh she is very impactiant, she always makes me cook breakfast when we are away" Karen replied.

She then opened the shower door and said, " when your finished there come and jump in and we can chat some more.

I caught a view of her body for the first time in the light, wow she was stunning, she is about 5'8 with blonde hair, A cup breasts and a taught body,

Many hours at the gym, not musellie but not a roll of skin anywhere. I was a bit stunned by the view I received, and even more stunned by the invitation to join heri n the shower, Karen said " are you ok, you look like a dear in the head lights"

"Sorry Karen just got lost for a minute" I replied.

I thought for a second and said what the hell I have shared my boyfriend with her why not a shower.

I then got up and headed straight for the shower, "wow your in a hurry" Karen said "couldn't wait a secound longer for a shower or for me"

" to be honest it was you" I said as we embraced in the shower the warm water rained down on the two of us, we broke only enough for Karen to kiss me on the lips and say "I was hoping you would join me we didn't get much time together last night".

She then turned me around and wrapped her arms around me and started to nibble my ear while. The feel of her smooth skin on my back and her hands now cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples. "I can't believe I am here" I said "until last night I had never been with a girl let alone a threesome"

"mmmm a virgin" she replied and then slipped he hand down my body and cupped my now moist mound.

The nerves that I felt when I hearded to the show where now gone and the sensation of her holding me like a comfy pair of undies took over. She does make me fell good. She slowly parted my lips and massaged my now wanting clit, I slid my hand up between our bodies and returned the favor the two of us there enjoying the pleasure of what only can be described as a sensual warm moment. Her mouth now devouring my neck her fingers exploring my womanhood. I could feel the thickness of her pleasure juices now covering my fingers. Mmmm I became lost the the the sensation and had forgotten about my boyfriend lying in the bed in the next room. I started a deep moan, a moan that I had never known before. Karen was relentless. Continuing to raise my excitement, higher and higher, my moans became louder and louder. I could hear her breath in my ear starting to get shallow , almost a pant. This only encouraged my attention on her pussy now slipping one finger in her and rubbing her clit at the same time. My moans now as loud as a freight train, Karen now joining me in my moaning. I didn't notice the door open on the shower as I came over Karen hand. Brian was standing there watching as we both came.

As I regained my sensors I looked up at Brian with a guilty look apron my face. "Nice, very nice" Brian commented " now that was a wonderful show girls, I could watch that again and again"

I turned and kissed Karen, then whispered in her ear, "I could do that again and again"

Brian now standing naked with his dick now facing straight up like a flag pole.

Karen had an idea.

She stepped out of the shower dropped to her knees and swallowed his dick to the base. Brian's eyes showed the gratitude of her attention.

Karen's pussy now facing me and the look on Brian's face told me what my next move was. I too stepped out of the shower and joined Karen at the crotch of my boyfriend. Karen and I shared Brian'scock, our two tongues licking the length of his cock then back. we then started a kissing motion, out lips touching, his cock dividing, sliding back and forth.

We kissed and sucked his cock.

"Now this I can get used to" Brian remarked like a king pronouncing a declaration.

Karen then stood up turned around and presented her now dripping pussy to my man while I was still sucking on his most wonderful cock. I guided his cock into her never letting go even when he was deep onsite her.

I massaged his balls has he slid his cock in and out of her wanting pussy.

Karen turned back at me and said your turn.

We swapped positions and Karen slipped her head between my legs as Brian entered me for the first time I felt her hair brush over my pussy as she positioned herself. The moment her tongue hit my clit I was in heaven again. She licked as he stroked in and out, Brian now holding me by the hair dragging my head up. He thrusted she licked, my mind traveled to that place, you know that place, the place where everything is well just too good. Brian's swollen cock wanting to split me open, continued to pound at my cervix.

He was close, never one to hold back when he was about to cum. Thrusted hard and deep and filled me with his passion. Karen was now fingering her pussy. As I watched from above. I wanted her pussy once more and slid my self off Brian and pushed Karen to the floor. I licked her mound and she mine the cum now dripping on her as she and I lapped up the love juices from each other.

We soon too found our selves cumming

Falling in a heap on the bathroom floor.