Written by A and B

21 Jul 2012

Me and B went into a room and closed the door behind us cutting off the noise of the party. B was wearing a tiny dress barely covering her ass and showing plenty of cleavage and before too long her dress as well as my clothes were off and on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed and one leg at a time B sat over me, her swollen lips slightly opening expectant of my cock as it now throbbed for her. She lent back and slowly put my cock in her, she was so wet as my cock now slipped in completely. Her ass cheeks bounced as I held them and she sped up, suddenly the door opened and we both looked up to see an embarrassed older man standing there who quickly apologized. To my complete amazement after saying no worries B then asked him to join us and he agreed very quickly.

Walking around to the side of the bed he rubbed his cock through his trousers and the bulge was quite impressive, B continued to slide up and down my cock as he then released his. He pulled his cock out and slowly rubbed it looking at B riding me. Within a minute he started to fondle her ass as his foreskin rolled back and forth over his hard cock in his hand. My cock was now aching inside B as her breasts bounced in my face. The older man then slowly moved behind B and I opened my legs to allow him closer to her, he was still rubbing her with one hand and himself with the other. I felt something lightly touch the bottom of my shaft as I looked up and he was now holding her ass with both hands.

As my cock continued to ache in B she lent back, her stomach now stretched and her tits up high she began to fondle his cock within a minute she had dropped his cock and to my pleasure started to gently rub my balls as they sat tight waiting to explode. Then I felt something push against me just below her hand, something lot thicker than her fingers, it was his cock sitting there hard pushed against me and looking up at B's smile she knew exactly what was going on.

His cock pushed harder against me and then I felt the soft head begin to push into me, I felt it slide in very slowly followed by the rock hard shaft. My cock throbbed harder inside B now as his cock throbbed in my ass, I could feel it throbbing, growing and tensing as it slid in and out of me. I held onto B's tits now as she bounced up and down on me harder wanting my cum. Just as I was about to explode he groaned, he pulled his cock out and as it twitched in his hand I watched him shoot a load which sprayed over B's backside and up her back followed by at least two more huge sprays, seeing this I tensed for a final time before shooting a huge load myself right into B as my cock still slid into her wet pussy now soaked with my cum. Within a couple of minutes the older man had thanked us and left the room, we didn't see him again but the party was well worth showing up to.