Written by bi couple

24 Oct 2011

a few weeks ago, we introduced a lady friend of ours to the joys of a mff 3some, and anal fun, so when she rang and said could we meet again I was all to happy to say yes, and even more so when I opened the door on the day arranged to let her in, Kay had another lady with her, this set me back, but as they walked in , both stripped of and sat down, as before we are nudist and so is Kay, Ally was introduced and we chatted, turned out Kay and her had chatted after our last get together,, and Ally was in much the same situation, with a hubby who wasnt doing much with her, and wanted to watch and maybe join in, saying the anal fun sounded great, whilst grabbing a drink Kay said she had told Ally to douche and prepare just in case mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could life be much better, but how was I going to handle 3 ladies, so a quick phone call to Frank and things looked better,, I didnt mention my phone call to the girls

Kay going down on my cock and guiding allys hand to it as well, Sue lay under Kay for some pussy juice, after a short while I took them to the bedroom, and lay ally down licking her clit as I did, Kay sat over her mouth and introced ally to eating pussy, sue sucked my cock mmmmmmm, before long my cock wanted fresh pussy, so I slid deep in ally first go, her wet pussy taking my cock easy, sue went around to give kay some thing to eat, with a laugh I later said mmmm 3 pussys would be nice all in a row, and lined the girls up on the edge of the bed, going from one to another wetting my cock in each to the max,

Kay then said about the strapon, and grabbed it looking at ally as she did, I wasnt sure who she was going to fuck with it, but soon saw the 10 inch vib hidding in allys pussy, I gave sue a good fucking watching these two ladies play, soon swapping and once mre fucking ally doggy, I glanced over and saw frank naked at the door, as I told him to do, earlier, walking behind ally his cock sticking out I moved and let him ram his 8 inchs of hard meat deep in her, she jumped and realised some thing was differnt, looking back to see frank now pounding her hard,,I went around and pushed my cock in her mouth before she said hello, we carried on like that for awhile, both fucking the girls one after another, whilst they played with one another and us, Kay then said, my turn and lubed her arse looking at me with a sly smile, my cock sliped in, and felt the warmth of her bowels wrapped around it, sue then got Frank to fuck her arse, leaving ally to watch as the girls had orgasmy after orgasmy, my cock was about ready to blow, so i slid out resting for awhile ,

when I saw ally lube her butt, never one to miss a chance I slipped in slowly and gently, her body and arse, tightening up as my cock entered new grounds, her arse muscles relaxed around my cock as it went all the way in, her body went limp as my cock pounded her arse at a speed I never thought she would take, frank and the girls watching in aww as ally had orgasmy after orgasmy, bigger and bigger each time, at one time a huge squirt erupted from ally, surprising her and me, finnally taking my cock past the point of no return, ream after ream of hot sticky cum lined her arse, my poor limp cock slipping out gracefully, ally was still on a high as franks cock took over , pounding her deeper than me and faster,

sue and kay busy eating one another, that looked good, my cock finding a warm mouth to bring it back to life, when frank and ally hit one huge high note, and wham, water went ever where as ally had a huge squirt and frank also exploded deep in her butt. ally was limp, laying in a puddle cum running out of her enlarged hole, franks cock now looking like it needed a well earned rest, which it wasnt going to get heheheh continued,