Written by 2drty30s

3 Apr 2011

We had a night off from the kids and wanted to make the most of it. The Mrs told me she would like my mate to join me for a night of making a mess of her pussy, as she had not had two cocks for a while, and was really missing it.

My mate Mick could'nt make it so I took my wife to a popular Bistro and had a nice peaceful meal. Suddenly she said, "fuck, I wish Mick was here so you could both take me home and fuck me". She had only had two and a half wines and she had me wanting to do her with someone else now and we headed to the local Leagues Club and started on a pokie when i noticed a group of 12 Business men attending a dinner. I asked my wife which one of the 12 suits she liked the look of. She scanned the room for a minute and pronounced "the two at the bar would look great in me".

After a little dirty talk our coin had dried up in that machine so i walked to the Bar for drinks as she found another pokie to play.

At the bar I was so excited when the two fellas she had picked earlier were right behind me talking about finding a chick who would be a slut for them for the night. I turned and said "I know a chick who will let you both take her home and trash her like a cheap whore". I told them it was my wife who was keen to be their slut. They agreed to join us for drinks.

As I handed my wife her drink she noticed our 2 new friends. With excitement in her voice, she introduced herself. One stud, Craig, offered for him and his mate Troy to grab a table so we could chat for a bit, see where we were at. The Mrs straight up said "I hope you are boys are gonna thrash me". Troy jumped up and took her hand and sat her between him and Craig. Craig threw his arm around her and said "this is your lucky night " pulling her into him and slightly turning her towards Troy who grabbed her right ankle and firmly shoved it aside whilst Craig tucked her other leg against the bench seat back rest which all of a sudden had her facing Troy, her legs well opened enough for him to see her shaven pussy. She really posted the invite by moving her foot well wide and sat it on my knee under the table. She snuggled back into craigs side as Troy wasted no time sliding his hand up her dress. He nudged closer to my wife till she gasped and he said "Craig mate, 3 fingers just went straight up her and there is still room for more".

I could'nt resist telling these fellas how she loves her pussy being stretched wide open while another bloke stands back and watches her cunt being filled and pulled apart. At that moment Craig reached over and hiked her dress up, pulled her pussy lips apart while Troy calmly but firmly worked his 4 fingers into her. After watching her moan and slowly gyrate on troys fingers for about five minutes, i leaned across the table to ask her if she would like to be fist fucked right now in the middle of the club, Troy chuckled and said "too late mate, i've already got it in her up to my wrist".

I quickly sat back and watched my Mrs sprawled over these two guys we met only 40 minutes ago. With her pussy full of this strangers fist, I had a major naughty thought. I handed her a vodka and said "you better down this baby cause you are going under the table for a little while". She opened her eyes and looked at me with a wicked glazed slutty look. She took her drink and downed it in one gulp as she wriggled around on Troys fist.

A minute later Troy took his fist out of her slowly and I saw her juices glistening on his hand. She slipped off her seat straight under the table. Craig handed her his empty beer bottle saying it would seem a shame to waste the wetness of your pussy! She shoved it straight up her pussy, the whole way, in one easy, slow, solid push. Troy and Craig both got comfy undoing their zippers, my slutty wife was straight onto Craigs cock, she was locked on for a good 10 minutes whilst Troy looked on tweaking her nipples.

All of a sudden Craig moaned and fell back into his chair with his eyes closed. I could hear the sloppy sound her pussy was making while she fucked herself with the beer bottle. Craig leant over the table saying to me, "mate, your mrs is the sexiest, naughtiest women i have ever met. She had her mouth locked onto my cock,sucking it till it was hard as fuck then draining every single drop. That has to be the best blow job I've ever had."

Then Troy moaned, "ohh fuck yeah, she's on me down to my nuts and just holding it there".

I nearly came in my pants there and then when Troy looked at me and said, "Watch her drain the cum from my nuts"! With that he blew down her throat. He tensed up and kind of growled softly as she swallowed all his juice. My wife stood up, looked to both the boys and said, "so boys, where are we going cause I need you to both fist my hungry cunt till i cum all over you. To be continued........