9 Oct 2019

We had arrived, trailer attached, at the remote rural property to buy a well-used set of pasture harrows. It was a lovely warm spring day with all the beauty spring brings with it.

We had phoned ahead for directions and so the couple that was selling them to us was waiting near the harrows, a tractor and a sitting at a nearby old, heavy wooden picnic table when we arrived.

As we stopped I noticed that she was wearing a pair of tight white linen slacks tight up against her pussy and with a black zip down the front that disappeared between her legs. I have to say I didn’t notice much more as those white pants and zip had all my attention. Still in front of the car she came towards my side to greet me and he shifted towards the passenger side of the car where my wife was.

My wife, Christine was out, closing the door, a bit before me and went forward to meet him. I was a bit slower out and as I walked up to the lady I saw in my periphery and to my utter amazement Christine was greeting him by putting one hand in his pants shaking, fondling and pulling his cock instead of his hand . The other arm around his shoulders in a close hug. His hand was going down the front of her stretchy but very close fitting Yoga pants He stooped a little to reach in, as she leaned back and spread her knees a bit to give him better access, WTF. I saw this in my periphery vision because I was still very focused on her white pants.

My brain was still trying to process what I had seen but alas it was to become more confused because while I walked up towards and her she slid the black zip down the front of her pants then well between her legs. She then proffered her hand at my cock. My fingers fumbled my fly and in frustration and in a bit of a daze I dropped my pants to my knees. “I’m Sue she said in a pleasant tone as her slightly cool hands gently rearranged my tackle and sweetly started to pull on me. “I, I am Alan” I stuttered as my hand reached out and my fingers curled into her warm and definitely wet pussy. With a slight flex of the knees she thrust her pussy forward allowing my two smaller fingers to caress her clit and the other two getting moist while gently exploring her folds and entrance. We hugged in a very friendly fashion with our free arms.

After about half a minute, out of the corner of my eye I saw Christine and Ted, as I was to find out later, separate with relaxed and comfortable smiles on their faces. Christine pulling her yoga pants up neat and with a just hint of camel toe and Ted reaching well back between his legs to re-zip. He must have had the bad experience that many of have had getting caught as he was slow and careful closing it.

Sue released me, reached between her legs to the oversize zipper pull and sensually reclosed her pants. Staring dumbly I struggled to pull my pants up over my arse and my now rigid cock to tuck my shirt in. Caught staring I looked away and I noted that Ted’s pants also bulged a lot and had a large pull tag on the zip that went to the small of his back. WTF.

In my now stunned daze for a second I thought I might have to do the same greeting to Ted but he turned toward the harrows so apparently not.

Still shaking my head in wonderment and my thoughts in a fog we then gathered near the pasture harrows. Christine introduced Ted and I introduced Sue. A bit of history about the harrows, a little bit of haggling and we agreed on the purchase and the price.

Sue and I moved to the close end of the picnic table to finalize the sale using our phones to do the money transfer. I was trying to concentrate thus only partially aware of what Ted and Christine at the other end of the table were up to. As Sue and I finished our transaction we found Christine on the table, her yoga pants hooked on one leg and both legs in the air. She was making good happy pleasure noises as a serenely smiling Ted unhurriedly slid his cock in and out of her.

I am bloody gobsmacked at this point. Dumbfounded. This is definitely not normal behavior for Christine and in fact very far from it. WTF.

While I am trying to assimilate what is going on Sue undoes her zip all the way round, uses her arms to sit up on the table and folds her legs back near her ears. Her eyes and smile are shouting “hurry up” .

Still with absolutely no understanding of what is going on, I am clearly presented with two options, Pussy or arse, I have no knowledge of the option Christine received and was enjoying so immensely but I did wonder.

Clearly this choice is mine.

I grab hold of my now steel hard cock to aim accurately and ……….. I wake up. Hard , panting, confused but now awake.

And I still don’t know which I chose.

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