23 Jun 2015

I was managing a large sales company about 4 years ago, and had a large team of males and females working for me. One of my sales ladies happened to blurt out to me one day how another one had the hots for me and wanted to do bad things with me. I laughed this off in a dismissive way in front of her, but my attention had been aroused.

Leanne was blonde, short (as am I) cute and voluptuous, and now my thought were what to do. Being married I needed to be careful, so I proceeded with caution. Leanne was also living with a long term partner.

The next evening I was working back after work in my office, most of the staff had left and Leanne walked into my office. She said she needed to talk to me, which certainly got my attention! She said she had an erotic dream about me, and had I realised she had been avoiding me. No I said, but tell me about the dream!

She blushed and said 'well we were in a shower together .....'

'and .....' I said.

'Well, you fucked me nice and hard' she exclaimed!

My cock was rock hard under the desk, and wanting to move the conversation on said 'well, if you and I were in a shower together, I would fuck you nice and hard!'

She seemed in shock, realising her advances had worked. 'So, you like me' she said?

'I have had a very strong attraction to you for a long time' I said.

She then said, 'I have always wanted to know what you would be like naked'.

With that I pushed my chair back, checked to make sure everyone had left the office, and undid my pants and pulled them down to reveal my thick hard cock.

'Ohh she said, it's bigger than I imagined!'

She moved over and grabbed my cock and squeezed it, then started pulling up and down.

She was wearing a business suit, and I said, I think you should show me yours now.

She undid her blouse, and took off her bra to expose a super massive magnificent set of tits. 'They're bigger than I imagined!' I said.

She moved forward and I took her nipple in my mouth and we groped and felt each other. I had a chair in my office with no arms and I hoped up and took off my pants fully. Then I undid Leanne's pants and felt her soft, moist wet pussy with my fingers, entering her slowly as she sighed.

I leaned in and licked her wet juices, and then sat her on my cock on the chair. She wiggled and thrust up and down on my hard meat sword, and within seconds she moaned as she came for the first time. We were like animals, so hungry to devour each other. Her orgasm continued until pretty much she came again straight away, and she moaned she had been fantasising about me for so long and finally we were together.

This sent me over the edge and I filled her pussy with my hot love lava, I felt the orgasm with at least ten spurts, I was so randy and had the sex machine sitting on my lap pounding down on me. Our juices were soon running all down my legs.

We kissed passionately, deeply and with lots of tongue.

'There are so many more things I want to do with you' she said, 'but I need to go home now'.

'We will do everything at another time, I promise' I said, thinking of all the wonderful things I wanted to do to her. Her lips were so soft and tender, and I could imagine my cock slipping inside them, she would send me over the edge immediately!

We cleaned up and left the office, kissing at the back door before stepping outside.

The next morning Leanne hadn't turned up for work and I wondered where she was.

The next thing I got a phone call from her partner, Eric, saying she had told him what had happened and he wanted to see me or else the cat would be out of the bag. He sounded angry ...

To be continued.