24 Jun 2015

After receiving Eric’s call, I felt sick in the stomach. I had been caught out big time and now had to go and face the music. I got in my car and headed towards where he and Leanne lived, and wondered how did he find out? Why would Leanne actively pursue me then go and tell? More fool me I guess.

When I arrived at their house I was so nervous as I walked to the front door, waiting for an angry man to abuse and physically attack me. I wasn’t too concerned about this as I could handle myself pretty well, but was ready to give an unreserved apology and also indicate that I was weak and gave into my urges as Leanne had instigated the whole interlude.

I knocked and Eric came to the door, unlocking it and said come in, we need to talk. He looked angry (with good reason as I had fucked his long term partner the previous evening) and led me to the living room where Leanne was sitting on a couch. Eric showed me the lounge and pointed for me to sit there which I did, then he sat in another chair across the room.

Eric began, ‘so, Leanne came home last night, and she was really randy, and took me in the bedroom and we had the best sex we have ever had! Then when we were done, I had a shower and she came in and started again with me, and we had even better shower sex.’

He continued as my thoughts of him fucking Leanne made my cock begin to harden, ‘After we were finished and in bed together, she mentioned we should expand our horizons and wondered if I would be open to having a 3some. I said maybe but who would we invite as it isn’t something you just go up someone and ask. She mentioned you, and said she thought you would be interested. Then she blurted out that she had fucked you in the office earlier and that is why she was so horny and the three of us together would be mind blowing.’

Leanne then piped up and said ‘sorry, I was so randy and after fucking you both realised I had to have both of you at the same time!’

‘God, I was waiting for Eric to knife or shoot me!’ I exclaimed. ‘I am very sorry by the way.’

‘I got over it, and also thank you as I got the best sex of my life!’ Eric said.

With that, he got up and left the room. Leanne looked at me with her vixen stare and smiled. ‘Where did he go?’ I said.

‘You’ll find out soon enough’ she said. With that, she stood up and grabbed my hand and led me to the room where Eric had disappeared. It was the main bedroom with a king sized bed and ensuite, and I heard the shower running. So that was where Eric had disappeared to.

Things were about to get interesting as I had a surprise myself for this randy couple.