16 Feb 2017

You can keep route 66 i love driving in australia....an offer to good to refuse and pretty soon in fueling up....i met sam in melbourne bout six months ago long blonde leggy sexy bi very bright and funny and she lives in mackay with kirsty and somehow we'd not managed to get together till last week the go pro was on and the miles rolled with some merry melodies. ...typical two girls house stereo wall hangings some nice nude art rugs a million and cables everywhere...kirsty opened the door stood back an " hi you must be blah blahed me kissed my cheek....nice "would you like a drink " love one what your having"and sam burst in tanned fit and big smile "lets have a beer outside"girls have better gsrdens than me and i sprawled in a chair and took in my surrounds and kirsty ...darker than sam lithe lovely and amazing green eyes curly brown hair ....music stopped of course and kirsty got up and put on some alan parsons sam said watch this when she comes back and then beckoned her over and kissed her pushed her hands up under her shirt to her breasts and gave her a look hoisted her skirt pulled over her chair and pecked her lips and clit making smacko noises i gulped just one more mouthfull of that sweet nectar and realised how private we were ...there is something very beautiful and poetic almost when to women make love ...the way they talk and murmer is sweet and innocent and truly hot ...kirsty was stroking sam's ears and pulling her top and runner ng her hands all over her back sams was sucking her quite hard and releasing her noisily and kirsty was swaying to the music and sam's movements i took off my crocs and shorts and moved behind kirsty my piece high against the back of her skirt moving in time to the loud music i lowered myself and pushed forward against that incredible warm wetness untill i could feel sams chin ...kirsty was moaning now and sam was taking my big glans and alternately kissing or sucking kirsty .......