28 Jun 2016

I haven 't written here for quite awhile. Earlier this year towards the end of summer, magnificent Saturday morning ,cloudless sky, Anne and I were naked having breakfast when she said "what do you want to do today?" No idea was my reply. The phone rang, it was our friends Marty and his wife Ellie, we have been swinging with these two for a long time. Marty said We are off to the Noosa North shore for the day, there is room in the car for you two. I said to Ann, Marty and Ellie are going up the beach, there is room for us, they will be here in an hour. Anne's eyes lit up , she loves Marty's cock I have watched her suck it and fuck it before. Yes came the answer, Marty said "I heard that".

Mad scramble packed the Esky. Wasn't long heard the 4x4 pull up , in they walked Marty in floral loose fitting shorts his cock visible swinging free under the thin fabric, Ellie wearing a sarong ,nothing else, as she walked in sarong flowing open exposing a freshly shaved pussy, a pussy I have sucked and fucked many times. Anne walked into the kitchen gave Marty hug and kiss, her hand brushing against his cock, I saw movement in his shorts, Marty had a nice feel of Annes hot hard nipples as they parted. Ellie gave me an open mouth pash pushing those adorable big tits against me I gave them a gentle squeeze as she felt my now semi hard cock through my shorts.

We all got in to the 4x4 proceeded ,Marty and me in the front the girls int he back, we chatted away, I couldn't help noticing Ellie's legs were parted i was looking at the smoothest most beautiful pussy so hot. Anne s nipples rock hard through her singlet. Marty adjusted the rear view mirror to have a look , Anne flashed her tits and Ellie spread her legs wide open beautiful view. Ellie started playing with her pussy Anne tweeking her nipples all this in broad daylight driving through town, loved it .Marty and I were hard as rocks.

We get to the barge pay the fare , as we go across the Noosa River the assistant was walking around between the cars as he approached Ellie opened her legs he got an eye full of beautiful pussy. The look on his face, loved it.

We drove on to the beach finally found a secluded section, we pitched the marquee parked the 4x4 to block the view of passing vehicles. We all stripped off had savouries few drinks , Ellie started putting on 30 plus so I said Ill do your back. I started applying the lotion all over her back down the sides brushing her beautiful tits, she said may as well do the front. I began rubbing her tits ,shoulders thighs legs. I heard moaning and slurping sounds I looked over here is Anne devouring Marty's rock hard cock she had it all down her throat Marty was moaning. Ellie looked over said mmmmmm nice ,she grabbed my throbbing cock started sucking it so nice both cocks being sucked .I watched Anne expertly suck Marty it looks so hot so erotic watching my baby suck cock and fuck it.

Before long I was sucking Ellie adorable smooth pussy as I drank her flowing pussy juice I glanced over to see Marty's big cock disappearing into Annes wet dripping pussy Marty was really giving her a good fucking,so hot.

Marty had Anne in the doggy position and I had Ellie in the missionary position allowing the girls to suck each others tits while being fucked.

We fucked and fucked. and sucked before we all had earth shattering orgasms. We eventually went home Marty and Ellie stayed the night. What a night ........now thats another story.

Bring on summer.