18 Apr 2019

We arrived at “Aarows” just before 9pm, After dropping our stuff into the lockers and heading into the darkness upstairs, our eyes took a bit to adjust to the darker surroundings, but as we Stood near the cage, watching some girl take on so many guys.

Men were near us but were keeping some distance. I could make them out but as it was dark it was a bit difficult to see.

Shona turned to me, she pulled me close and whispered into my ear, 'Would you mind Babe if I stood here alone? it will make me feel more available if you are not next to me. You won’t be far, I will be safe.'

“Ok baby, have fun, I could do with going to the loo anyway.” With that I left and went to the loo. I took a quick look back and saw that she had moved, standing but now not alone, Shona was instantly surrounded by many men.

I took my time at the loo, and then I wandered around "Aarows" looking about, watching horny various acts. It was always really interesting. After about 20 minutes I decided to sneak back to Shona and check out any action, if there was any. I was instantly excited with what I saw. Shona was laid back on a couch, she had her legs spread and her eyes closed.. Her top fully opened, bra pushed up. Some guy was feeling her up.

This guy had his right arm around Shona's shoulders holding her right hand. His left hand was massaging her breasts and squeezing one nipple as he sucked the other.

I moved nearer to them and closely watched the attention she was being given, there was quite a crowd building. The lucky guy looked up at the crowd and the dirty bastard smiled....

He then went back to sucking her breast. Shona was really lost in her thoughts. She was obviously deep into some fantasy. She was squirming in her seat quietly under the strangers roaming hands.

Another second guy moved in, he reached around the first guy and slid his hand up Shona's thigh, not quite able to access her pussy. The first guy was fully erect and clearly wanted more of my Shona. He lifted Shona as though she was a toy and moved her up onto his knees.

He pulled up her skirt and pushed her knickers down, immediately starting to finger fuck her. Shona's writhed on the digital penetration and she groaned; she obviously loved this rough horny treatment. I moved closer to try to get a better view of what she was doing but couldn't quite see everything, so I pushed through the sea of cocks, to near the front and sat on the end of the couch.

A second guy now had her by the hair and was pulling her head backwards and massaging his cock length across her cheeks. With Shona then opening her mouth, he began fucking her pretty face. Now and then she would gasp for breath as his cock pulled out, but on the inward thrust his cock was obviously going to deep into her throat.

Just then the first guy stood up and turned Shona sideways, he lined himself up behind Shona, he lifted her, so her feet were well off the floor and her cunt was made accessible. He just lined her up to his cock and hammered in( Fully bare!) up into her cunt before I could say anything. She was so excited and so juiced up that his cock, although quite decent sized, had no trouble being swallowed by her cunt.

He must have been excited as it seemed only seconds before he started to grunt, he was shooting his cum up into my darling Shona's cunt. A few good deep thrusts and he was done with her. He pulled out letting her drop back onto the couch, wiped his cock clean on her face, turned and made room for the next commer. The other bloke who was feeding her cock, jumped over the couch; he knelt in behind Shona and he then speared Shona’s pussy, driving his cock into her cream filled pussy.

'No point in letting a creamy cunt go to waste!' He laughed to the crowd. And a crowd it was!

He was intently looking watching her arse as he fucked her, ignoring our stares and encouragements, he was in his own world as he continued his fucking and thrusting. Just then a third guy started to cum on her naked shoulder. Shona massaged each landed spurt, into her soft breasts, relishing each spurt of warm cum.

When number three finished he likewise just straightened up and joined us, as we all watched Shona massaging. This didn't put number 2 off his fucking as he too added his load of cum up into my Shona's cunt.

I could see other guys taking an interest and gathering around. I pulled Shona up and out ( She actually pouted!) 'Shona we better get her out of here before any more start on you.' I hurriedly whispered.

'All right, (Shona, she was still ready for more, she actually sulked!)' As I helped Shona stand, number two began wiping his sticky cock, soiling Shona's skirt. Shona stood up as best she could. It was as though she were a little drunk, and I half carried her out to the Foyer. I stood with her arm in arm. I was excited to see and lifting up the front of her skirt, I knelt down in front of her, I just stared at her red worked cunt with cum loads oozing, leaking out from between her luscious puffy pussy lips.

'Go on!' She smiled, saying. 'It’s all in there and you know you want to kiss it!'

'I do baby...' I was saying as she eased herself forward and her wonderful pussy was right in front of my face, without even Thinking about the men who had filled her I started licking and slurping away. This action wasn't wasted on Shona, she started to grind and her hands reached behind my head, she pulled me into her Sloppy, well screwed cunt. I licked and sucked, she was fucking delicious, I felt her tighten her thighs, push my face hard and climax on my mouth.

Needless to say, this was the start of many a gangbang.

Shona can't get enough of a good hammering and we both really enjoy the vaginal sensations of her being 'Well used' and I do love cleaning her up.

She and I were made for each other….