Written by kirraboatie

15 Jun 2013

I was in Brisbane for work a while ago. One of the swingers clubs up there has a singles night on Thursdays. Well I had been a couple of times before but it had been a bit quiet with only a couple of girls around. I thought Iwouldgive it one more try.

When I walked in I immediately recognised a lady I had had several conversations with on a website. We got talking and she introduced me to a few others that were there. She noted that there were a few new couples around as well. In notice one couple sitting by themselves on the lounge looking a bit nervous. I had always wanted to see thhe look on a couples face when they first experienced a threesome so I wandered over to introduce myself. After a general chat about where they were from (north Qld) and that it was in fact their first time at a club and swinging I innocently asked if they had been shown around. They hadn't so I offered a guided tour. She was getting excited by the fact of walking around the club and discussing what they expected. I got a good view of her and realised she was could be a lot of fun. She had great looking breasts pokig ot beneath her dress and a guiding hand on her ass as we walked up the stairs gave me a great impression of her ass.

Went up to the play room with different tables and B&M equipment thhis turnd her on even more. I took her over to show her the adult swing which she hadnot seen before. Her partner just kept asking her if she was ok. he smile on her facee told the story. I suggested that she might want to hop up in the swing to give it a try. Shhe looked at her partner and he told her to go for it. Once she was up and her legs in the stirups I thought I would test the waters and started to stroke her legs getting a little higher each time. We talked about how the swing couldbe used for a while. Eventually, I was stroking her pussy through her wet panties. Her partner stood by smiling seeing her sloowly get figered by me in the swing. I pulled my fingers out soaking wet adn knew it was going to be a good night. I asked if they had seen the play rooms.

We passed the fiirst coouple of rooms as they were being used. One had the door open and a couple fucking away. I heard a moan escape from my new friends. I led them to the back room. By this time she was very excited and gave her parrtner a huge kiss. I asked i I cold join in. I was pulled in behind her very quickly. Between hr partner and I we quickly stripped her down and then she turned to undo my pants. My cock quickly sprang out and she took me all down her throat. Heer partner quickly stripped off as well. Her attention shifted to him while I undressed.

Lying her down on the bed I positioned myself so I could continue getting a deep head job whhile her partner went down to take care of her dripping pussy. After a while I suggested we might swap places. I quickly buried my head in a soaked pussy and tongued her as deep ass I could. She tasted amazing. I alternated between tongue an fingering he fo a good 10 minutes while she came about 5 times. Her partner then asked if I would like to fuck her to which I said hell yeah. I quickly dropped betwween her legs and slie into her with ease. I could feel her pussy tighten straight away and knew this was gong to be a good fucking. Starting slow I gave her the full length as she shuddered over and over. I then started going harder and harder pounding her so my balls slapped her ass. While I was doing this she was sucking her partner hard. Eventually I could feel myself building up to cumming. I pulled out and she reached down and pulled my cock into her mouth. I exploded with little bits of cum dripping out ofher mouth. She turned her attention to her partner who was close with excitment of seeing what had just happened. It didnt take long for her to finish him off as well. As we finished up and tidied ourselves up both of us blokes realised we had not had a chance to get our socks off only ou rocks off. We laughed and headed downstairs. We sat on the lounge were we had first met only about an hour and a bit ago. My hand wandered back to her pussy again while we looked in the mirror opposite us. We decided to head back to were I ws staying but that is another story.