Written by bi couple

19 Jul 2012

we have always enjoyed sex with others and I love seeing my wife taking a good fucking from a well hung guy. So when i invited a guy over who said he was hung, I thought that all to often happens he would be normal.

Any way, dan arrived around 7 and we sat talking. He was married and lived 200 ks away in a small country town, making it hard for him to meet people. He hadn't swung with another couple but needed more than just st8 sex that his wife gave him. Anyway i made an excuse. He left them for a few minutes, when i returned It looked like sue was naked and teasing him. Her head was bobbing up and down but near his chest. As I moved around I saw that she had his cock in her mouth, wow he was big, long and thick. I stripped and started playing with her pussy, he was rubbing her boobs already. Soon she wanted more, so I slipped my cock firmly in her pussy and worked it open for him. I just had to suck that cock, so with one gentle nudge sue moved around and offered me his cock to suck. He didnt hesitate and i took as much as i could in my mouth, mmmmmmmmmm so nice. With that sue also swung around with her butt high, he moved and slid his cock up to her wet hole. I just had to see this go in. He eased himslef in inch by inch her pussy opening up as he did. When 7 or 8 inches were in he started to pull out and fuck her, as he built up speed she pushed back more and more. How much could she take i thought, inch by inch more went in each time he thrust into her hole and then it was all in. Balls deep and she loved it. Her orgasms hitting her more often now as his cock pumped her faster and harder as my cock slipped in her mouth. I was in danger of losing an inch or so as she bit me when he buried his cock in her.

After he had fully opened her up and given her plenty of orgasms, she got him to lay and she sat on him. His cock slipping back in easy now, as I rubbed her butt with my lubed finger. She looked around nervous, seeing as he was so big could she take another. So I took my time and worked 2 , 3 then 4 fingers in her. Each time making sure she was comfortable. Then my cock eased in, he slowed allowing her to take both and soon i was right in and began to pump her sweet arse. As we both fucked her, she seemed to roll from one orgasm to another. Her arse now fully open and my cock slipping in and out easy. I did not think it was possible but i felt his grow some more, as he built up pressure for his cum and my cock also took the hint and we both sped up as he shot his baby juices in her. Mine soon followed, sue let out a huge yell as her body rippled with one last big cum.

as we calmed our bodies, we chatted about what else Dan wanted to try mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm things wernt going to stop now.