16 May 2019

My marriage was finally at an end, and I was left with no where to go. Over the years I had many rendezvous with men on the side and one of my most recent was Brian who had also just come out of a marriage.

Brian offered for me to stay at his place while i got on my feet, we had agreed that we would no longer hook up and were both determined to move ahead in heterosexual relationships.

That lasted until the first Saturday night when we’d had too many beers, gotten randy and then I next thing I was sucking his cock on the couch before he took me too his bed and fucked me again for the first time in a long time. I always loved his tattoos as they turned me on, and we fucked and played continuously most of the night.

In the morning we both had regret and felt we had broken our promise to each other of moving on from our gay tendencies but knew we would end up in the same situation next time we were drunk and randy.

We decided to try something different and Brian put out an ad for two mid-40’s single bi-guys looking for a 3some with a female.

I didn’t hold much hope but too my surprise within a day or two we had 7 hits on our advert.

There was a couple who were recently married and he wanted to watch his wife get fucked my two guys which I wasn’t comfortable with at this stage although it did seem a bit erotic, and a few other women of different ages, sizes etc.

Sarah was only just turned 20 and wanted to meet us, I have daughters older than that and was horrified but Brian was keen and talked me around. She had sent pictures and was about a size 12, dark hair, cute, had a boyfriend but she had a kinky sex drive and was keen for a 3some with some older guys.

I was hesitant, but Brian organised for Sarah to come around on the following Saturday as her boyfriend would be away fishing for the weekend.

Time rolled on and the time was here for Sarah to arrive. She turned up and was very nervous, as was I. She was lovely and seemed quite mature for her age and this eased my issues with her being so young and now I found I was quite turned on by the age gap.

We talked for a while, had a couple of drinks and Brian sat next to Sarah and when everyone was really comfortable he stood up and took her hand and led her too the bedroom.

I went to my bathroom to have a pee, and when I arrived back to Brian’s room they were already naked on his bed, kissing and feeling. I was instantly hard and sat behind Sarah, viewing her beautiful body, her tits were large and nipples erect like my cock.

I undressed and moved in behind her in a spooning position and slid my hands over her, Brian was in front of her and I was behind.

We were about to have some fun.

To be continued ...