Written by bi couple

9 Sep 2012

My affair with Kerry started some 12 months after I started working with her, we were the last ones in the office after a xmas party, next thing we both kissed and stripped of fucking like kids, as we did, it was hard to arrnage meets with her for some time, but when she changed her possition to a sales rep on the road like me, it was so much easier to meet up,

my wife knew I was seeing her, so it was easy to arrange one summers day for kerry to come around for a swim, all getting naked in the pool, soon sue was sucking my cock and kerry joined her, nu with us going into the bedroom to play, sue and kerry had always got on but now in bed it was even better, the 2 girls going wild eating each others pussies out while i picked any hole to fuck, both like anal and it was easy to get sue to fist kerries pussy while i fucked her arse, then they returned the favour and sue got my cock, it was only after i had popped out 3 loads of cum in them, that the afternoon drew to a close, kerry saying that was her first ffm, and hoped it wouldnt be the last, it wasnt, we met many times over the next 4 years,

kerry also grew more adventurous too, letting me arrange 3somes with other guys, taking us both any way we wanted, so for her birthday one year I arranged to meet at our place, kerry of course knew it would be a ffm, so around lunch time she arrived as planned, and we got naked and started to play, I was slamming my big vib in her arse when the door bell went, sue said keep going I'll get it, and of she went, kerry was so high she hardly noticed,

after a few mins I slid kerry around so she was facing the wall, still with my cock in her arse and a vib in her pussy, she was cumming loud and hard, as the guys walked in, with a nod, i got them to come over around the bed, cocks in hand, and motioned for them to begin playing, kerrys head shot around as hands strated touching her, at first a nervouse smile showed, then a big happy smile took over, as we all began to give her heaps, cocks and hands proded and probed her ever hole, and cum covered her face as guy after guy fucked her and played with her, sue was also getting her share,

as guys watched them eat one another out, with a cock in them, licking cum up from one another,

after an hour or so, I said to kerry did she want to see some thing kinky, at first she seemed to be surprised , what could be kinkier then this she said, with that I nodded to frank and he moved behind me, sliding his cock deep in my arse, as he did, Kerries face lit up.. WOW she said that is differant, and watched intensly a frank pounded me, soon she moved under me sucking my cock as I licked her out, a guy slide his cock in her pussy, while she did, before long franks cock swelled up as his manseed hit home filling my arse and spliing out onto kerrys face, to my surprise she licked it up, playing with my arse as she did, sue was now behind me, seeing kerry fingering my arse, sue eased her fingers in and pushed out more cum,

and with one hard push her fist went in, and even bigger wow came out of kerrys cum soaked mouth, the guy in her pussy exploded and shot his cum in her and then pulled out to shot more over my face,

I moved of kerry and kissed her , she licked the cum of my face and said she was so horny now, she was open to any thing,

well not being one to miss out, I got her to sit on a guys cock, her arse up for me to fuck, while her mouth was filled by a 3rd cock, she took us all, cumming hard several times before they shot her full of cum, my cock was straining, but i held off, then i got her to sit backwards on a fresh cock, with her pussy facing me , with a bit of lube, I began to fist her. at first she resisted, but with care , my hand went further in, her arse still full of cock, and her mouth now sucking a cock back to life, just as she went tho a huge cum, my fist popped in, making her jump and shout out as a huge orgasmy ripped tho her,

sue was still being taken care of, by a few guys, as a cock slipped once more into my arse, I fist fucked kerry for all she was worth now, she was having trouble staying on the cock in her arse, as she bucked hard, cum after cum racing tho her, I felt my asre take a new laod just as kerry received her anal load too, as his cock slipped out or her arse without notice I rammed my fist right in, kerry screamed, but soon went limp, as my fist took control of her arse, moving slowly, she moaned and mover around, not sure what to make of this new feeling, her mouth once more tasting fresh cum as frank blew a hot load,

kerry was in bliss, laying on the bed now, my fist in her arse, with a soft guttural moan escaping her lips, while she was so relaxed my other hand went back into her pussy, working her now to a total state of bliss,

after awhile kerry had worked her way around, and was fingering my hole, just as a cock shot deep in me,, she sucked him ddry as he popped out, doing so her fist went in me and she began to pay me back for fisting her, wow she knew what to ddo, anal cums racing tho my body, frank came up behind and popped his cock in with her her fist mmmmmmmmmmmmm she loved that playing with his cock inside me, and even more so when he shot his 3rd load for the day in me while she wanked him of, as they pulled out I spun around and shared his cum with her both licking his cock as we kissed,

what a day, the guys , all spent, went home as we talked, kerry was in shock at what she had doen today and how much she had enjoyed it all, saying she knew they was some thing hiding in her sexuality but didnt think it was that kinky,

we had other good days too but thats another story