Written by warmblood61

14 Apr 2010

Courtney looked gorgeous as she seductively approached me in high heels, stockings, garter belt and matching black lacey bra and panties. Holding a finger to her red lips she indicated I was to say nothing. She kissed me passionately, slipped down my body, dropped to her knees and took hold of my manhood.

The feeling of Courtney wrapping her lips around my knob was outstanding. Even better was her taking my hard cock deep into her mouth. As she gave me a blow job she fondled my balls and slid a finger into my arse. Courtney really knew how to please and tease a guy. As tension in my balls neared the point of no return she stopped.

Getting into the doggy position on the bed , Courtney asked I rim her smooth ass. I did so with pleasure, ensuring she was well lubricated with my saliva. When the time was right I penetrated her back passage to moans of delight. We took it slow at first and gradually increased our pace. Courtney slammed her ass into me screaming I give her every inch. My cock swelled even more and I exploded inside her.

I kissed Courtney from head to foot, teasingly avoiding her most sensitive zones. She giggled and wriggled as I did and it didn't take long before she begged for some full on attention. Wanting to please her, I took her cock into my mouth and swallowed every drop of cum when she came.