14 Jul 2019

My Erotic Encounter with Next door Neighbor..


It all started during the summer of 2010, the weather hot and humid for like 18 days in a row.I had done well at work (i was a manager of the accounts department) and so decided to install a pool and have landscaping done in my home backyard, I managed to get a discount-that is because i had to pitch in and help the landscaper/builder..

Everyday i would join the workmen outside, in my nicest hot-pants shorts,and crop t-shirt, showing off plenty of skin, Thankfully my tall physique , slender frame and uniquely feminine curves (I am Transexual after all) seemed to keep the workmen busy , as they were never to faraway from me...

Many times during the afternoons once the workmen had left the yard for the day i kept noticing my neighbor spying at me through the small keyholes in the fence line, and always making sighing and groaning sounds , yet whenever i managed to climb the fence and peek over he was no where to be seen...It wasn't the first time in my life i had noticed Many men and women eyeing me off with lusty thoughts, and huge grins of excitement on their faces....

I decided the very next day i would try my hardest to tease the neighbor if he was to spy at me again, by wearing one of my cutest string bikini's,and stiletto heels, and make sure to oil up my legs,butt,belly and tits at the moment i would notice him watching me,Sure enough it worked a treat , cos when i heard him groaning i called out to him and said "Surely you'd love be on this side of the fence, doing whatever it is you happen to be doing " My neighbor (we shall call him "REG" not his real name),went silent and after a brief pause i heard him bang and crash like he had fallen over on his side of the yard,Naturally feeling empathy for his moment in need , i walked around to his side gate, through the gate and found him staggering to his feet, on his way inside , holding cupping his groin... after a brief complimentary exchange of intro's i retrieved a bag of ice from his chest cooler and placed it close to his groin... Reg then stammered "I've had a crush on you Sapphire since you moved in 3 years ago , but i haven't had the courage till now to tell you"

I blushed a bright red in my face , and admitted to spying him from time to time , whenever he was doing manly manual labor tasks like chopping lumber, or fixing his car. Reg was looking me over and i could tell his intent was to take me there and then, and so i figured if i didn't make the 1st move , he may never had started on me.