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Dogging in South Australia

Main dogging sites and directions for South Australia.



We met a sexy couple on the beach last night and had a little play. Love to catch up again. Please make contact.

Skye lookout coach road


Found this spot this arvo and there was a young couple enjoying their time in their car. Great dogging spot, on top of the hill overlooking whole city

where can a couple go?

we are new to this. been to maslins and love it definitely looking for others to join us (not single males - please dont message) where can we go in the car on a friday night or saturday day/night? the netball courts car park in hope valley is the only place we have been to often but never anyone there

Black Top Road/Wilson Road


I've heard this spot is a dogging spot. Does anyone know for sure if it is? Does anyone have plans to head here or any other dogging spots?

Canterbury Dog park


Im here now anyone around??

Lake MacIntyre


Nice little lake on outskirts of Millicent in the lower South East, with couple of toilets & pathway around the lake, couple of bird hides with gravel pathways so easy to hear approaching walkers etc, locked at sunset but could be a good place to have some fun. Nice & cruisy for some mutual wanking or playtime.

Wendy gill

Lookout on way to taliem bend

Hope valley football club oval


Good hidden away football oval nice and dark at night with lot of little spots to play or play in car it has dark covered seating areas that can be used for play best late nights early hours between midnight and 3am Friday Saturday nights keen to see some couples use this little gem of a spot

South Road Seacombe


Look out on Southern section before the Vic Hotel, saw a couple there the other day, looked like they wanted to play, looks to be small private spot in bushes you can park if not wanting to go full public lol....... Like to hear if anyone has visited, what's the go, or if you're thinking about some outdoor adventures with the nice weather about now... Dont be shy, drop us a message

Golden Grove Area

Is there anywhere in Golden Grove ?



Good spot in car park and dunes? Still active? Like to hear from others Either comment or send me msg

Dogging/car play


Hello anyone feel like some CarPlay/ dogging action ? I’m new to Adelaide & looking for fun ? :-) maybe even a club X scene ?

Heysen reserve carpark


Good quiet spot after dark usually a good spot for couples to play have had some fun there keen to see some other couples utilities this spot it's on heysen Avenue in hope valley just off grand junction rd tango netball club carpark can park up and walk into dark spots along track o-bahn track or play in car

Tedder Reserve Public Toilets


The public cubicle on Findon Road. Have played with a couple there before. Good spot at dusk to play.

Craigmore Park

usually walkin around with no pants at night