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Capediem 6 days ago

The Anklet ( Part 1)

When fantasies turn into reality

For ages have my husband and I talked about his/our cuckolding fantasy, when he decided to buy me an anklet with the letters “ H W” attached to it. Starting off, I would wear the anklet on rare occasions, when we would go out or attending work functi...

shonaric 6 days ago

Afternoon delight...

It's not so easy being so bored with all this Covid...

My husband Ric still works at his office during this Covid period but I am at home and regularly find myself not too busy.  I enjoy online chatting on a couple of forums I like. As I glanced through the personals section of one site an ad caugh...

Spankycat 6 days ago

Unexpected turn of events

Dinner out turns into first time cuckold

It was the first time we had been out just the two of us for a while, kids were away so we thought we/ I would make the most of it. I put out some clothes on the bed for the wife to wear, when I say clothes it was a strapped dress that fell just...

johnsdeal 1 week ago

1st day of spring!

G-String bikini part 2

The girls kept playing as I reached down and started to rub my bulging cock through my shorts. I looked around and couldn't see anyone else close by so I got my cock out and started to stroke it some more. Then the girls started walking my way, I qui...

juicyjenbbw 2 weeks ago

Training from the boss

Learning to deep throat

Going to work had a totally different meaning now. My boss changed my roster to allow him to have regular sessions. On Tuesdays and Thursday I didn’t start work till 1pm but would finish about 8pm. Once everyone had left the building it gave him a go...

juicyjenbbw 2 weeks ago

First Affair

fun at work

 My mum left us when I was about 6 years old and I grew up working on our vegetable farm with my strict Italian dad.  He didn't knew how to deal with a teenage daughter, so I think he felt it would be safer if I was married off to a nice ma...

johnsdeal 2 weeks ago

1st day of spring!

G-String bikini part 1

Today, the 1st day of Spring, is a cracker! The sun is out and even though still in lockdown, living near the beach has it's perks!I thought I'd grab some lunch and head down the beach for a perv and the sun of course! Well only about 5 minutes of si...

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juicyjenbbw 3 weeks ago

Flirting is Fun

pre-covid coffee shop

Now if you don't get the fun at home, you can't blame me for looking elsewhere. I married young and hubby was my first. Our sex life had always been dull but then I didn't really know any better so everything was fine until I had my first affair. Fro...

Ropexplore 1 month ago

Artwork please...

The bare canvas awaits for creativity and pleasure

I wake and reach over for you, you are gone, already left for the day. On your pillow is a note “Tara today you will shower and prepare for your day as normal. Insert your Benwa Balls into my pussy but do not Cum. Have breakfast, study and prepare f...

shonaric 1 month ago

Another night of takeout?

A warm meal prepared with lust for a hard working husband...

I walked into our home on Thursday afternoon, Shona was in the kitchen making a cup of tea. As I approached she turned and gave me the very coyest smile. We kissed and I asked her about her day and what was on for dinner? Shona didn't answer, she ju...

Jordantate0175 2 months ago

My discovery of Bi sex

How I discoved what a new side of life that I had sheered away from all my life.

Full disclosure…. I am not a writer, nor have I ever done this before but here goes… So, this story starts many years ago on the Gold Coast where I was up there for work. I had flown in around mid-afternoon and headed straight to my hotel as I had sc...

shonaric 2 months ago

I arrived home Tuesday night...

A warm meal was being prepared for me as I arrived home...

I arrived home Tuesday night and as I walked in, I instantly heard very familiar sounds. I listened on, smiling knowingly as I walked through our kitchen and into the lounge. I was listening to our leather lounge creaking and the wetly erotic sound...

Ropexplore 2 months ago

Spice or Ice

There is never an end to pleasure

Dream It was date night as usual. Friday was the time to spend with each other and enjoy the relaxing night after a busy week. Never a week went by, without there being an issue at work that just made Friday night that much more enjoyable, knowing...

Indah_blue 2 months ago

Seventh Year Dare

Time of renewal, exploration.

SEVENTH YEAR DARE She had been single for about seven years. Circumstances and the birth of her first child had seen to that. She led a busy, fulfilling life, holding down two jobs to pay the bills and provide for her child. One day, after talking t...