Doggie and anal - perfection Fact

A combination of fucking pussy in doggie position whilst having two fingers in her ass is to die for…

One of the most amazing sex experiences I have had is fucking a woman doggie style whilst having two fingers inside her ass, rubbing my cock in her vagina through the walls of her ass. I have done this several times with several partners and it has been amazing for both partners. I have found most women I have been with have not tried anal sex much, and many are reluctant to do so for a range of reasons. Many think it is just dirty, and others co… Read more

Greeting a newcomer to town Fact

Meeting a lady new to town and having outdoor sex in a public park…

I was driving through town one day and spotted a woman crossing the road in front of me, dressed in a very alluring fashion, so I slowed as I approached and wound down my window to chat to her. I asked if she was looking for sex, and she replied sure, that she was new to town and looking to make new friends. I told her to hop in and we drove to a nearby park where there was a small building with security lighting around it on the edge of the road… Read more

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Meeting Sue and helping her with her sex bucket list Fact

Sex fantasies to be explored before you die - create your own sex bucket list like Sue did…

I met a lady on line a year or so ago, and we decided to meet for a picnic and walk at a local park. We had a nice walk and lovely picnic lunch and chatted for hours. She was severely disabled and walking was a problem for her, as were many other things she said. I learnt she was passionate about helping other disabled people, and doing this took her mind off her own problems, and helped her put her own situation in perspective as many others wer… Read more

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Fucking in public park in broad daylight Fact

A young couple cant contain themselves and fuck in view of all around…

My ex worked in Singapore for a few years, and told me about a scene she encountered at a favourite local park she used to go to. She went there after work to unwind, reading a book on one of the park benches. One day there were about 50 people in this part of the park, and it included a young couple who were lying on a picnic rug, talking, giggling, kissing and caressing. After a while to young woman of the couple got up and straddled the man, w… Read more

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Fun in a carpark Fact

Pulling up next to another car I realised the couple were in the middle of a blowjob…

In a reserve I used to like to go for walks in at an outer Melbourne suburb, I pulled into the carpark one day to find the car next to me had a couple in it in the middle of a blowjob. I glanced into their car and at first was puzzled by what I saw, as it looked like the chap driving had a black cat in his lap. I then quickly realised that this black cat was in fact the head and black hair of his girlfriend, and she was giving him a blowjob and h… Read more

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Watching friends have sex over their kitchen sink Fact

Dropping in unannounced catches friends having sex over their kitchen sink…

After a few visits to a friends place (don’t ring, just drop in they said) and not being able to find them at home, I eventually decided (after seeing both cars in the drive and knowing someone must certainly be home), to go around the side of the house to the backdoor to try to raise them (maybe they could not hear the front door bell?). Well what a surprise! I was just at the corner of the house and caught movement out of the side of my eye, … Read more

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Meeting a commando at the local market Fact

Local market stall holder forgets she is without knickers and flashes me her pussy…

I went to a local market on the weekend a few years ago and wandered around looking at the stalls. I came up to one stall and the stall owner was squatting down in front of their stall, patting their dog, and I could not believe my eyes as their very short shorts were pulled to one side of their groin and their clean pink freshly shaved pussy was on prominent display. I walked up and squatted on the opposite side of their dog and joined them in g… Read more

How Twister gets out of hand and becomes Naked Twister Fact

Sharing Twister with one of my sister's friends leads to an invite for naked Twister…

My sister had a few friends over one day and we were young adults and still lived in my parent’s house. We chatted, played cards, and eventually decided to play Twister. It was fun and one of my sister’s friends was flirting with me a lot, so when no one else could see I used the fact that she was in tortuous positions and unable to move, to feel her up. I stroked the backs of her legs, inside of her thighs, and over her shorts around her gro… Read more

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Cheering up Bree, a friend's friend Fact

Bree separated from her husband and I helped to cheer her up…

Friends once asked me if I would date a friend of theirs. Their friend had separated from her husband and was struggling, and they thought that spending time with me may cheer her up, as they knew I had several girlfriends and none had any complaints. I said yes, I would be pleased to, and she came over to my place a few days later. We chatted for a while and I listened to how down she was, and decided I could help cheer her up. I shifted to sit … Read more

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Fucking Donna on a clifftop with amazing views Fact

Our outdoor fuck at a local hangglider launching spot on a clifftop with sensational views…

I took a friend to a local lookout recently. Actually it is more of a hangglider launching spot, at the top of cliffs, with amazing views out over the surrounding valleys and hills. It is very secluded and not many people ever visit it, so private for us to enjoy together without risk of being discovered. We made the most of the opportunity and went prepared, taking a bag of picnic rug, lube, toys, etc. My friend, Donna, was very impressed and so… Read more

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Marg and her unzipped tracksuit top Fact

The day a friend accidentally revealed herself to me and what it lead to…

Visiting a friend one day and chatting, I realised that the tracksuit top she was wearing was unzipped and flapping open, and revealing to me her naked body beneath. Suddenly she realised why I kept glancing in that direction and laughed, zipping up the top, and saying she was sorry and that she had it open to cool down as she had got hot and sweaty in the sun in the garden. I responded saying there was nothing to be sorry about, and that I had e… Read more

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Meeting Joanne and discovering her beautiful butterfly labia Fact

The way I met Joanne and got video of her beautiful butterfly labia…

I was driving through town one day and noticed a slim young woman prancing down the footbath, obviously happy as anything for some reason. I did a u-turn and pulled up beside her and offered her a ride, which she gladly accepted and explained she only lived a couple of blocks away. We talked while driving and she explained she was very happy and had been out celebrating so was still tipsy from a long night on the drink. She said she was going to … Read more

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Helping to break a 7 year drought Fact

A night with a black portugese lady helps to break her 7 year drought without sex…

I met a black portugese lady on line last year and we went out a few time, enjoying some nice times together fishing and walking in local reserves, followed by a meal afterwards. One of these times we had spent a lovely day together and returned to her home for a meal. We chatted for ages and spend time cuddled on the couch watching a movie, and I was getting more and more aroused by her proximity and cuddliness. She was a large lady and had the … Read more

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Memorable train trip home Fact

Meeting two young women and having fun on a packed train carraige…

When I was about 20 and going to University in Melbourne, I lived in the outer suburbs so had long train trips into town each day. One showery grey day I caught a train home and got onto the carriage to find it jam packed with people, and standing room only left. I stood at the end of a row of seats which meant that my groin was about face height next to two 20 year old nice looking girls. The once closest to me glanced at my groin and elbowed he… Read more

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Hairdressing Salon Fact

My young hairdressing salon owner and her unexpected service…

When I was a young adult a friend we knew started her own hairdressing salon nearby to where we lived, so I decided that I should give them my business and went there for a while to get my hair cut. Once she was alone with just me and no other customers, and during cutting my hair I realised my elbow was nestled right into her groin, and it did not seem like an accident. She was blocking the view into her shop with her body so I knew no one could… Read more

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Sweaty gardener Fact

Hot summer day working in the garden and getting more than just sweaty…

At one house we lived at when I was growing up the backyard was secluded except that it was overlooked by windows from one neighbouring house. Into that house moved a young couple, and the husband was rarely home much as he worked very long hours and spent most weekends off fishing. I could tell she was bored silly and desperately alone stuck there by herself most of the time. One warm afternoon I was in the backyard and about to dig over part of… Read more

First time, exploring lotions First Time

First orgasm in the shower exploring lotions in my uncle and aunts house…

Lotions have always had a special place for me, as my first orgasm was with bathroom lotions at my aunt and uncles place when I was visiting them on holiday. I had just had a shower and was fossicking around in their bathroom drawers to see what was there, and found some jars of hand creams. I opened one and used some to massage my cock and had an orgasm for the first time, resulting in cum everywhere. My legs buckled and I sank to the floor in c… Read more

Waterfall delight Fact

finding teens naked under a waterfall on a hot summer day…

I was travelling to visit family once and it was a hot summer's day, when I noticed a sign to a waterfall. I thought it would make a nice refreshing break, but little did I know how much this would prove to be true. I reached a small gravel carpark at the end of a dirt road surrounded by forest, and followed the walking track which led to the waterfall. The track was actually along side a small gorge, and there was not one but a series of waterfa… Read more

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The Cleaning Lady Fact

My teen experience with our cleaning lady…

When I was a teenager my Mum paid a housekeeper to come once every two weeks to help keep the house clean. She was about 40, blonde, built, and had a husband who was a truckie - but what the hell! After flirting with her for years I decided one day enough was enough. When she had almost finished her cleaning I went into the kitchen where she was and sat up on the kitchen bench-top. I was wearing tight jeans, no jocks, and had a huge obvious erect… Read more

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Mile High Sub Threesome

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was flying United on my way to New York, via LA. I’d splurged this time and flown First Class. I was only going to be there 2 days and nights. So, getting some shut eye on the flight was important. It was my son’s graduation from Princeton University New Jersey. He had been there for four years, studying Law and Finance. I was horribly excited to see him; it had been over six months. Oh, we vid called each other at least two to three times … Read more

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The New Years nightcap. Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

It was new years eve. I was in my home town and had been invited to a party by some good friends, Matt and Shaz. I had known them for years; as they were swing dancers and often attended dance events, when my jazz band played. I also knew them through gym. They were both personal trainers.

It was to be yet another 40+ degree day and no doubt a balmy night. I arrived at "beer o'clock" and helped set up. A marque in the front yard. Tables. Chair… Read more

lingerie shopping Cross Dressing

Sales girls can be so helpful and seems nothing puts them off...…

I went shopping for some new lingerie yesterday, the young attractive woman assisted me and I think assumed I was buying a gift for someone. After I decided on my new outfit, I paid at the counter and when handed the receipt by the young woman, I asked if I could borrow the fitting room to put my new lingerie on as I couldn't wait until I got home.
The look was priceless but she simply said ok and pointed me to them, lucky it was a slow day and … Read more

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Wild oats getting sown Swinging

After years of marriage I was finally free to explore…

My marriage was finally at an end, and I was left with no where to go. Over the years I had many rendezvous with men on the side and one of my most recent was Brian who had also just come out of a marriage.
Brian offered for me to stay at his place while i got on my feet, we had agreed that we would no longer hook up and were both determined to move ahead in heterosexual relationships.
That lasted until the first Saturday night when we’d had … Read more

Part 3 - Maslin's Beach Fun with a Wonderful Couple Threesome

My last encounter (so far) with a Wonderful Couple…

So, my last encounter with Mrs P was something to remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I got to have a wonderful, relaxing, erotic time with a married woman. Just her and me, whilst her husband, Mr B was at work. No, this was not a sordid affair behind his back, he had given Mrs P the go-ahead to meet and play with me to her heart’s desire. We had all met previously at Maslin’s Beach and had a little bit of fun on the beach. It … Read more

Part 2 - Maslin's Beach Fun with a Wonderful Couple Meetings

The continuation of my meets with a wonderful couple…

So, this is the follow on from the time I met with Mrs P and Mr B at Maslin's Beach.

I stayed in regular contact with Mrs P and we arranged for a meet a few weeks after our initial meet. It was hard to arrange at first because of family issues / children / work etc, but we eventually worked out a day that suited. The original plan was arranged that both Mrs P and Mr B would be there, but due to unexpected work matters, Mr B couldn't be there.… Read more

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three guys camping Other


I was camping out bush the other day the camp site was starting to get busy filling up with tourist and I helped these 2 young guys who didnt really know how to put up a tent.
The 2 of them had no shirts on and very loose shorts you could see their bolding cocks and they knew i was looking there.
I started to put the tent up for them with a little help from them too and they talked about me coming over for dinner for helping them with their te… Read more

A weekend to remember... Meetings

A meeting and an encounter, this past weekend in Sydney.…

Our new friend David kindly settled our tab and the three of us left the bar. Our hotel was just across the street from the bar we had met up in. David walked with us and I did not quite know if Shona would actually ask him to join us. When we got to the revolving door however, Shona boldly asked David “Would you like to come up for a bit?" David of course was really keen and we all headed across to the lift.

Once on the fifth floor, as we … Read more

So Naughty, so full... Meetings

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a date.…

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a picked up a date with a new, very keen, online man tonight, I am anxious, but as she tells me he is taking her out for drinks and a “very naughty” evening. This is what we both want, but it's always out of my hands and I am always both nervous and excited in equal parts, every single time.

I arrive home to find Shona starting to get ready for this new date. I watch, laid o… Read more

A dream... Masturbation

I cannot believe this was so hot...…

I don’t know how he turned up in my room, but I opened my eyes to find Steve, behind me, arm around me, massaging my pussy with one hand (I could not believe how excited he had me already) and sucking on the back of my neck.
“Mmmmmm”. I was enjoying the attention and, getting more and more excited, I pushed my arse up against his cock which was hard as stone.
When did he come in? How long had he been here? Did Ric let him in, as Ric left … Read more

Encouraging... Threesome

A marriage evolving...…

For the last few years, I've been encouraging my wife to play with someone else so we can either play with the person directly as an MFM threesome or she and I fool around ourselves “after the event” enjoying her sloppy, slick and very naughty pussy.
Shona and I have been married for 30+ years now and our sex life has been great, so no problems, just wanting to spice things up a notch with the woman I love.

A while back I started readi… Read more

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