6sex6 The Number of the Feast Swinging

Six for Sex…

He bound her ankles and wrists to the chains of the sex swing, looking at her with titillating hunger, smelling her as he took his sweet time... all the while she was getting wetter and wetter, writhing gently- partly to help him get her comfortable and partly to squirm with arousal. A sweet sweet prize. She was vulnerable at this point; there were two other couples in the room, wearing their briefs still, patiently sipping their drinks and loose… Read more

Best way to start a new week... Meetings

Two into one actually does go...…

Early last Sunday morning my phone rang, it was Brent. Brent was a regular guy we had met many times over the past 3 years. "Hey what do you guys say we get together tonight for some fun"! I showed Shona and then smiling, I texted back “sure sounds like fun” I then told Shona that Brent had texted me and wanted to meet for some fun tonight, Smiling she replied “absolutely, I would love that” Smiling back at her I said to her cheekily … Read more

Gotta love Aarows... Dogging

A Wednesday night of unexpected, unrivalled pleasure...…

I was so excited and Shona was toying with my cock as we drove to Aarows. Shona had me so hard just chatting about what she wanted from our evening ahead.

We found a parking spot one street away and with Shona teasing me I barely got my cock under control so we could leave the car.

We had blindfolds for each of us in my pocket... I locked our car and we headed inside knowing that it was still early and we would be some of the first people … Read more

Mildura night out Dogging

Mildura night out…

It was a warm summers night and the Mrs mother had just come over to watch the kids so could head out for the night for a drink or to at a cocktail bar we had organise to meet up with a guy so my wife finally could meet him and hopefully have her way with him but unfortunately once we headed out he went on to cancel on us which was a shame as my wife who was usually reserved was wearing a black cocktails dress and looking very sexy.

The night … Read more

Years ago... Meetings

The very, very early days...…

Years ago we had been out for a bite of dinner and when we got home, we were chatting whilst having a nightcap. Being a bit cheeky I raised my favorite naughty topic of conversation and I asked Shona "Would you prefer a threesome or to share as couples?" Shona thought about this for only a moment and quickly said " a threesome, but only if it was you and another guy - not just two randoms. I nearly burst and my cock immediately responded, as did… Read more

My old neighbours Fact

Best cock suck off ever…

I often went over to my older neighbours, to help them mow the lawn trim the hedges, and do any odd jobs, I felt good about helping out.
A few months ago I went over and fixed a sliding door that was stuck, after I was finished he asked me if I wanted a drink as it was quite hot, I said yes thanks.
We were sitting in his lounge room , just having a chat , I asked where his wife Judy was, he said she has gone to get some fruit from the shop.
Read more

Beach Cougar Dogging

Have you ever been seduced by a cougar on the beach…

I had seen her several times when I was relaxing on the beach after my walk. She was about 60-63, about 5,6 tanned and very fit.

It was obvious this woman was stylish, confident and very sensual. She walked in a very smooth and sexy way. Almost effortless in the sand.

I had seen the way she walked past the crowds with her light shirt blowing in the breeze and her stunning breasts bursting to be free from her bikini top. Not even paying a… Read more

Adult cinema 2 Fact

She was hungry for cock…

As I was being cleaned up by many tongues, I felt the velvet gloves slide up from my still hard twitching cock, along my stomach brushing my nipples and up to my neck. I could feel long soft hair brushing my cheek and chest as she leaned in and whispered in my ear” my turn to cum”
Her faint perfume scent was soon replaced by a sweet musky smell of a horny pussy as she squatted over my face and placed her hands on my chest for balance. She po… Read more

Outdoor fun starting in the car Dogging

I was so hard and loved it when she leaned in through the window…

I woke up so horny I struggled to get out of bed. I just wanted to lay back and pull myself stupid but fought off the urge... that can wait!
I got up and showered and dressed ready for my early morning walk on the beach.
The weather was warm but overcast and windy so it was going to be shitty walk with no one to perv on.
Off I set and drove to the beach carpark. It started to rain and I was the only car there. I thought I would wait the rain … Read more

Adult cinema fun Fact

I lay back naked and blindfolded, listening to the sounds of people fucking.…

I was so excited I could not playing with my cock as I drove to the adult cinema. I was so hard just thinking about my day ahead.
I found a parking spot a few blocks away and waited till my cock was under control.
I grabbed a blind fold and placed it in my pocket... locked my car and headed to the cinema knowing that I was early and would be the first person inside..
I walked in excited but nervous at the same time. I paid my entry fee and wai… Read more

Slave for me BDSM

Somethings can never be forgotten.…

It's a normal Boring morning for me when I logged into fb. In my feed came an old work friend , announcing her departure from my old city, for a 2 week holiday here. She was much younger, it was 8 years before her birth, when I lost my virginity in a threesome

She was a good time girl when I knew her, I hadn't seen her for 2 years. After leaving the work I knew her from, I would have dreams about her, then run into her the next day.

I decid… Read more

She’s a good girl Dogging

The great outdoors…

So 3 months ago I met a really happy friendly positive smart peaceful lady on tinder after 7000 failed connections lol
The sex was good at the start but it was always bed, head, missionary, doggy done. Which is fine but I was worried that would be it for ever as she doesn’t seem like the freaky type,
Anyway I had a few too many drinks a couple week later and I started asking her if she had any kinks.
She told me she always wanted to try do… Read more

You for Dessert... Romance

As very special evening at home...…

You (my husband) have just made us the most amazing meal. It tasted wonderful, and was complete with my own juices you creatively added after having made me cum like a perverted woman with your fingers as you prepared. I teased my husband during the cooking of dinner saying, “I want to taste you then for my dessert.” We played ‘footsie’ under the table as we ate and we maintained eye contact with both of us smiling all the way through our… Read more

Blown away... Meetings

An erotic meeting of two very like minded people...…

When I first met Tim from my previous story I was absolutely blown away by him, I was quickly, totally obsessed.

Tim would do the smallest thing and it would blow me away, I don’t know quite know what fuelled my obsession with him but he didn’t mind my attention and I still feel exactly the same way – a lot.

I first met Tim at a coffee shop in Marrickville, I was doing some work on my laptop and he strolled in ordering a Macciato. I … Read more

The Morning After Cuckold

A perfect way to start our day...…

I opened my eyes just as the sun was beginning to light our bedroom. I was laying facing the window, I could feel the bed rhythmically rocking. My mind was still a bit fuzzy from our wild night before. I wanted to know what was happening and I rolled over onto my back, turning my head to face my wife's side of the bed. Right there only millimetres from my nose was my pretty wife's face. Her eyes were closed and she had an almost serene expres… Read more

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Her First Time with Another Girl Leads to More Fiction

My girl's first girl on girl experience leads to a fantastic threesome…

My Brazilian girlfriend always got off on lesbian porn and I always knew she wanted to experience another girl but that the opportunity hadn't arisen largely as she wanted a girl to show some interest in her. The thought always turned me on and I always intended to take her to a swingers club and fulfil her fantasy.

We were at a party one night with a big crowd and many we didn't know, the talent was good and Elle was having a great after a f… Read more

A woman in need Fact

A chance meeting with a highly erotic woman…

It was a warm Friday evening in late January 1999 and I made my way to a swingers club in Fairfield NSW, The Blue Lady, which is no longer there. I was ushered in, there were only two women there and they were obviously workers. I got myself a drink and just checked out the place. Nothing much was happening and I was thinking that it might be a waste of money when the doorbell went and one of the women went to open the door.
She came back with … Read more

When hubbys away, wife will play Fact

The start of an ongoing journey of long distance cuckold sex…

Recently there has been a spate of so called 'advice' articles on here, if you enjoy them then fair play to you, personally I don't as I've seen them all before on other sites (often word for word) but we all have choices. Let's get back to the intent of this section and share all our erotic adventures. This is another blast from the past, a story which I hope you will all enjoy, its true and has only some slight embellishment to hopefully add va… Read more

Erectile dysfunction Fact

It is estimated erectile dysfunction affects about 1 million+ men in Australia…

We are posting this to help other men and couples get their MOJO, back.
I use several different dildo's with a strap-on kit to pleasure my Vixen and other women, when the ED affect's me.
One of them has the ability to pump it up to give it more girth.

These have given me confidence to use at home and at swinger parties. My Vixen describes ED like male menopause, it comes and goes.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, mean… Read more

10 things a submissive needs but won’t say out loud BDSM

10. Be the most stable thing in our lives…

10 things a submissive needs but won’t say out loud
1. Please touch us

Cuddle us, spoon us, grab the small of our backs. Kiss our foreheads and make us feel small. We crave your hands all over us. We love them no matter where they happen to land—be that on our asses or up our skirts.

Just. Touch. Us. It reminds us that we’re yours.

2. Take pride in us

Relish in the fact that we’re yours—that we belong to you and no one else… Read more

What do you LOVE about the Swinging Lifestyle? Swinging

The best part of the lifestyle is the honesty and trust…

The best part of the lifestyle is the honesty and trust we have developed with each other as partners, with no secrets between us, nothing is taboo or off limits as long as we discuss with each other first, this has led to us having some lifelong friends some wonderful pleasurable times and fulfilling our fantasies.

Entering into this lifestyle a little later in life at the age of 40 has allowed me to grow so comfortable with my own sexuali… Read more

The Guide for Bulls Swinging

You’ve found that perfect couple…

So, you’ve wanted to be a “Bull” and now you’ve found that perfect couple. She’s a Hotwife looking for a regular lover. He’s a cuckold (or wants to be) and he’s willing to step aside and let you and his wife become lovers.

Now what?

This is where the men get separated from the boys, pal. I have real experience with this. I’ve seen the best and the worst, of both people and experiences. I’ve also talked to others and shared… Read more

The Play Date Fact

Unexpected encounter…

I could never of expected one of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had take place with what started out as a Saturday play date.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m dropping everyone off at a play date. All innocent enough I thought as I went in and did the usual intro’s and what not. I did feel incredibly out numbered as I was the only male doing the drop off, as all the other mums were sitting out the back drinking wine and getting a bi… Read more

caught Fact

carry on…

a few weeks ago wet met me after work
when wet arrived she was wearing her short skirt and tight t-shirt so i knew she was looking to be a bit naughty fun
we left her car at work and headed to a park not far away
no sooner had we parked and wet was already undoing my pants and was sucking my cock
she love to feel a cock swell in her mouth
i pulled up her skirt and started to play with her very wet pussy
we paused just long enough to jum… Read more

A day at the beach.... Fact

When going to the beach one day we got more than expected...…

One hot sunny day we decided to go to the beach, and you decided to dress in a tight hot pink Bikini, accentuating your nipples and lovely figure, i was hard in an instant, and i think you could see that through my Boardies.
It was hard to concentrate on the road on the drive to the beach.
When we arrived and hopped out of the car the hot sun felt sultry, and the cool ocean breeze felt great on my bare skin, you glancing me up and down and smil… Read more

national park walk.... Fact

Exhibitionism and voyeurism…

The National Park is a popular place for people to go walking, jogging, mountainbiking, and some of the trees in places are magnificent, and its is a place that never seems to be crowded. Its so vaste.
We decided to do a bit of a hike into one of the more remote trails looking for some elusive spot to enjoy ourselves, with the wind in our hair, the scent of summer flowers and the heat of the day, it was quite alluring. To give it a greater wow f… Read more

Wife massage takes an interesting turn while husband watches Fact

I booked a qualified massage therapist to massage my wife at home, letting him know that we weren’t prudish. He got the message 😆 but didn't real…

Mr Pool here.
The pandemic and the associated restrictions in Melbourne have been a drag for us, and for many others I'm sure. We are eagerly counting down to some relaxation of the rules so that we can indulge in some relaxation of our own again!

Luckily we sneaked in some fun back back in February, which I recorded. We rarely record our play but this was a slightly different setup. We are both so glad that we recorded it, considering that f… Read more

How to Have a Happy Open Marriage Swinging

Key steps to successfully opening a marriage…

How to Have a Happy Open Marriage
A few key steps to successfully opening a marriage

Ppening a marriage is no easy feat. It takes communication, thought, and above all: so much love. How your decision to become polyamorous came about will vary greatly from couple to couple. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario.

Whether you’ve been monogamous for the majority of your time together, are opening up after a stint in a closed relationship, … Read more

Computerman Part 3 Aisha Fiction

Aisha's computer needed some attention and so did she.…

It was a nice sunny day, not too warm but comfortable. I had been working all morning on a computer that just wasn’t doing what it should when I received a phone call from a lady. Her computer was playing up and could I look at it. I told her sure and took her address down, not too far from me. I told her I would be over in an hour.

When I arrived at her house I was surprised, it was very large with well laid out lawns with shrubs and trees.… Read more

weekend of pleasure Fiction

fun and games…

Laying satisfied on the bed i can't but stare at your body, naked next to mine. The curves in the light begin to arouse my desires, my hand runs up your side and cups your breast as i lean over and kiss your shoulder, i reach out to touch your face and you turn toward me.....i kiss you passionately, tasting and feeling those inviting lips.

I whisper in your ear "touch yourself"

You do without hesitation, i lay closer on my side as you stret… Read more

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