Your Guide to Dogging Dogging

How does Dogging work?…

Although the term "dogging" was around in the 70s, its meaning over the years has changed from "men perving on unsuspecting couples getting it on in the outdoors" to the far more consensual and inclusive act that we know today. Dogging is the act of having public, or semi-public sex, with the knowledge and desire that you will be seen. It’s most commonly thought that the term derives from “dog walking” as it was often dog walkers in parks a… Read more

From behind the camera Fact

Are you any good at taking photos she asked......…

Looking on line for some adventures, I mentioned that I am a photographer but also a titties man. Not expecting a response a lady replied and was keen for some normal photos but maybe just a few topless. I mentioned that I would treat her like a model and that she will like the photos and all photos will remain her property. Are you any good she asked. As she had tried a few guys before and they were either bad photos or just wanted sex. Und… Read more

Not much fun on South Coast SA then again.... First Time

Finding a stranger online that likes being dominated…

Being a amateur photographer I am always looking for something to shoot. Being an ageing male, also looking for some casual fun. Being on the south coast of South Australia there is a lot to photo, but alas finding adult fun is impossible.. at least that is what I thought.
Finding a lady on a dating site, we chatted for some time and then she seemed keen on getting some nice photos of her. She made it clear nothing else, just photos. This was fi… Read more

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Exploring a GILF Fact

A journey from instant attraction to mutual sex.…

Enjoy the background, its necessary and will help you understand the journey. Completely true and very recent.
Some women just have 'it'. That look, that twinkle in their eye, the way they move, their affinity with men. You can't teach it, you can't learn it, its natural to them and when you spot it then you know its just a matter of time.
First time I saw her, in a coffee shop with some other 'ladies who do lunch', dressed smart in a tight whi… Read more

Hotwife Ground Rules 101 Swinging

Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions…

Ground Rules

Another day of Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions and stories is upon us. Today I am going to address the topic of Ground Rules.

I have heard some major horror stories in the lifestyle from couples who swing and from couples who Hotwife and all due to this one most important topic. Due to the fact that there are 2 people involved in both lifestyles, you have to remember that feelings and emotions matter not just wit… Read more

CC plays again Threesome

More cock for CC’ at daughters party…

After the unexpected threesome with CC and Paull the tables were turned. CC had tasted the forbidden and was keen to explore further. We had a long chat afterPaull left,, CC wasn’t happy about how the night had begun but admitted she enjoyed the extra cock and that Paull certainly knew how to duck and please a woman. A small confession that she let Paull fuck her arse and she enjoyed him doing her hard and let him cum in her arse twice. She did… Read more

Couples swinger journey Swinging

Promiscuous wife…

This is a true and honest confessions of a journey into the swinging lifestyle.
It all started about 4 years into our relationship after I had moved in with with M and her 2 teenage boys. It was both our 2nd serious relationship after both having 15-20 year prior marriages
M is a very cute and sexy blonde in her late 40’s and in her younger days, she was a professional dancer for popular performers that toured her city, so she loved to danc… Read more

Pleasure Ride Fact

Unrestrained Oral Pleasure for Her…

Hey Lover. I have been daydreaming about you. Miss you.
Imagining you kneeling above my face. My tongue gently touching your lips. Long feathery licks. Lightly teasing along your pussy. Very gradually teasing you open. Raising your desire. Fanning your heat. Making you wet. Dripping your honey onto me as you squirm. My hands stroking your ass. Gripping your cheeks. Just before you drop onto my face to ride me, I grip your hips and hold you up s… Read more

Deliciously Ruined... Cuckold

How much damage can be sustained by one sexy woman…

Damn, could my life get any better! Shona was so ruined! Would my favourite delicious little hole in the world ever feel the same again? Looking down, Shona's pussy was puffy and raging swollen, perfectly reddened, wonderfully stretched and massively remained gaping open. I could not remember the last occasion I had seen Shonas pussy so destroyed.
But fuck me, "Wow was it so hot!"
I was instantly between her legs and eating her spunky puss… Read more

Long time cumming Fact

a lil cheeky outing…

I had never seen you on before. You had me curious. I was getting so wet as I watched you wank hard and rough. Your mic was on and I could hear your heavy breathing. I wanted that in my ear. I wanted you wanking that cock teasingly over my mouth. I wanted you. And that was rare.
You must’ve realised I’d been watching you, as then, you messaged me.
It didn’t take you long to want me just as badly. You hadn’t seen a photo. I wasn’t… Read more

You Might Be A Swinger IF... Swinging

Your sex toy collection costs more than your china set…

You Might Be A Swinger IF...

1. You are running out of reasons to tell your friends, family and coworkers why you can’t go out with them this weekend

2. You know most of your friends’ names only as couples (Rich and Joy, Frank and Jen) but you don’t know their last names

3. You go on vacation with three huge suitcases, yet are wearing the same outfit when you return as on you did when you left

4. You have already seen pictures o… Read more

One night stand Cuckold

So hot to watch...…

I watched on, wanking my leaking erection, my pale skinned wife in action. Right there in front of me she was lifted in the strong arms of this sexy man and thrown into our bed. They wasted no time, both of them were so excited and he was quickly buried in her willing body, pumping her hard. “Deeeeeper, deeeeeper” she groaned as they sexily rode each other. “I need you to fuck the living christ out of me” she squealed out.
This fuckin … Read more

Random meet at arndale Other

She wont forget me…

It was a rainy mid autumn day, it had been quite mild, was still warm. I drove into the car park around 515 pm, just to get smokes. Had been helping a friend close by, was on my way home. Not to many people about, all the sheep hiding in their houses from a mild cold 80 percent of people will never catch. As I drive in, I saw at the edge of the canopy by the main entrance, her.

Petite, slender, dressed in those overall type shorts, with tig… Read more

The Collar of Consideration BDSM

The Collar of Consideration is an important step in the evolution of a D/s dynamic…

The Collar of Consideration
The Collar of Consideration is an important step in the evolution of a D/s dynamic, yet it is a step that I see completely bypassed all too often these days. Couples seem in such a rush to Give/receive the permanent Collar, that they forget that the Permanent Collar is something that should be earned. It should be something that the submissive strives for, and the Dominant should not offer it until he/she is 100% sure… Read more

Hot day at Maslins Beach Fact

Went to Maslins on a hot sunny day and eneded up having the hottest experience with a guy in the water…

It was a hot sunny day in the middle of the week in Feb 2020 and i was feeling a bit horny so i took a few hours off and went down to Maslins Beach in Adelaide for a bit of nude sun and a bit of a look. I got there and stripped off to that amazing feeling of being naked amongst other naked people.
The beach looked amazing , water was perfectly calm and there were quite a few people around. I went for a walk up and down the beach to see what deli… Read more

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My Invisible Collar BDSM

Ever since the minute he met me, he dreamt of seeing his collar on my neck....…

I hadn’t been back into swinging long when I met my Dom. He took me as his date to a party and as we really didn’t know each other, planned to meet beforehand to break the ice before heading out. I’d travelled hours by train, got soaked by a downpour and wasn’t feeling my best. I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to make the best first impression. So I found a place to go change into dry clothes and did my best to look less like a dr… Read more

CC gets more than we planned Threesome

Threesome once, twice so many times…

Sometime back, I wrote about CC my on part time FB and how I tricked her into her first threesome with an old friend of mine.

It seems that short night of surprised fucking unleashed the inner cock slut in CC. Now CC wasn’t shy in bed or fucking in public places. Sucking cock, getting fingered, fisted and anal we’re all pretty much standard fair for our casual meetups. CC loved the risky public sex, be getting fingered in a restaurant or … Read more

Our first GB Fact

Trish & I live out my fantasy, with extras…

My relationship with Trish was based purely and unashamedly around sex. This mature, elegant, incredibly sexual woman, is without doubt the most exciting lover I ever had. We experimented together and discussed our fantasies - some of them we managed to live out. At 35, I was discovering a side that I never knew existed, thanks to Trish.

One evening we had been out for a drink and I was driving back to my place. Trish would often take my cock… Read more

Further adventures with Trish Fact

A couple of “firsts”…

I have written about Trish before (part 2 is missing - for some reason deleted), so for some background, check out “Trish pt 1”

This beautiful, extremely sensual and sexual, classy woman, 15 years my senior, had a very exiting time for about 18 months about 20 years ago. I haven’t seen her since we parted ways but I do think of her often and wonder what she is doing now. My memories of the times we spent and the adventures we had are cr… Read more

Arrived to a blindfolded wife Meetings

A follow up from a Club X encounter…

I wrote about one of my experiences at Club X in Sydney and the time I spent with a wife and her man in the gloryhole booth. It ended with her passing her number on to me with the hope of some future fun. A few days later we exchanged a few flirtatious texts and memories from the previous encounter. She mentioned that her and her husband often stay in a hotel room in the CBD about once a month for a weekend of adventure and the next time they wer… Read more

Husband licks out wife's well used pussy... Meetings


I am a married woman and for years I've been taken on so many extra-marital dates. Don't get me wrong - I love my sexy husband dearly, but I also need sex with other guys. It's just something I really enjoy.

Recently, I've started on with a guy (I haven't even told my husband yet) who catches up with me a couple of evenings each week. We have some serious rumpy pumpy, we are always finished before Ric gets home from work. My new man pumps hi… Read more

Massage anyone? Other

Sensual massage for a friend who asked me how I'd go about it.…

Well, I'd be dressed in loose shorts, but with no top, just in case of oil spills! You would start out on your front in traditional massage style and I would fold a little towel across your bum, pretending to be protecting your privacy. Then I'd start standing by your head and rub right from our shoulders down to your bum. Leaning across you, you would feel my belly against your hair. Then I'd move on to your legs, oiling each one up and rubbing … Read more

Club X booth Meetings

A quick visit to the gloryhole…

I was staying in the CBD one evening with absolutely nothing to do, I had an early dinner and as usual, nothing on TV. Like everyone else, something about a hotel room just gets you in the mood. I was only a 2 minute walk from the Club X on George St in Sydney. Weighed up my options and it seemed to be the only logical choice. So put some pants on and headed downstairs.

With no clear objective in mind to how I was going to finish my visit ther… Read more

Gala ball Fact

Dressed for decadance…

It was difficult seeing you across the foyer of the hotel, you were the last person I had expected to see at the Mayors Charity ball. I caught your eye and we smiled and nodded in polite surprise. I noticed you husband was by your side as my wife was also attending. We both went back to our pre dinner drinks and conversations with our guests. It wasn’t until we were ushered into the ball room that we both realised we had been sat at the same ta… Read more

Fun in a Park loo... Meetings

An afternoon of lewd photography turns into, apparently, a group of new friends for my wife...…

I had loved for years, my wife Shona fucking other guys. Knowing she was or is being used or seeing her being used by another man or men has always given me a horny thrill. Shona also finds immense enjoyment in having a variety of sexy men, of always having a new penis or two to play with, she really finds it a massive turn on.

I regularly pass a public toilet, near Ermington NSW, as I work, it is in a quiet area by the water and easy to par… Read more

the hotel part 1 Threesome

surprise for my fb at hotel…

My gorgeous sexy lady and myself met at a hotel for an afternoon of pure passion and sexy love making.
As ever she dressed in black stockings with a black mini dress as she knows this is my favourite.
We went to our room and were soon kissing passionately she felt amazing,I wanted her as much as ever.
My fingers worked there way down her gorgeous legs finding the bare skin at the top of her stockings slowly teasing her and gently spreading her… Read more

Our weekend getaway Fiction

Our dream cum true…

Miss and i snuck away to our favourite getaway spot just an hour up the coast. As we sat this afternoon drinking and laughing the afternoon was getting away fast, we decided to wonder up to the local for a few schooners and dinner.
Sitting in a corner we continued to chat play some Keno while deciding what to have for dinner, I noticed Miss seemed a little distracted by two younger looking fellows sitting a few tables away. The odd eye contact s… Read more

Let Me Tell You a Little Story ... BDSM

Completely new into BDSM I fall down the Little Rabbit Hole ... Thanks to a Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Hat…

It all started with a sparkly rainbow unicorn hat.

She's always been hiding in there …. scared to come out. The perfect sub inside my inner me. Sometimes she giggles and dances down the aisles while I'm shopping. She loves singing along to music playing over the intercom and she adores Christmas. All those shinies and presents!

Usually she sneaks sweet foods into my basket when I'm not looking or insists we NEED that cute little something… Read more

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Disco orgasm Other

Public extasy…

We were sitting the the corner of the night club in a raised booth and after a few drinks where we indulged in a bit of crowd watching I took you to the dance floor. The music soon had you moving to its beat. You smiled and closed your eyes as you took in the calming effects of a few drinks, the energy of the music and the crowd.

As you started to slightly sweat absorbed in the music I reached into my pocket and removed the remote for the vibr… Read more

My first MMF continued Threesome

Third installment…

So we walked a little while and found a steak and seafood restaurant not far from our apartment. Table for three and the wine started to pour , general conversation ensued and we got to know each other’s life stories a little more. A couple of hours in and our meal was gone and chit chat became groin massages and fuck me eyes
From R, she was a little tipsy, a little loud and a little Horny. R wanted to move locations so we paid the bill and… Read more

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