The Game we Play Pt 1 Fiction

A usual day as his belonging.…

I know not to fight it. My wrists are bound either side of me there's a little movement. My legs are spread also, bound tighter then my wrists. I don't know how long it's been since he left for work, feels like hours yet I know it isn't. He always leaves a DVD playing. Guys fucking girls, girls fucking girls, cock sucking, over and over it will play and it's only on its second time. I could easily sleep to pass time till he returns but I fight th… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 3 (Final) Fact

This is where it get's awkward…

Part 3.

So I look over after I was finished with Beck's friend and see that Beck and her friend's boyfriend are gone. I turned to Beck's friend and ask "Do you know where they went?", she looked puzzled at me, "No I don't" as she walking butt naked around the yard searching every nook and cranny of the yard. I started to walk inside yelling out her name and his name as loud as I can. Beck's friend walks inside soon after yelling out her boyfri… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 2 Fact

another story about what happen that night…

Here's part 2 of the story.... enjoy

So after we got done having some awesome sex, she got dressed and asked if I wanted to go over to a friends place. I agreed and I got dressed myself and we ended up getting a cab to this "friends" place. We arrived there 7 mins past 8 pm and knocked on the door. She was fixing herself up as her friend opened the door and answered. We greeted each other I got introduced to her friend and her friend's boyfr… Read more

For T – Part 3 Fiction


“Fuck me!”

That’s all I could think. It was exactly the same in her thoughts.

She slowed and paused, taking her time, as “my time” for her was as rare as blue moons. Her pussy was nicely stretched with her digit exploration, and very wet; slick, tingling, and hot. She licked her fingers and smiled as she loved the taste of her juice. Even though she’d had children, she had worked hard to be reasonably fit and eat well, and do al… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 1 Fact

This was a spicy one night stand…

So this story begins back when I just finished high school, I was 18 and she was 20...I was sitting at home and going through my Myspace account when she popped up as a friend request in my Myspace friends list. I added her and we bantered back and forward for a while, discussing the good old days of school life and the trouble we got into when we hung out.

One thing leads to another, we text back and forward, sent a few dirty nudes to ea… Read more

Public Pool Party After Closing! Fact

She saved my life!…

TThisThis Story begins on a hot summer day of 2014 in Australia.

So I was sitting at home and it was stinking hot, I had hot sweat dripping down my body. I was taking cool showers but it was that hot that I thought to myself, "Fuck it I'm going to go down to the local indoor pool centre and go for a swim and scope out some hot chick's in bikini's". So I packed myself a bag with the usual, A towel, Some clean shorts, singlet and underwear. So I… Read more

For T - Part 2 Fiction

I definitely covet another's wife…

Standing on the other side of the wall that separates us, I have my smart phone in hand, zooming in to frame you better. The picture on my screen causes me to become as hard as a rock, and I want to thrust my rather throbbing cock into your delectable hot, pink, wet slit. I am shaking with lust but I must keep that camera steady! There's all the time in the world to have a private pull later.

“Fuck me!”, your pussy demands. You oblige, ope… Read more

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Gangbang in the Dunes Swinging

Second time she opens up…

After Carren fucked Aaron in his van in the camping area behind the beach she changed. She was far more confident and also more open to her needs. We went back to the beach three days later but Aaron had moved on but my wife was horny and after laying naked on the beach she asked me to take her into the dunes to check out the action the supposedly went on there. I did explain to her that the dunes was an area that mainly catered to bi guys and ga… Read more

For T – Part 1 Fiction

Feels like I covet another's wife ...…

Lying back on your outdoor sofa, you close your eyes and slow down your breathing. It's been a hell of a week. You've had enough. Just want to be left alone. Peace and quiet. No demands. No thinking. No problems to work out.

The sun is out in full force today, more than what you've expected. You move the sofa more into a dappled shade. And, seeing as noone is around today – first time in a good long time – you decide to remove all of your … Read more

What a ride Fact

Train sucker and fucker…

Ok so I jumped on the train heading towards Brisbane on tilt train anyway I got on about 230am ,quickly found my seat most people were asleep but the lady across from me on the other side of the iske looked pretty damm hot dark hair green eyes B size tits very firm anyway I settled we spoke and laughed for about an hour and then asked if she wanted a drink a coffee so we went to the food carriage got our coffee sat drinking chatting and of course… Read more

First woman to woman encounter Meetings

Bi curious BBW gets eaten for hours…

We met in a chat room online and instantly connected. We were an hour apart and my hubby was away so after a hot online chat we exchanged details and she drove to my place. I was dressed simply in a black lace loose top, naked underneath and nipples slightly exposed, she was hungry for pussy. Nervous as hell as she walked in, fondled my large swaying breasts kissing me deeply. We quickly moved to the bedroom, she stripped off my loose top adm… Read more

Retail blow Fact

Coffee girl sucks dick…

A little while back Bon Jovi was playing at Suncorp stadium, as I live more than 6 hours away ,I had to stay in the city ,anyway ..I found a hotel with a coffee shop next door ,checked in dropped of bags and went for coffee, Omg the coffee girl Amanda was gorgeous blonde double DD tits blue eyes ,I got a hard on straight away,anyway we chatted and bon jovi came up ,she loved the band but was working late,so I went to show and when I got back to … Read more

I love watching my wife , Fact

Hot wife…

Well its been awhile,
My gorgeous wife Sam , has been getting a bit of cock on the side ,and she thinks I don't really know about all of the times ,but you regular readers of my escapades will know that most of the time I had set it up ( lol).
So here is our last bit of fun .....
We were at the Casino ,in Broadbeach QLD. on holidays and we'd had dinner there and were gambling ,Sam was dressed to look hot (she thinks for me but I have … Read more

You never know Fact

older woman at work hungry for my cock and i had no idea…

I always notice the women around me, I love older women, there's something sexy about the seduction of a mature woman. I Peoples sexual energy's are easy to spot, sometimes you can just tell someone is a naturally a sexual person. This was the case with Greta, an older european lady that I worked with. I had always fantasised about fucking her, and we would talk a lot and kind of flirt, but I never saw anything that made me think she was serious.… Read more

Forrest Fantasy Fiction

A sexy outdoor forest fantasy chat…

Forrest Fantasy

I have this fantasy of going camping alone.

Okay lets have a go at it.

While setting up my tent in the open, there is wild river not far away, there is a man also setting up on the other side of the trees. I meet him when I went collecting wood. We chat then I go back and start the camping ordeal. It's mid-summer so I leave the tent zipped door open a bit while I go to sleep naked. In the morning my camping  neigh… Read more

Bigger changes everything Swinging

Wife has first time with guy she meets on beach…

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. She is 55 I am 51. We have talked of spicing it up a little many times but Carren always says she is not interested in swapping or anything unfaithful. We have however started going to the nude beach and Carren gets excited looking at the naked people as well as displaying herself. Being a mature she is a little large in the hips and also the tits, has cellulite on her thighs but a pretty face and he… Read more

Trish (pt1) Fact

The beginning…

This story is completely factual and begins a number of years ago. I had been separated for about a year and during that time had spent most of my energies on survival: moving away, getting work, a place, etc. I moved to an area north of Sydney and worked for a local company with a staff of about 15, with a relatively even mix of males and females.

One of the females on staff was Trish. She was 15 years my senior and was one of those women tha… Read more

Our foursome with extras Swinging

Two married guys extra fun…

My wife and I had met a lovely married couple through mutual friends at a party. As it turned out our new friends lived in the same suburb from us just a few hundred meters away. We would go out for dinner and drinks and one evening they invited us back to their home for after dinner drinks and coffee. They had a spa bubbling away in lovely enclosed centre garden courtyard with soft almost darkened mood lighting and her hubby who had obviously be… Read more

Nude beach Fact


Decicded to take a trip up to the central coast one weekend, visit a popular nude beach we heard a lot about. We got there undressed and started to enjoy the sun. About half an hour later a guy comes over and starts chatting to us both. My girlfriend asked, what goes on over the other side of the lagoon? He said guys and couples wandered over there and sometimes had some fun. He then asked her if she would like him to take her over and have a loo… Read more

Cock Virgin No More Gay

When Bicuriosity Becomes a Reality…

I can’t remember when I first started to sneak a peep at men but I always thought that maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to act on my growing thirst for a same sex experience. This thirst was getting harder to keep to myself and clear signs of my bi-curiosity were starting to surface. For as long as I can remember, my wife and I have always watched porn together. We watched all types of porn, but a trend towards transsexual movies w… Read more

Blue moon Romance

The city of raunchy…

The thing is women are so good at sizing up a mans mood.... I'd hot hauled down to the old lion the xu was parked and the sun was going down I pushed in through the glass windowed door big brass handles and I glance in looking for my friends and see a really good looking african american girl as I close the door she's way down the long bar and I look away and spy Craig and Kezza supping suds mates from way back a coopers with a dash o lime … Read more

First encounter Swinging

Joining a couple for the first time.…

I am going to join B and S for the first time. We have exchanged messages on SH and texts, but I have never spoken to them.  They have sent me pics.  They are an attractive couple.  We are meeting in a hotel room.  I feel excited on the drive down.  My mind is racing over all the things I expect to happen.  My cock is hard.  I am doing my best to stay calm by listening to the radio on the drive.  I pull into the carpark.  Butterflies ris… Read more

first time fist Fact

fisted for the first time…

after arranging for a visit he showed up got naked asking my likes to which I replied I was willing to try anything so as we sucked each other hard he worked on my ass whispering when he had 4 fingers in before I felt him go deeper pounding me as I came . Then he got me in the doggy position and fucked me till I felt his warm loved so much can't wait till next time.… Read more

Woolworths voyeur Fact

Shopping trip voyeur.…

Living in a university town means there is no shortage of sexy young ladies around town.
On my weekly shopping trip tonight I notices a particularly sexy young lady with a very short cutoff top on.
I headed round the other side of the isle to see if I could get a better look and boy did I. As I headed down the isle she reached for an item on the top shelf. As she reached up her shirt lifted exposing magnificent breasts and nipples with no b… Read more

While I was camping Other

a great time…

While I was Camping

I went camping one weekend to an excluded spot you need a 4x4 to get too well I set the camping trailer up unhooked the car then got some fire wood for the open fire for latter.

I made a coffee and sat down in my camp chair then went for a walk down to the beach to think and gather my thoughts then went back to my camper stripped off my clothes and sat in my chair again with a beer.

I heard a vehicle coming near my … Read more

The neighbours. Fact

Two brothers for faithful wife…

I don’t believe this has happened before the happenings of last night i was a happily married faithful 40 year old but now I’m a threesome slut.
My name is Kylie and I’m 40 as said, married early in life but due to career my husband and I decided that we would live our lives without children. He owns and manages a manufacturing firm that builds parts for caravans and trailers which is very successful while i am an accountant who works from… Read more

Nude Beach Sydney. Fact

At this Nude Beach you can sunbake in the Bush just off the Beach Big sandstone Flat rocks everywhere. I was Sunbathing Nude and 2 women Put Towels Down Near me. Well I Lasted 2min when they stripped off I Got Hard Closed my eyes layed there sunbaked I Felt a Shadow Blocking the Sun it was one off them standing Behind my Head then I Felt a Hand on my Dick then Mouth it was the other women Gee did we have some Fun Both Bisexual Played with each … Read more

Today at Cobblers Beach Other

This morning the sun was out, beautiful blue sky and hubby and I drove to Cobblers Beach to enjoy being naked in the sun.
I had showered before I left and made sure my pussy was freshly shaven, taking particular attention to my big pussy lips.
All I had on was a summer dress with a low cleavage that my hubby loved. It’s so nice feeling naked underneath.
We parked and made the trek down to the beach and was surprised at how many people were a… Read more

Melbourne Voyeurism Fact

back in the 90s i advertised on a website asking if any girls would like to put on an exhibitionist show. One girl actually replied, said "maybe". we chatted on email for ages.
One nite i eventually asked her if we could try one of my fantasies. I said can you got to your bedroom window and remove your clothes, and I will be outside in the dark watching. Unbelievably to me she agreed and gave me her address!

at the agreed time, around 11pm fr… Read more

My First Threesome and DP Fact

So, this is a carry on from my last story -

First Meet at Maslin's Beach with a Lovely Fun Couple - Part 2.

This is my next meet with the same couple. In my last encounter with Mrs P was something to remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I got to have a wonderful, relaxing, erotic time with a married woman. Just her and me, whilst her husband, Mr B was at work. No, this was not a sordid affair behind his back, he had given Mrs … Read more