Just thinking out loud First Time

Its time…

We are all here because we all love sex and every aspect that gives us pleasure according to our own individual tastes.
As a wise Lady once told me.
'No Sex messes with the brain'
She practiced what she preached.
Another wise lady once told me that.
'Repetitive pleasure numbs the senses'
Based on that it is a constant quest for more exciting experiences.
I have always been sexually aware from as far back as I can remember.
There is a psyc… Read more

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I once owned a Dog Dogging

Be careful how you name your dog…

My parents told me I could name my new pet dog anything I wanted and since I was a
mischievous little boy, I decided to name the dog Sex.

It seemed funny at first until you understand all the confusion that this caused me in my
later life.

Like the day that I went to the town hall to get a dog license for Sex. The clerk asked
me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a license for Sex.

He said, “I’d like to have one, too.”

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Two Ships Meetings

We all know how these things end…

The following is a true story dating back to 2006, as told by email and personal account. I met a beautiful woman on an adult site and we moved the conversation to email..

This is just a photo of equipment I'll bring with me. I hope you like it.

Yes, I like the equipment, glad you'll be bringing it along. I need to take some more photos.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the pictures. I can't wait to see … Read more

My loose sloppy asshole Fact

Love my hole juicy stretched…

I love when a guy or guys fuck my slutty asscunt and blow cum into me. Sometimes they fist me afterwards. I always beg to lick their cum from my used hole off their cocks n hands mmm.
When I'm back home with cum still up my arse which is often I love toying my creamed hole and licking n sucking the cum off the toy.
I love the taste of cum and love sucking and swallowing all types. Love huge loads that spurt straight down my throat or fill u… Read more

A break before Xmas Meetings

A brief chance meet on a beach leads to an erotic night of MFM pleasure...…

We took a trip up to QLD to enjoy the Gold Coast before Xmas overran us. On the beach Shona met a guy who began to chat her up. It turned out, amongst other things, he had separated from his wife some months back and was lonely. He was really pleasant and ended up inviting Shona and I back to his apartment for drinks and a view of the whole beach. Once in the apartment Brent gave us the grand tour and we particularly noticed the king size bed… Read more

The Drive Fact

A long time ago...…

This happened a long time ago.
I was driving west to a town near the border. It was hot outside the car, and almost cold in the air conditioning. I had just left the last suburb of the city and over the low hills that marked "the bush". The first roadhouse is half an hour down the road. I drive listening to whatever music is on the radio.
The big AMPOL sign rises over the ridge, I decide to stop and get a drink. I pull into the forecourt and… Read more

Soiled, stained... Meetings

Such a sexy surprise, Stained, soiled and ready to play again.…

Arriving home late from Xmas drinks, our bedroom was softly lit. I said "Hi" to Shona, I leant in and kissed her. The kiss back from her was very intense. I got her message and quickly stripped and climbed into bed. Shona pressed up tightly against me, literally pulling me onto her body. Shona seemed to be in a very cheeky mood and was very bubbly. She quickly grabbed hold of my cock and left me no doubt she was feeling very frisky.
Shona … Read more

Hard to not swallow Threesome

It was a a nice day to play…

I had been chatting with a woman online for a while from a bi site, we had chatted about normal things mainly with innuendo thrown into every conversation. Then one day out of the blue she asked if I wanted to meet and suck her husbands cock, that he had been curious about the idea of a guy going down in him while she watched. I instantly accepted the offer and we organised a daytime meet and a hotel.

I arrived and knocked on the door, she op… Read more

The Awakening Threesome

An End Of Year To Remember…

It had been a long year, things been tight financially as we struggled to save and pay our mortgage but there was light at the end of the tunnel as the end of the year approached.
We were both more relaxed, we could even go out to dinner occasionally and we made love more often.
We had made more time for each other and had long conversations, something we had not done for months.
We talked about everything from getting old together, retirement… Read more

10 inch Meetings

I didn't expect that....…

I meet a guy from here many years ago, he was one of the first guys I had hooked up with. I had had some minor experience with guys, and was keen for more. My experience was limited to stroking and sucking a guys cock at this time and I was keen to play more. We chatted during the day online and organised a time that evening to meet at his place.

I arrived, my heart was in my chest and I was as horny as a teenager. He opened the door and invi… Read more

Fun with another mans Wife Meetings

That soft moist feeling on first entry…

Meet the most amazing women on SH she was married but as we all are she was a little bored of the same old same old.

We chatted for around a week and we both got very excited everytime to the point I was having to release Myself after every chat. Well after one of these chats she decided to invite me over as she was doing the same. Of course I quickly agreed took down her address and got in the car with a Rock hard cock thinking about what was… Read more

A Game of Pool I’ll never forget Groups

The denim skirt barely covered my arse cheeks. It barely covered the stretched and swollen lips of my cunt.…

I wasn't quite sure what to anticipate, but I knew I was in for a night to remember.
John had carefully selected my wardrobe for the night. He'd made sure there was no mistaking what I was. A slut. A slut who was obviously up for it. A slut who liked to spread her legs for strangers.
The denim skirt barely covered my arse cheeks. It barely covered the stretched and swollen lips of my cunt. It definitely didn't cover the weights attached. They w… Read more

A Sunday afternoon with D. Fact

He made me cum more than once.…

It was a summer's afternoon and the temperature pushing into the high 30s, my husband had arranged a play date for me with a guy who did me several months ago. Let's call him 'D' as he was a real gentleman who was intent on making sure I had a good time. I was more than happy to catch up with D again as he was a well endowed man and he knew how to use it well.
Hubby and I had discussed that if I wanted to I could take him bareback, if he cons… Read more

Top dog Fact

My experiences and feelings when my beautiful sexy, absolutely stunning lady and i look for and invite a male friend for a play date.…

My experiences and feelings when my beautiful sexy, absolutely stunning lady and i look for and invite a male friend for a play date.

My girl and I are sitting at a bar, drinking wine and chatting about another play date, we have a laptop open looking at profiles and discussing the pros and cons as we look at men on this site, are they Bi or Bi curious, do they sound respectful, polite and discrete mmm. The excitement and pleasure I feel as we… Read more

Caught masturbating ! Masturbation

Caught out stroking my cock in my hotel room !…

Several years ago I was sent interstate with a group of work colleagues to assist with some major changes in our office up in the Gold Coast Queensland for work and we stayed in several different hotels while we were there. Mainly sharing a room with one or two colleagues. But this one time I had a room to myself, and I was aching to have a good ol' wanking session on my own. On the first evening after having dinner with some of my work colleagu… Read more

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Night park dogging Fact

Well used…

Rode my push bike at 9pm to a park 10mins away wearing goody track pants no undies. Had vaso in my hungry asshole ready for fucking.
Rode down the path in the dark bushy park and came to a young guy sitting on a bench alone. His hand was down his pants as we greeted eachother. I sat next to him and rubbed his hard cock thru his pants. I wasted no time pulling his rock hard 8 inch bone out and started sucking him mice n deep. I asked him to f… Read more

Old Friends Threesome

Social Media…

Social media has a habit of bringing up the past.
Sue had thrown herself into work after her husband had passed away.
Her focus was a five year project on a new drug that would hopefully assist those battling the cancer that took Doug.
It had become personal.
All the plans they made together had evaporated in just six weeks after he was diagnosed.
Long hours and fatigue had dulled the pain but had turned her into something of a recluse.
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Weekend Away Threesome


A rambling B&B in the mountains, a quiet weekend away on her own, just the thing to unwind and refresh.

Tucked away at the end of a long driveway, a federation style homestead that had been converted into holiday accommodation.
Unpacked and strolling the grounds, Pam, immersed herself in the serenity of the forest.
The stillness of the afternoon was eventually broken by the sound of a car approaching along the gravel driveway.
Partly obscu… Read more

Home, home again. Meetings

I had been invited away to share a birthday weekend.…

It was just after 11pm. I managed to sneak into our home and then even our bedroom without waking Ric. As I closed in on Ric's sleeping form, I jumped onto the bed, fully dressed, and kissed him, he woke. I was hungry for my man. I tried to express that hunger in my kiss.

Ric opened his mouth and I sunk my tongue in, kissing him deeply. Ric wrapped me in his arms and he quickly discovered my unzipped, dishevelled, sexy lace dress. It seemed… Read more

my mothers hot friend First Time

eva is so hot with slim body big boobs…

hello every one here i want to explain my real life incident. It was happened in december 2018 when my mother's friend Miss Eva comes to our home. Eva is a 35 yr old women with long blonde hairs blue eyes , i was 22 at that time. My mom is a designer and she design outfits for her , she is a very rich lady always on trip. Once she take a dress and come to my room at the time she was unware that i m in the room she started removing dress My 8 inc… Read more

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Boss's wife's panties Fact

A fantasy comes true…

I have always had a bit of a fetish for women's lingerie, especially the panties and pantyhose. From my teenage years I used to get hard seeing pictorial references to panties. At school I was always trying to get a glimpse up teachers and girls skirts. In my young adult years, I loved seeing women in their underwear and at times, when I was alone, trying different peoples on. I was never a crossdresser but I have had pleasant experiences with so… Read more

Night at Star Gold Coast never to forget.. Threesome

Thank you ladies.…

So the week had been shithouse to say the least finally received my divorce from the ex wife and had driven 2500 klm in 3 days so really didn't feel like my so called Divorce party, but the gods where watching i guess.
So the . night had not really gone to plan most of my mates had changed their minds and sadly only had 2 real mates came out.
One had drank way too much before arriving and was kicked out early on the other did his best Michael J… Read more

More real cuckold fun in Parramatta Fact

The submissive couple's journey continues…

It almost seemed like a time warp. 4 years, nearly to the day, after our very first meet. Same town, same hotel, only this time I was hosting and the sexy submissive wife and her equally submissive cuckold husband arrived to have some naughty play time. It had been a very short notice meet but we worked it out and at 4pm they arrived at my room, the usual hello's then it was time for K to get changed into her sexy slutty outfit. As she got change… Read more

My first exhibitionist show Fact

Stopping at a dogging spot and putting on a show for a couple there…

Recently I planned my work so I would finish up on a Friday afternoon south of Forster, so I could check out some local dogging spots in the evening and see what action might be happening. I turned up to one on the edge of a lake and there was a couple in their car so I parked nearby and watched what they were upto. She was removing clothing and appeared to be keen to give him a blow job except that I was there. I thought, oh well, lets give them… Read more

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Sex with a local Aboriginal woman Fact

We were arranging to meet the next day then I got a text, she was horny and could not wait till tomorrow!…

I chatted to an Aboriginal woman online for a while and she was not far away from me. We exchanged phone numbers and were texting each other one evening about going for a walk in the bush together and then fucking afterwards, then she sent a text to me ‘fuck I am so horny, come over now, I cant wait till tomorrow’ so I rushed there. I arrived at her house and she let me in, nervous as we had only met the once prior to this, and we both knew s… Read more

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The Tiger Bedroom at the Canberra Zoo Fact

Staying overnight in a bedroom adjacent the Tiger enclosure at the Canberra Zoo…

Have you heard of the Tiger bedroom at the Canberra Zoo? My ex and I were both nature lovers and paid for and went to the zoo there for a pat the Cheetah experience, which we enjoyed. The keepers take you into the Cheetah enclosure and allow you to pat the cheetahs under their careful guidance. I remember being surprised at two things – the coarseness of their fur, much more like a Llama than a cat, and the fact that they were always focussed o… Read more

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Delicious part 4 Fact

August day fun…

August 7 4 days after my B/Day. S was off work and we arranged some daytime fun. Delicious turned up about 1230. She was wearing white corset stockings and panties. She was worked up before he walked in the door. After we said hello you could see he was hard. His erections stick straight out. She immediately sat on his lap facing him rubbing he wet pussy onto his cock kissing him on the lips. We got up and started to undress as she was in linge… Read more

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Cam Fun Masturbation

A fun play session in a private room.…

I started chatting to a very sexy couple on this website a couple of months ago. The photos of Mrs looked super sexy in her black boots and lingerie and I was very keen to make contact. After exchanging a few messages back and forth, and a phone conversation with Mr it was arranged we would meet up in a chatroom.
Time and date was organised and I eagerly awaited our meet up in the chat room. I made sure I was nice and smooth and applied a littl… Read more

Soiled and delicious... Romance

A most delicious afternoon to arrive home...…

My wife was in our “walk-in” robe as I entered our bedroom. I lean into the “walk-in” and kissed her, she smiled a cheeky smile and pulled away, “with you in a moment,” she said..

I spied, laying dishevelled, discarded on our unmade bed, were laying her pretty morning panties. A red lace and satin pair, I remember thinking they were so sexy on her arse. I had watched her pull them on this morning.
To me, this morning, they we… Read more

Free Beach Meetings

Great to see…

I went down to the Free beach here in Darwin today well this morning and walking along the path seen some guys all naked and talking and also holding some cocks, there were 2 guys fucking each other too bareback too whih looked nice to see on of them who was being fucked he had tanned torso and legs but bum an cock area where white like he was wering shorts but wasnt.
I stood there for awhile watching them having their morning fuck session the… Read more

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