I'm good with my hands Fiction

Mature handyman…

You need work done around the house. You imagine hiring a tradie to come by and fix some things.
He arrives and he's an older guy. He is well spoken and knowledgeable.
You are taken by his maturity and presence.
You leave him to work away while you go about your business.
Every now and again you pass by and enquire how things are going and he responds that he is working through your list. He impresses you as a competent worker.
One time y… Read more

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playing with my wife Fact

oiled up and filled…

So it started in the shower with kissing and rubbing each other's body's getting all soapy and horny then we started to have sex in the shower at that point we decided to go to bed. Once in bed used baby oil to rub her body all over including her pussy and ass then started to rub just her clit and got her all worked up by just stroking her clit. Then moved between her legs and had baby oil all over my hands and cock so I was teasing her ass and … Read more

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Young Married Dads Glory-hole Meet Gay


For sometime I had been thinking of GH's and was on CL scanning all the various ads. I got the idea that I would contact some and see if I could get away in on this fun with the people who had them all set up so it was more of a private discreet way of getting cocks to suck

I emailed a couple of guys and didn't hear back from one and the other was a bit nasty explaining to me that only men knew what men wanted and he was not going to share at … Read more

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My husband used bed cuffs on me Meetings

A very hot afternoon fuck.…

My husband Ric led me into our bedroom, he closed the door behind us. He sat me down on the bed and with his sexy voice told me to undress. He then blindfolded me so I had no idea what he had awaiting me.
I got naked, aware I quickly had a growing ache that needed touching. He pressed me down on the bed and took my ankles and wrists into cuffs so that my body was spread naked from corner to corner of our bed. I knew, even through my blindfold,h… Read more

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My sexy wife Cuckold

She wants to cuckold with men…

As you've read my profile. I like crossdressing and masturbating. My wife loves sex. She has a strong drive too.Some time ago, I had asked her to have some sexy photos taken at a photo studio. I only wanted to take pleasure in this as I like men taking photos of my wife in her underwear. At first she resisted but later enjoyed the pros. making her feel great. So I had ordered lots of Victoria Secret lingerie, bras and panties from the US and made… Read more

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My husband has a rival... Meetings

When my husband is away, this wife loves to play...…

My Husband has a rival

Dan had moved me up on my knees so my naked bum was towards him. I realised what position Dan had me in and what he was about to do with me, but I thoughtfully continued chatting on the phone to my husband Ric. "He's about to doggy fuck me" I said, "I'm on my hands and knees and Dan's about to fuck me just like you do. I'm gonna wiggle and grind for him as he drills out my pussy. I'll bet he'll love me making naughty s… Read more

More than just the 8 ball, the overseas business trip Fact

Resoundingly beaten by 2 girls at pool the night gets a lot more interesting than expected…

The company I worked for used to send me overseas on business. While this came with its perks often it was a lot of work and then crashing in the evenings, the employees weren’t particularly social, bar the HR manager but that’s another story. One trip I had a few colleagues with me and we headed out on the Friday night, the company driver was out with us partly to show us around, even though I was reasonably familiar and partly to ensure we … Read more

What a conference Fact

In town for a boring conference but had the best sex ever…

I travel a lot for work and two weeks ago was in Auckland for a conference. I was having breakfast at a funky little cafe where I had been each day of the trip. As a social person I got to know the owner, a 40 something hottie - lets call her Kelly. Each day Kelly wore a short flowy dress which promoted her beautiful cleavage.

We got on very well but that said, I noticed she got on well with everyone so I was nothing special, until she gave … Read more

Crazy sex eyes Fiction

Dontt beat of to much lol…

Mr crazy sex eyes....

It was a Saturday morning, as my partner and I sat down reliving our previous nights fun with a liked minded sexy couple we were all smiles thinking how hot our sex session was. As we started recounting the events we also started getting hornier and hornier... I put my hand in his shorts and grabbed his throbbing hard cock, gently stroking it, just enough to tease it into showing the first signs of glistening precum. I sw… Read more

Spanish Siesta gone wild Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

This one has the potential to be longest of all my stories. It starts with the separation of my 20 year marriage. I was devastated. I won’t go into those details. That would take a whole book. This story is about a 3 month trip to Spain. I will only focus on that and how it came about etc… The story begins with a phone call.

“Parso”. “Yes Mick”. “I have a proposal for you. Come and see me”. Mick was the General Manager of the c… Read more

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CHINA. The land of the long, white, LOUD ORGASM. Other

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was in Honkers. Hong Kong. The city where everyone lives indoors. Rarely if ever seeing the sun. Yes; believe it. The typical mini-town was a high rise. People lived in an apartment. The kid’s school was in the same building. The parent’s employers and workplace were in the same building. The gym, supermarket, swimming pool, playground, pub, restaurant, were all in the same building. They had to take vitamin D supplements.

I was there on… Read more

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Cum n cock n ads lover Fact

Used again at beach…

Cleaned my horny bum hole and was eager for fun. Went to northern NSW beach and found a guy wandering in dunes who took me to a nice spot and let me suck his cock n balls but he didn't last long and started cumming as I licked his balls so I quickly put his nice cock in my mouth and sucked out the last drops before licking up and eating the rest of his big load off his belly. Then he left and it was quiet there so I went home and dildoed my hungr… Read more

Komodo Courage Other

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

Tokyo, Japan. February. Snow. Wind. FUCKING FREEZING! I was on my way down from the caldera of Mount Fuji. Justin was with me (I call him JP). JP and I were in Tokyo for Production Management Training. We worked for a Japanese Dairy Company. Meiji had a Joint Venture in Victoria; manufacturing Infant Formula for the Asian market. It was a green-field plant. JP was to run the Powder Plant. I was to run the Packaging Plant. We had to understand eac… Read more

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A horny night of "Role Play" in our bedroom.…

Shane was perfect for both Shona and I, he had shown serious, very flirtatious, interest in Shona. As we chatted, we both found we trusted him, he was clean, and he was pretty hot. Shane was what we wanted, olive skinned, quite tall, dark hair and he was also very, very handsome.
Shona and I met up with him in a hotel well away from home at 6pm. We spent over an hour there and we all chatted, flirted and teased about what we wanted. Shane wa… Read more

Upping the anti - LONDON Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

Readers. I’ve realized my stories have been a bit self-indulgent of recent times. So, I’m going to give you a sex ripper.


London. Probably one of the SEX capitals of the world. Not on the surface, though. Very much under the radar. It is said that Paris is the city of love – romance. I would say that London is the city of raunch – debauchery. Being amongst the oldest human habitats; London has pretty much everything good,… Read more

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French Quarter Deck Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

My agent called: “Hey brother”. “What’s up”? The Yanks want you again in March”. “What’s the deal? “2 weeks. 3 a day. New Orleans.”. “What’s the coin”? “$5000 plus expenses”. “What the fuck man. You know I can get that for one gig here”. “I know. But the promo would be worth it. Don’t you want a holiday”?

I love New Orleans. March is perfect. Early spring. Around 70 to 80 F and a little humid. Similar to… Read more

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Encounter at the hospital Gay


I was visiting my mother in law who was in hospital. I felt the need to go to the toilet and had to go downstairs. After being in the loo I washed my hands and stood at the dryer drying my hands when A man came in he was holding in his hand a long penis. He came up to me and asked me if I would like to suck this. I looked at his enormous penis my mouth dropped open he grabbed me by the hand and lead me into the handicap toilet booth. He push me… Read more

Young Musician's Gloryhole Fun Gay

Gloryhole sucking…

This guy was a drummer in a WA Perth band and contacted me to try out the glory hole. He said that he had seen me on site and had heard about my GH sucking from another member. He said that he really enjoyed having his cock sucked and wanted to give my mouth and throat ago. I told him that was fine and that we should organize him to come and feed me his cock and try it out.

He said that he was all good for Thursday night as it was after a gig … Read more

Crown of horns Fiction

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was in Melbourne at the Crown. My band had been booked for a Corporate function. Black tie. No expense spared. I had charged double the usual fee – cash. They had paid up front. $8,500 for 3 hours. Not bad. I had Dr Tim Nikowski on bass. Tim was a full time studio muso. He played guitar as well. Rob Mercer on drums; Masters Graduate from the Melbourne University Conservatorium. Lisa Worley on vocals. Lisa had worked all over the world. Me on… Read more

My fantasy came true accidentally First Time

How being bored got me into trouble…

I found myself with a day off and no one home to spend it with. It was a warm day and I decided that I was going to strip naked and wonder about the place giving myself dears like answering the door without any clothes on. Anyway because nobody was at the door, I found myself in the front spare room with a handful of suit ties. I began to tie myself to the bed and leaving the one hand not tired but I’m holding the tie I have a large screwdr… Read more

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Port Douglas Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

It was holiday time! My favorite Aussie holiday destination – Port Douglas, far North Queensland. One of my besties owns houses and units up there. Lozza always lets me use the Penthouse free of charge; providing I give him plenty of notice. The “Penthouse” was nothing of the sort. It was an upstairs single bedroom apartment in a non-descript resort; located at the wharf end of Macrossan Street.

I arrived at Cairns airport at around noon… Read more

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Mile High Sub Threesome

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was flying United on my way to New York, via LA. I’d splurged this time and flown First Class. I was only going to be there 2 days and nights. So, getting some shut eye on the flight was important. It was my son’s graduation from Princeton University New Jersey. He had been there for four years, studying Law and Finance. I was horribly excited to see him; it had been over six months. Oh, we vid called each other at least two to three times … Read more

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Green Haired Teen Fact

It is all about the timing…

The National Park nude-beach trail revealed its typical inhabitants; Black cockatoos, fairy wrens, boisterous rosellas, wallaby, goanna, the odd surfer and a few lonesome old creepers heading back to wherever they come from. Slipping off my kicks on the home stretch with the tumbling surf whispering, my toes in the sand felt good. The sun filtering through the canopy of bloodwood, scribbly gums and paperbark was high overhead, but by no means was… Read more

T-Mart Cherry First Time

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was way up in Central NSW on a round robin of Client Visits. I had stopped by a tyre joint. The previous day, I had noticed some weird noises coming from the rear of the car. Vibrations that varied in frequency in line with the linear speed of my vehicle. I had pulled into the Volkswagen Dealership to get them to check it. They said it could be a slow leak due to a neat puncture; but they couldn’t find anything. Keep an eye on it, they sugges… Read more

Sharing CC Threesome

Part 3, CC becomes the cock slut and the cheater…

Now for those of you who have read Parts 1 & 2 you'll know a little trickery was required by me to get CC into the 3some. I was certainly convinced CC would enjoy this once she had tasted the forbidden fruit so to speak.
With Paul fucking her pussy while I was deep in her arse CC was somewhere between crying in shame and begging for us to fuck her senseless. So we fucked her senseless, to be honest I was running out of energy and CC and Paul we… Read more

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The New Years nightcap. Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

It was new years eve. I was in my home town and had been invited to a party by some good friends, Matt and Shaz. I had known them for years; as they were swing dancers and often attended dance events, when my jazz band played. I also knew them through gym. They were both personal trainers.

It was to be yet another 40+ degree day and no doubt a balmy night. I arrived at "beer o'clock" and helped set up. A marque in the front yard. Tables. Chair… Read more

Tuesday in Tassie Threesome

A fantastic MFM…

A business trip to Launceston in Tasmania. I had never been there before or knew anybody so the best thing to do is add a bit to my profile saying when I would be there, change my location temporarily to that area and see who wants to play. It was midweek, middle of winter so outdoors or beach fun was out of the question. I was staying in a nice hotel in the CBD so could comfortably host with discretion.
A few messages, a few winks and I had mad… Read more

Quick BJ in Port Macquarie First Time

An unexpected BJ in PMQ…

It was summer the beginning of 2019 and I was visiting Port Macquarie (where I now live). I was walking along Lighthouse beach, if you haven't been there you need to visit, it is magnificent. It was about 28 degrees, the sun shining, the surf was tiny and there was no one around. So being the show off that I am, I decided to strip and go for a swim. The water was so refreshing although once I got waist high my manhood (that I am very proud of) de… Read more

The vasectomy dilemma Fiction

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

After my third was born. We agreed; one of us should get snipped. Being a tad old fashioned, I argued it should be me. After all, if I passed or whatever, she could have more. On the other hand; they are reversible. I went in and got it done. Holy crap!!! My knackers were purple-black and four times the size. "Did you bring your tight jocks?" says the surgeon in my room, later that day. "Yessss". I was still groggy. He gets a nurse, who looks aft… Read more

Fucking a very hot wife (just not mine) Fact

If only her husband new ,how good a fuck Kylie is…

Hi there , horny readers ,just hubby here with the latest.
Last time on here I wrote about , our close friend Kylie and her husband Arsoul , well after finally getting to Fuck this gorgeous women after so long dreaming about it , things have stepped up......
Kylie had not been having sex with her " beloved one" for over 10 years I seem to have opened Pandora's box (pardon the pun).
I mean she hasn't fucked for over 10 years guys ,she was… Read more

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