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Surprise surprise

well that backfired.. well..

Our story starts out, mid summer... with beautiful sunny days and warm nights.. Neither of us had anything planned for the weekend, and It had been a while since we gotten away, so we locked in a stay down the coast. Just us. I had long wanted to surprise...

Puppy unleashed

Morning surprise

About three weeks ago the neighbour’s dog was in my backyard. I played with her and directed her home. During the holiday my wife went to visit her sister, so I was home alone. One morning when I woke up, I prepared for a shower, but then decided I first...

Surprise threesome

Hubby organised the whole thing without me knowing then surprised me with an extra cock to enjoy

We are swingers, and have enjoyed the company of couples, ladies and guys quite a bit. And normally we both know what's being planned and with who. But this story is about something my hubby organised without me knowing, and surprised me. This is 100% a t...

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Going down

My favourite thing

After the long trip we eventually get to the motel. She kicks off her shoes and lays back on the bed to relax. I lay next to her and feel the smooth silky texture of her flimsy summer dress against my hand. I take hold of the material and slowly pull it h...

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Getting ready...

The joy of watching my sexy wife dress for a date...

Watching my wife getting ready for a date with any of her bulls or for a new boyfriend is such a powerful aphrodisiac for me as a committed cuckold. Especially if she is dressing in slutty lingerie and a short sexy outfit that I have chosen and bought for...


I get off watching...

So excit d as my wife dresses for a date...

Watching my wife getting ready for a date with her bull or for a new boyfriend can be such a powerful aphrodisiac for me as a committed cuckold. Especially if she is dressing in slutty lingerie and a short sexy outfit that I have bought her. She never loo...

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Threesome fun

Being the first for the other girl, very passionate

I signed up for Tinder under both myself and my partner (Sarah) in the single account looking for a female as a friend for us or maybe more. Two days later after signing up I received a match from a hot asian girl (Hannah). Hannah is in her early 20s, us...

Awakening Continues

Back at his place

It was a short 3 minute drive back to his unit, my senses were so intense. I was scared, nervous but also had a deep need to be taken by this man and his cock. I followed him up the stairs, no words were spoken. We entered his front door and he led me str...

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First gay encounter

I was in my early 20’s…. Always wanted to be with a man. Late one night the urge got to me so I headed to a local well known spot in Wollongong called Puckys. I parked in the surf club car park, it was after 10pm. This was like another world, cars were pu...

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Bath Time (Part 1)

Two people enjoy a bubble bath together.

Me: So we're sitting together in the bathroom chatting, me dressed from the waist down beside the tub, you submerged beneath the bubbles. As we chat I notice a knee appear. I take the hint and casually reach over and start to run my hand over it, picking...

It began as just a cuddle in your kitchen...

“You give your good girl, such a big bad load, I swear my slut heart almost stops.”

You cuddle me from behind, so close I can feel your breath on the back of my neck. Every ripple of your erection is hard pressed against my arse cheeks. It's incredibly distracting when I’m laying here trying to write. Even more so than when I am standing...



A girl with a sweet tooth

Slowly reaching down the front of your shirt to undo the buttons. My hands are a little cool so when I reach your nipples they harden at the sensation I’d better come around in front of you and warm you up. I run my hands up around your neck and lean my b...

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A priest and the nuns, (Erotic Humor)

A priest gets caught, but a bit of quick thinking might mean he gets away with it.

In a convent, late at night, in the male showers, a Priest is just finishing when upon getting out he realises he's left his towel in his dormitory.Thinking, "It's just a quick few minutes dash to my room, I should be able to make it" he collects the bars...

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The Gang Bang (Consensual)

One woman fulfills a fantasy of hers

Just imagine it, you find yourself being fucked doggy style, utterly exhausted, legs trembling, your thighs are slick with mixed cum, yours and the previous few guys who had finished either in your pussy, in your arse, or just on you in general.Then you f...

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