The Lesbian caravan park party Lesbian

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

This time it was a park in South Central NSW.

To the reader - Some of this story is true. But most of it is fantasy. I did meet these girls. They were wonderful people!

I had pulled up to pay etc.. There was a chick behind the counter. She was medium height, skinny, cute and dumb. Yep. As dumb as dog shit. She couldn't get the EFTPOS to work. "Hang on. I'll get help". A few minutes later, a different woman enters. She is tall, over 6 foot… Read more

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A brief history of sex on a cosmic level Other

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I had to go to a Uni in Sydney for work. It was about a project I was working on. I needed some academic assistance. I usually drive. But this time I flew. I am an Engineer and Scientist. But I have my limits. Sometimes, I need help. This was one of them. I flew and arrived at 9am at Mascot. I grabbed a cab and headed for the Uni. I got there around 10. My first appointment was 11. I sat in their eating area working. There were students everywher… Read more

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Third day Meetings

I want you to fill all my holes with cum…

To say I was horny when I was walking along the beach to my now favorite location was the understatement of the decade!
I could not wait to find out what Jenny had in store for me today!
I wondered if Ben would be there like yesterday .
This time I wasn’t surprised or worried that Jenny was not there when I got to the secluded little alcove. I laid my towel down and stripped off everything this time and laid down in my back and waited.

Th… Read more

The Handyman Part 4 Fact

THe hubby knows all about it…

So early next morning I arrived at 7.30am thought I'd get an early start with the repairs, the day before I called a friend who was a painter to assist with the repairs that needed painting. Any way I rang the door bell, barb answered the door wearing a see through dressing gown, WOW Barb you look very sexy in that, do you like it, I do I replied it really shows off your sexy body. I was just making breakfast for everyone. Oh shit I said to mysel… Read more

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The Handyman ...... Part 3 Fact

Returned to Mrs T to finish the works and then on to Barb's home…

Returned the following week hopefully to complete my works at Mrs T home.

No one was home so I got on with my work upstairs, beds were made bathroom clean, definitely no one home good, 3 hrs I should be finished and off to check out the next job.

It was all so quiet with no disturbance at all I finished all my work upstairs an began to pack my tools when I noticed a note on the kitchen table from Mrs T saying that she will be back later in… Read more

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Help me Doctor Fiction

When a patient has a need…

It has been a long day at the conference but I have learnt so many new techniques that will help my patients when I get back home. To relax a little I set myself up in a bar near my hotel and nurse a drink or two.
I notice over in the corner a lady who looks about 35 years of age wearing some tight fitting clothing. Her shirt is stretched across a very plentiful chest and the skirt looks like it is leather. I notice her long boots fit her legs … Read more

50 Shades of Ade BDSM

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

- A weekend off -

This time, I'm not on the road for a change. I'm at home, wherever that is! Still working, but chilling in the process. I'm sitting outside in my favorite spot, drinking a beer, having a smoke and surfing one of my regular raunchy sex dating sites. It is Friday night. I'm in the mood for anything after a tough week on the road.

I come across one profile. She is wearing a black mask. Her pics are all black leather. She has… Read more

The caravan park Gala Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

My company had sent me to Queensland to work a new Client base along the coast. Crikey, from the snow of Bathurst 2 weeks ago to saltry sub tropical steam. What a contrast! I like Queensland. Especially the people. So laid back and in some cases bohemian (I hoped anyway!).... About three weeks in; things are going well. I'm way up almost to Rocky. I pull up for the night, at a beach side caravan park, in a small town, just off the main drag. Afte… Read more

Erotic encounter with neighbor Part 2.. TV

2nd Part to "Erotic Encounter with New neighbor" where the starry eyed Young adult Trans-lady is mid attraction in a hot n horny encounter …

Erotic encounter with neighbor Part 2..
Knowing now was the time to make a move, I asked "Reg would you like to join me in a refreshing Cup of Chai-tea,and a game of chess" saying this while adjusting my hips from side to side, and pouting the expression of obvious tease..
Needless to say Reg saw his moment, and followed me back to my side of the fence,and into my kitchen,
we sat on tall chairs next t… Read more

My Erotic Encounter with Next door Neighbour..Part 1 TV

New Young adult Trans-lady,Meets new man next door,surprise until sheer delights shared..…

My Erotic Encounter with Next door Neighbor..
It all started during the summer of 2010, the weather hot and humid for like 18 days in a row.I had done well at work (i was a manager of the accounts department) and so decided to install a pool and have landscaping done in my home backyard, I managed to get a discount-that is because i had to pitch in and help the landscaper/builder..
Everyday i would … Read more

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The next day Meetings

I was intrigued that she had her hubby with her…

I was extremely horny as I walked along the beach and thinking about Jenny’s amazing boobs and her sweet tasting pussy.
I was heading to the same spot that we met at the day before and this time I had my own towel!!!
When I got there I was disappointed that Jenny was not laying topless catching the sun. In fact she was not there full stop....
It’s okay I thought we did not really set out a time and it was only 10am.
I set out my towel, st… Read more

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A short story at the servo Fiction

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I pull up for fuel. It is getting dark. Fuck. No swagging tonight. Fill the tank and go in to pay. Behind the counter is that usual girl. I pay and so on... no receipt thanks. She gives me the look. She is about 40; a tad over weight, hair not well kept. Basically very plain. I look at her hands. No ring. No ring mark. She notices me looking. "I'm single" She says. Wow. Not very often I get a chat up like that. "So?". I reply. " Well?" She respon… Read more

Finally!!! Outdoor fun Meetings

Sun sand and amazing oral…

I had been busting to play on the beach for years. I tried adds and various sites but people always backed out due to the fact I am married ( well that’s what I think!!)

I had walked and jogged along the beach relentlessly hoping to find a willing lady or couple. I had been hit up on numerous occasions by men but was not keen for that play .
I had spoken with a couple who would’ve in semi states of undress at times but never got the vibe … Read more

Molly’s first time at an Adult Cinema Dogging

Molly’s first time at an Adult Cinema…

“Can we go to King’s Cross,” she asked.

“Of course we can,” he said.

On the way in the cab they couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off each other and John had again slid his hand up her dress to rub Molly’s pulsing pussy through her stockings.

When the got out of the cab John told Molly he had a surprise for her.

“Daddy is going to take you to an adult cinema,” he said.

She’d never been before but was horny an… Read more

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Molly’s first time Swinging

Molly's heart was pounding waiting for the door to open, her first time at a swinger’s club…

Molly's heart was pounding waiting for the door to open.

John buzzed again just as a family walked past.

Molly put her head down; terrified the young family would know exactly why they were waiting outside the door with a discrete sign in a dimly lit street.

Finally it opened and they were welcomed inside.

It was Molly’s first time at a swinger’s club but John had been many times before, “don’t worry, you’re safe with me,”… Read more

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A hitchhiker's guide to the ecstasy Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was way, up in Central NSW on a routine round of Client visits. As usual, I'm watching a Netflix on my phone, which is mounted off the windscreen and connected via blue tooth. My car's sound system, being German is fucking awesome. Like a home cinema. Those long straight roads are made less boring this way. I'm good at keeping one eye on the road and one on the phone. My car has a thing called adaptive cruise which keeps the steering between t… Read more

Cutting his grass for .... Her! Fact


Well, if you have read some of my happenings on here before you will remember that I have played away before ...
So when this opportunity popped up I devised how I was going to get in to her pants (something I have wanted for over a dozen years or more).
Our very close friends ,have had a very strained marriage , as he's a bit of a asshole to her ,but for convenience they stay together in there home ,now Kylie (alias) has confided to my wife … Read more

The gym that gave up the trainer that shirked (3) Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was laying on my back on the bed with my champers and my hard cock. Lawyer decided to take a sample. She moved into cowboy. Blonde guided my cock into her puss hole. She was so fucking tight! Blonde got lube and tried again. Still tight. The head penetrated. Lawyer gasped. "Shit! This is not like a dild....." She sat harder and half my length slid in. IT was like sticking dick into someones ear. She stopped and caught her breath. My pre-cum was… Read more

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The gym that gave up the trainer that shirked (2) Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

Hmmmm. I have a full schedule the next day. I will have to lay off the piss. I agree to go with them. I follow them to their house which is not far. Shit, what about food etc... I ask them. They say - don't worry. Its covered. So I go in with them. They have a modest little flat with one bedroom. Hmmmm. King size bed. Hmmmmm. I left everything in the car. It is 8pm. They ask me what I would like to drink. I ask them what they have. Wine. I sai… Read more

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The gym that gave up the trainer that shirked Groups

Another from my fantasy hard drive…

As you know by now, I travel. I am a member of a gym that has an outlet in every major town.
My Client visits are over for the day. I feel a need for energy. So I head. Get changed into my shit. Hmmmmm. What did I do last time? Leg and shoulders. So its bicep and back. Cool. I go to the preacher. FUCK. these guys are covering it. Do you hate that at gym? When guys take over? I do. I don't take any shit. So I go over to them. "Hey man. How … Read more

The Copper that didnt let me off Gay

I hate him…

I had been drinking. The night before. The next morning my BAC was a little over. But I took the risk and drove to get a coffee. Around the corner was a patrol car doing a RBT. FUCK. I stopped. He came up to my car. I got out and confronted him. I am 6 foot 3. He was 5 foot 4. He had a great beard. I am clean shaven all over. He was the copper. I wasn't. He checked my BAC. I was well under. There wasn't anything else he could get me on. I told… Read more

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A Dream Cum True Other

A fantasy comes true…

I had fantasized about my wife's best friend, after all I think most blokes have! My wife and family were away for an extended holiday I was invited for a meal, expecting her husband to be their I was surprised to find we were dining alone. After our meal and some chat she disappeared to return shortly after, handing me what turned out to be a motel room key. Looking me in the eye and said "we both want to do this, but not here"I did not need a s… Read more

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A 3 that was more than the square root of 9 Groups

I made this up from my fantasy hard drive…

I was way up in Central NSW pushing one of our tech products. I camp mostly and love to get on the various sites to see who is out there locally. There are always heaps of curious couples and often they are bi. I sent out a flare. About 2 hours later I get a response from a couple. It was the guy talking. They were keen to chat first. When the guys are the responders, I'm careful to make sure she knows what is going on. During the chat, I aske… Read more

From "Oh Babe" to "yeah MATE" Fact

Next Installment…

After I got her back on her feet, we went back into the kitchen and had a smoke and another bourbin. She was unable to stand up, so she kind of sat and laid on me. There had still not been any conversation. I felt her body was still responding, so I kept it up with touching. I went back down to her pussy which was still wet, but she was asleep. My cock was so hard by this stage, I needed to do something. She was good, so I leant her over the tabl… Read more

From "Oh Babe" to "yeah MATE" Fact

This actually happened recently. I will tell it all exactly how it happened. No embellishing…

I was on a few sites. Some Raunchy, some normal. I wanted a relationship, but I needed to make sure she liked sex as much as me. I got contacted by this chick from one site. She looked good. She was very keen. Hmmm. in hindsite. Anyway. I jumped in.

I went to her place that Friday night. 9pm. She let me in. She was dressed in fishnet stocks and a top that showed everything. I had brought with me some grog, which we shared for a bit. In a very… Read more

Making it out with my superior Fiction

Dreaming of sex with boss…

One summer evening, I was chilling out with a few cold beers in my house. After I had sent in the calories and had dinner, I was feeling great! I soon lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. Instantly my mind wandered to my work and there she was, my sexy boss appearing in front of me...……………

"I'm coming," Katie screamed as she felt my tongue and lips caress and manipulate her clit, her wrinkly wizened hands were holding my head in be… Read more

18th birthday Lesbian

neighbours birthday gets wild after dinner finnished…

We had been close with our neighbors all 15 yrs we'd been living in the same street so it was only natural for her 18th birthday to be in our yard as we had a spa, pool , shed & twice the space they did so after dinner was over the party left us adults & moved into the shed , music 10 times loader than needed , As it was her 18th a carton of bundy & a dozen cruizers were produced , so giving the teens their space we settled round the fire pit 2… Read more

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A sexy afternoon Fiction

Your part of the story…

I do a love cock pic as we chat on messenger.
You ask me to do a video of me stroking my shaft.
I start by thinking of the best sensation I get when fucking Adriana's arse and you pulling my soaked cock from her dripping cunt.
Licking and sucking it. mmmmmmmmm

I look down at you, your eyes wide and staring back at me in total submission. You let it slide all the way down your throat, your eyes begin to water as you start gagging. Reg… Read more

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Diary of a sex addict Fact

Fantasies Why I love sex…

I have a fantasy would like to live out. Needs a willingness to be adventurous. Goes Like this. I am in the shower when a guest arrives. I direct him to his room but continue my shower. I love to cleanse my holes in the shower. Awhile later I hear the door open and someone enters. I cannot see so continue as the stranger enters and watches me. . I soap my body and my pussy. He comes closer and turns me around so I can spread my cheeks for … Read more

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The Handyman ........ Part 2 Fact

Next Day I got a Bonus…

Next day before arriving at Mr & Mrs T 's home, Mr T rang to tell me he was leaving for work and also has left a list of additional work to be carried out while I was there. I replied no problem.
15 mins later I had arrived at the home (Mansion) opened the garage door and reversed in. Mrs T car was also gone from the garage. I got out my tools and started working where I had left off the day prior, I called out to see if anyone was home and the… Read more

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