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Was showing a friend how to play poker after about 30min of practice we started play for cash. After a while I had more than my friend and was pushing him to beat him and finish the game, did out the flop and mate said I'm that confident that if he doesn'...

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Travelling for work can be fun

Frictional story but with some true facts

I travel quite a bit for work and get to know others who do the same for other companies.... makes life a little less lonely and sometimes fun. This is where this story comes in. On a previous trip I had met a couple of people who worked together but had...

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Gang bang heaven

Gang bang with a hot wife and two young studs

I went to a gangbang party in the Ryde, NSW area a little while ago where there were multiple bedrooms with a few delectable women spread across these bedrooms in various states of undress. I walked into one room to find a middle aged lady in her bra and...

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I could never of seen what started out as a Saturday kids play date turning into one of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m dropping my daughter off at a play date with a friend from her school. All innocent enough I th...

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My partner is happy for me to play by myself. So I joined Tinder, our first encounter just before Christmas she joined in for her first female encounter. We both enjoyed this and planned to do it again. I started chatting to an 18yo from Tinder called Rub...

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my first experience of an older woman

Some years ago I shared my first experience of an older woman. Following on from that the woman, Deb, had been the first woman I shared with friends and for several years came a 'fuck buddy' for me. I recently bumped into my old friend Ed and we reminisce...

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Mrs Moss

When I used to borrow a mates wife for corporate events

Long time ago, in a place far far away (NZ) I was involved in the corporate side of warehousing and logistics. And as such, I would quite often get invites for functions, social events etc and these invites usually catered for a significant other. I alway...

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My Cuck Couple Pt. 2

When Sam came home

I got home from Jo's house and was promptly interrogated by Jen. What did she say? What did he do? What did you do? I mentioned my concern about the bareback sex and was told that blood tests had been done and all was good in that department, seems Jen an...

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Her perspective on their play

Her perspective: If asked what makes a great play session, for me it needs to include a few key elements. Chemistry, a clit orgasm, him cumming, anal and some great passionate kissing - in any order. Last night delivered all of this. He arrived looking se...

My wife and I have been married for 25 years – she is 45 and I am 48. It took a little red skirt to bring us the sexual adventure of our lives. For our anniversary just over last autumn , I bought her a gold bracelet and booked a short country house break...

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My Cuck Couple

One of the best times I've had

A long time ago, I was involved with a couple who lived just down the road. I was asked by my wife to go and visit some friends we played with together and whose hubby was out of town as he was an interstate truck driver and she needed a few handyman thin...

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Experiences that change attitudes

Hot wife cock sucking hubby

Isn't life a wonderful teacher. For much of my life I'd never entertained the idea of sexual encounters with men apart from vanilla mfm. Then age, a little wisdom and the desire to at least experience certain scenarios to gauge their joy factor opens your...


Second part of First Bi time Peta took a bottle of lube and coated my now stiff cock liberally with it before doing the same to Dave's arse as he raised his legs and spread them while on his back, working a few fingers in for good measure. I was on fire a...

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First Bi time

Becoming Bi and liking it

My first sexual experience with a guy came in my late 30's after separating from my first wife. I'd been out to dinner with a group of friends almost a year since separating. By the end of the evening everyone was on their way to being drunk. Eventually m...

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