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2017 ..... I'm not looking for anything it's about me and what I require, hope you find what you are looking for be happy :) 

I have been with the most amazing man for a while mmm 8 yrs ish ....his humour, caring nature, attentiveness, naughtiness, reliability,  gentlness, trustworthiness, creativity, even tempered, his great skills in the bedroom, his beautiful soul and smile have kept me extremely content. I'm truly blessed to have found someone so ginuine, nice, decent that makes me smile and laugh and puts up with all my crap 😀 

Only looking for the odd liaison on the side and maybe to join in some fun in a more some wink lol yes we like to be naughty now and again.

I'm so so getting tired of the ones that go hot and cold and think Im to stupid to figure out they playing more than one person ....just move your arse on and don't bother me I have better things to do than be part of your game plan and yes I know its a swingers site ,,,,cheers.. bye..... au revoir.... adios ...arrivedeci ....tot ziens ...ciao

So true as God ....if I get asked one more &@$!)() time if I'm wet ...touching myself I'm going to &@&))&@ SCREAM GRRRR ..I'm not a male or a wanker just leave me alone go and annoy some one else FFS 


Im here for a chat and a laugh. If I do take a fancy to you I will get back to you. I apologise for not responding to every mail but it does get out of control at times. I hope your love life for 2015 is interesting and plentiful.

Love a Tall Educated Professional Mature (40 plus) Discreet Sexual man ...hung would be a bonus mmmmmm cut would be even nicer mmmmmmm that lacks the attention at home. I'm not here to meet 1000 men more to find one or two to play with.

I'm a pleaser but not Submissive...I do things that I know both please me or my partner. I'm looking for a regular playmate a no frills relationship/friendship/FB. Maybe meeting a few times per month at a secret rendezvous in a Motel etc. Open to many things. Don't really have a fantasy but might be happy to share yours with you. Into Caucasian men I love my bits pink Into safe sex but happy to go bareback if in long term.

I have a low tolerance for fools idiots ferals and sheep. Your unpleasant behaviour and bad language is a major put off. If you are clicky and like to hang around in group that like to abuse people online and think you are funny just to score brownie points please dont include me in your games etc. as I have no interest in your mind games and being mean to other chatters Like people with class, style, respect, manners, genuine, integrator y etc.

Thought I might let you know a few of my boundaries and other issues so that we don't waste each others time....

NO ..I don't have a girlfriend to join us. No I don't want to swallow. No I don't want you to come here and F%^$ me. No I don't want to drive into the city and pay for parking that would cost me the same as feeding an African country for a month. No I don't want you to cum on my face. No I don't want to have sex with you in your car cos you a tight arse. No I don't want to rim your butt. No I don't want to pee on you or you on me ewww lol. No I don't host. No I don't want to shout you a motel. No I don't want to have phone sex with you. No I don't want to have cyber sex with you. No I don't tolerate fools easily. No I dont want to see you dressed up in female clothes. No I'm not into men that are into Trannies and Xdressers etc. No I don't want my head forced down your cock and my face %$$ed grrr. No I don't want my hair pulled because you think you are the one in control. No I'm not into BDSM so dont want to be tied up etc. Your wife or your last partner might of been a bitch but I will never be your bitch slut or whore. Other wise I'm pretty relaxed *wink* ( lol must have my cranky pants on today)

ps love a randy man that has great legs and has some staying power

pss looking to chat to local men in Melbourne.

psss just cos this is a swingers site doesnt mean I want to swing with everyone that has some free time

psss If you cant be DISCRETE pls dont bother gee man come on lift your game

pssss news flash here to chat 99% of the time and I will tell you when I'm interested in a meeting ..just wait you might enjoy being asked out ..I know men are hunters but us girls can ask too you know wink wink lol

Victoria, Australia

Pretty Blonde, slim looking for a little adventure. I am new to this site, and looking forward to seeing everything it has to offer x

Bribie Island, Queensland

I'm sorry if you think that it's rude if I don't respond to your message, but the fact is I get quite a lot of messages and most of your profiles tell me not much more than that you're a horny guy. :) I've put a lot of effort into my profile to help you know if I'm your type. If I can't figure out from yours if you're mine, I'm more likely to answer somebody else.

I'm happily married. My husband knows - and supports me - in all that I do. If you're attached, I'm only open to playing if you have your partner's permission. (Not because I judge, but because I don't want to risk jealous partners chasing me down!) I prefer to play during business hours where possible.

What type of guy do I like? Generally clean-cut, professional, well-educated, well-read, intelligent. I like short hair, special fondness for men in uniform.  I generally seem to be into younger men, 30 to 45, but that's not a hard limit. The older you are, the more you'd have to match everything else, but I'd be super surprised if many men much over 50 were doing it for me - sorry! (It is what it is.) Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists are a hard limit - ugh.

It's imperative that you understand that a woman can be sexual yet still entitled to respect. Just because I like sex does not give you permission to disrespect me. (Acting as though I'm obliged to chat or cam or do anything that I don't 100% feel like doing counts as disrespect.)

I really like to chat and talk about what turns other people on, what things they've done, what things they'd want to do, and so on. And about everyday stuff - family, work, hobbies, news, etc. Some level of connection is really important. I'm not looking for a relationship, but I need some level of connection. I'm looking for friends with benefits, not random hookups.

My hard limits are incest, pedophilia, bestiality, scat, pegging, and cross-dressing. Apart from that, I'm pretty open-minded. I'd probably prefer you were into at least something a bit kinky rather than just wanting romantic encounters and PIV sex. I want to test my limits. If you're dominant, you may find that I'm a trainable sub.

Accents are super hot - Scottish, Irish, French (OMG French - that stuff should come with an addiction warning), Spanish, Italian... *sigh*

Am I your kind of girl? I'm voluptuous - I'm definitely not thin, in fact I'm overweight, but I don't think I'm quite BBW fetish size. I'm smart and I have a keen sense of humour, and if you don't laugh at me as well as being turned on, then obviously we're not compatible. 

I'm a bit of a geek girl and seem to be particularly compatible with engineers, scientists, IT guys, academics, etc. (But don't let that deter you if you're not one of those.)

I don't think I'm anything special, but the arithmetic of this site is that I get a lot of messages. Nearly all of them are some variant of "hi there" or "want to chat?" or "nice pics". I simply have to filter which messages I'm going to respond to, so telling me something about yourself that's different to every other guy might grab my attention. If you're going to contact me, please indicate that you've read my profile and tell me some reason why you think we might be compatible - compatible interests, kinks, how you meet my criteria - something other than just a dick pic and "how about it?", please. Or tell me why you want to talk to me, rather than "any random woman on the site". A pic on your profile helps, it doesn't even have to be of anything revealing at all, but for some reason, any pic helps. I'm partial to torsos. 

I squirt. If you don't like that, we're probably not compatible.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hey There :-)


Bisexual, sexy, confident with a HUGE sex drive looking to have some fun. Fake boobs, firm body and loves to dress up. Can be quite dominating with girls (especially if partners watching) but likes a more submissive role with men.  


Bisexual - LOVES giving oral and is amazing at it. Big sexy build (footy player), huge sex drive and nothing off limits. 

We can both be equally dominating with a Bi guy. We do not play alone - package deal only! :)


- Clean shaven / waxed is a must; safety first - always; no means no (although rarely used by us!) 

We are both good looking, confident and 100% secure with each other. Not going to lie..looks do matter so we will need to see photos.We have heaps to send via SMS once we have seen some from you. We have both been in this scene for a while and comfortable with our sexuality - we can take it slower for the newbies but 100% keep up with the experienced ;-) 

Open to suggestions, couples / Singles :-)

Due to careers, family etc privacy and respect is a must for us - we offer the same in return. 

Come meet us for a drink 


*Sydney University and all other institutions using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.*

Brisbane, Queensland

Welcomes you to my profile. Straight jackets are by the wall, meds are in the boxes. Enjoy your stay, and please visit again!


Easy going friendly person. Enjoy a good laugh and making new friends. . I can usually be found in the Pool Chat Room..... I'm open minded and willing to try new thing's . I am picky on who I meet and I dont like pushy people... I'm also not interested in younger men... sorry but you just dont do it for me.... so if your under 35 sorry but not interested....... also to the single male profiles... if you are married/attached/almost single..... dont bother wasting your time.... not interested in helping you cheat !!!!!

I'm strong, independent, open and honest & respectful of others and i expect the same in return. I've meet many very nice people from this site who i consider good friends and hope to make more as my journey here continues.

I believe imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.....

Werribee, Victoria

Seeking ongoing sexy fun times with straight males/couples, or couples with bi-curious females.

Am after great experiences rather than mediocre and forgettable ones - thus picky with whom I play with and prepared to wait for the right candidates.

Things to know:

  1. Fuller bodied BBW
  2. Married but playing alone without his knowledge. Discretion is mandatory
  3. Strictly NSA. I am not looking to change my situation or yours. 
  4. Here for my pleasure foremost so do not bother contacting if you're just after a quick shag or blow job. 
  5. Enjoys good conversation and likes to have a good laugh. 
  6. Not superficial but attraction and connection is important and a necessity.
  7. Well dressed/groomed/hygiene/shaved - expect the same from potential partners (sorry, the natural look doesn't do it for me) 
  8. D&D Free and like to keep it that way: Practice safe sex/regularly tested - expect the same from potential partners
  9. Not interested in bi (anything) guys - in case it was overlooked in my intro
  10. Single males with a couple profile and/or pretending to be a couple - Not Cool! It's misleading and deceptive. Update your profile. Alternatively do not contact me
  11. Not an ageist but have a preference for 35-45yo. 
  12. If you have gotten this far, you are doing well - note that i respond to mails accordingly:
    1. Your mail is boring, run of the mill, lacking appeal - will get the same amount of effort from me, which is none, nil, zero etc
    2. Your mail wreaks of overpromise and embellishment - will get the same effort from me, all talk no action
    3. Your mail is ridiculous and absurd - expect an equally ridiculous response. I get great joy out of these mails/IMs/chats and prove to be great entertainment. Many know this first hand 
    4. Your mail is psychotic and delusional (no, I don't want your man - heck we have never chatted before) - the block button works amazingly
    5. Your mail grabs my attention, by being witty and humorous without being crude - well that's a no brainer, let the conversations begin and perhaps the good times roll!!

I like to encourage others through appreciation and admiration, and I do read profiles as I expect others to read mine. So if I am not what you are seeking, don't be so quick to flatter yourself by assuming I am interested. I am merely showing appreciation for what I think is a great picture, profile writeup, post etc..

Please don't take offense if I don't accept your friend request. This is not a popularity contest and I don't need 999 friends I'll never chat to or meet.

Any vouches or member verifications will be deleted - it's a pathetic way to advertise yourself.

And to all the pic collectors.. No, you do not have my permission to save or use my pictures for any means, so save yourself the trouble and skip over this profile..

Lidcombe, Auburn City Council, New South Wales, Australia

Hi, l'm no longer seeking.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My partner and I are looking for easy going no attachment meets.

Kingaroy, South Burnett Regional, Queensland, Australia

average lady looking for day time meets .I am no super model :dry:

I am average 


come say hi you never know until you try 😉

5000, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia




Victoria, Australia

Very open lady who has a partner (Mr Naughty1). He likes having a naughty wife and I like coming home with other guys cum on my face and him fucking me however he likes. Sometimes I play on my own and other times hubby plays too.

Down to earth lady here who doesn't have the most perfect body or is hot like some chics but I know how to have fun and I aren't afraid to get my hair messed up and get down and dirty!

*****PLEASE READ*******

I am not judging married men that swing but I can't play with you. Swinging is meant to be fun and I don't want to hurt another woman. It just doesn't sit with me and I don't do things that don't feel right.


I love to be submissive but I will only do that with very few guys I am cool with and that understand the difference between playing and real life. Just after some hot moments in life.  😊

I know what sort of guys that I like and they are cool, confident and respectful but dominate and open to lots of different fun.

I would love to find a lady to kiss and pleasure too. Have a hot fantasy that Involves another single female/ couple so if you would like to hear about it then send me a message so we can chat about it. 

I think the vids and photos show what I like. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments and messages, always nice to hear that you like the vids and pics. 

*we reserve the right to all information, images & video. Our information, images or video is not to be used without our express consent.

Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

I'm a gentle giant that loves the sexy soft feel of a delicious lady

2428, Forster, Great Lakes Council, New South Wales, Australia

Looking for a woman that wants to play with me and maybe my boyfriend at some stage.

Mount Gambier, South Australia

 im looking to turn my fantasies into my reality..

I lo ve watching  group sex porn, I love the taste and feel of a woman ....,love the idea of a couple that want a toy to play with ....I've been out of action for way to long ...over it ...I'm a nice person clean ....long red hair size 12 ..long legs ..5.7"..first time actually doing something about it in 25 years lol....there is sooo much I want to experence with the right people .id love to be invited as a single woman to group parties .....Meeting to make sure we have a conection is important to me ..... Don't want to be scared out of it so be nice to me please ...  Not interested in SINGLE MEN.... at all ........Don't bother me .....  N.S.A......NO DRAMAS........


Due to a recent meeting thru this site , i would love to meet a LOCAL ONLY Master and Pet ...Genuine in my desires to learn more  .....

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile ,if you think we could have some fun and I'm what your interested in let me know ..

Cheers .


Warning....any person and/or institution using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including but not limited to my photos. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one

Cairns Regional, Queensland, Australia

Hello, just a good time girl at the moment :) So many men, so little time!

Newcastle, New South Wales

Free spirit with unconventional boundaries and an interest in the artistic and passionate. 

I organise events for women with a bdsm and male servitude theme. If you are interested in attending as a lady or as a server I would love to meet you.

Always hunting unicorns. Find me on fetlife or [removed] under Amandahuggenki55

Townsville, Townsville City, Queensland, Australia

love to have fun and looking for someone to play with love anal and oral and am clean and expect the same in return. I am a big girl and just want to be excepted

6169, Waikiki, City of Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia

Just looking to meet new people and have a little fun. 

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Only here to chat..

Burleigh, Queensland, Australia

Daytime meetings best. Love plenty of tongue. Discretion and mutual respect please. Northern beaches in Sydney 😉

New South Wales, Australia

Older woman looking for FUN times without any hassells or commitment more words

4000, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia

No novels....Just here for fun, just how much fun is the question....Hehe.....

FYI..I am a guest on this site so communication is limited... plz feel free to message me you [removed]/mobile number and if I'm interested ill contact you...

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Not looking to meet anyone new atm


- Atm i have a basic profile & can only reply to 3 messages per day. If I send you a wink or like your profile, it means I'm interested & will get back to you once I can send more messages 

- I'm open to idea's. So to the Men out there, hit me up  

- For my main interest to what I'm looking for, I'd love to find a Guy to hook up with for some frisky ongoing regular fun. Particularly a local Guy who can host would be helpful for regular catch ups... I'm known to last the distance, I have a huge sex drive & been told im pretty kinky. So all night of fun is what I'm after with a Guy who's dirty minded & not shy to be out spoken with his thoughts. Who would love to encourage my appetite, who enjoys to dominate just a little & obviously has plenty of stamina to offer to keep up with me... Sensual & passionate play brings out that side of me. So taking your time goes a long way!

- Lets chat & we'l take it from there 

- Take note please that I always meet for a coffee first... I'd prefer to exchange pics to see if there's mutual attraction before starting conversations. So feel free to invite me to view your private album if I have interested you & I will do the same. If there's no face pics, then sorry I'm not chatting. & Also I'm not into Guy's talking about sex constantly & doesnt follow through with meeting! No time wasters please

Mornington Peninsula Shire, Victoria, Australia

hi there! well im pretty easy going, open mined curvy chicky a Bbw ( if you don't like a lot of woman I'm not for you) who loves to live life to the fullest. i like a lot of naughty and dirty play games.

ps: please have a pic of who you are, it is only fair as i have soome up, if you dont i wont reply to your message harse but i hate the fuck around :)

Mudgeeraba, Queensland