seeking guys late tonight chippendale

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A Master and his Slave based in Sydney Australia. We are a married couple both 37 and are relatively new to the scene but have been role playing Master/Fuck Slave for a very long time.

Slave is a size 16 and mixed race black and master is a big macho bloke with a gut. Really, we would like to meet people and start making friends in this scene and have these sessions ongoing and more depraved.

Master is training slave for a gangbang. In training Slave for this we would like to organise meets with small group of passive/sub guys where master can show of his slave in various positions, discipline and fuck her while they watch. Master will say when they can approach to have have slave suck or face fuck and she gets sprayed with cum.

Size, race, age not so important. Being genuine, respectful and being able to follow instruction and do as told incredibly important. This is an opportunity for guys who are quick on the trigger as staying power isn't necessary in this game.