Help wanted with fantasy

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Hi all I am seeing if there is help from a lady any lady all ladies are beautiful

I am a maintenace guy and have a dream or I guess a fetish for working doing my maintenance /handyman work andhave always wanted to be flashed or hit on by a woman whilst working at her place

I always seem to watch movies where the repair guy gets hit on or flashed by the lonely lady homeowner

It happened once very early on in my career and I have never stopped remembering the time but now has become a dream to happen again

I am actually a very good tradesman with multiple skills and to be honest this doesn’t need to end is sex it’s more of the desire to be hit on or the lady to walk around naked flashing me whilst working which is what I keep invisioning

If there are any ladies out there in the Gold Coast area and you may actually have a desire to voyeur someone whilst also needing some maintenance work done please hit me up

I am a good looking late thirties guy with tattoos but very professional and can supply pics as requested