Erotic encounter with neighbor Part 2.. TV

2nd Part to "Erotic Encounter with New neighbor" where the starry eyed Young adult Trans-lady is mid attraction in a hot n horny encounter …

Erotic encounter with neighbor Part 2..
Knowing now was the time to make a move, I asked "Reg would you like to join me in a refreshing Cup of Chai-tea,and a game of chess" saying this while adjusting my hips from side to side, and pouting the expression of obvious tease..
Needless to say Reg saw his moment, and followed me back to my side of the fence,and into my kitchen,
we sat on tall chairs next t… Read more

My Erotic Encounter with Next door Neighbour..Part 1 TV

New Young adult Trans-lady,Meets new man next door,surprise until sheer delights shared..…

My Erotic Encounter with Next door Neighbor..
It all started during the summer of 2010, the weather hot and humid for like 18 days in a row.I had done well at work (i was a manager of the accounts department) and so decided to install a pool and have landscaping done in my home backyard, I managed to get a discount-that is because i had to pitch in and help the landscaper/builder..
Everyday i would … Read more

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Courtney TV

Courtney looked gorgeous as she seductively approached me in high heels, stockings, garter belt and matching black lacey bra and panties. Holding a finger to her red lips she indicated I was to say nothing. She kissed me passionately, slipped down my body, dropped to her knees and took hold of my manhood.

The feeling of Courtney wrapping her lips around my knob was outstanding. Even better was her taking my hard cock deep into her mouth. As … Read more