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The Morning After

A perfect way to start our day...


9 minute read

I opened my eyes just as the sun was beginning to light our bedroom. I was laying facing the window, I could feel the bed rhythmically rocking. My mind was still a bit fuzzy from our wild night before. I wanted to know what was happening and I rolled over onto my back, turning my head to face my wife's side of the bed. Right there only millimetres from my nose was my pretty wife's face. Her eyes were closed and she had an almost serene expression on her face. I started to move up to see more but my wife put her hand out, resting it on my chest and slowed me, pressing me down. I looked again at her face and her eyes opened. She mouthed "NO" to me and held a finger to her lips, she wanted me to be silent. The rhythmic movement increased as we lay, staring into each other's eyes, a hand slipped out from behind her and massaged her left breast. Without making a sound I mouthed “fucking?” She just smiled a big smile, nodded, and then closed her eyes again. I lay there watching on, while my wife was being solidly penetrated, she really was being fucked. She was clearly enjoying herself, pressing her arse onto his groin. I watched her grind onto his cock, right next to me in our bed. Tim, our newest overnight visitor, was fucking her, he was ploughing her, driving his cock to the balls, enjoying the warm morning pleasure of her soft body. Of course we have had sex with her during the previous evening and it had been really hot between us all. But here he was, at her again, good on him. He must be a morning guy because the steady rhythm of his fucking lasted nearly half an hour before I finally heard him quietly groan and he orgasmed. He blew deep and held my wife tight by her hips, he spunked her deep, he was gripping her hips and jamming his groin hard up against her soft round arse and she was keenly egging him on, she mouthed to me, "So hot!" When he finally relented his thrusting and pulled out of her pussy, my wife rolled away from me and turned over to face him. I closed my eyes and I heard them whispering for a while, then heard their soft wet kissing. I felt him slip out of the bed. He hadn't noticed I was awake. When I heard him close the bathroom door I opened my eyes and pulled my wife back round to me and kissed her myself. We heard the shower start running. My wife had the biggest smile on her face. She said "good morning, that was a pretty impressive start to the morning don't you think?" "Are you hungry?" She continued. I started to answer but then she cut me off, laughing, teasing me, "I have something warm and creamy in my pussy for your breakfast, if you are keen?" I answered to her "I am now, that sounds like one fucking horny breakfast" She tossed the covers off of us both and in an instant her torso was above me and quickly she settled her beautiful screwed pussy onto my face. She was freshly flooded, totally, and she had that fantastic "just fucked" strong cum scent. My wife wiggled her hips to be sure her pussy was open wide and pressed flat onto my lips and I wouldn't miss a creamy drop. My tongue worked up into her relaxed, heavily seeded, deliciously swollen womanhood. In only a matter of seconds, my entire face was slickly covered in the mixture of pussy juice and thick spunk. I found her swollen clit and gently sucked it between my lips. I worked her button and this teased her to a face riding orgasm. She reached for my hardon and held me tightly, like a pommel on a horse saddle as she orgasmed. I bucked my hips trying to get her to toss me off but she only held on to my cock for the duration of her orgasm and never actually pumped my cock. She let go of my erection and climbed off my face, "I hope you enjoyed your breakfast, it was fun to feed you, to be eaten out" She teased me. "But I think I now need a shower" she said. She was hungrily looking at the closed bathroom door as she spoke. "You go get some coffees going. She kissed my spunked face and then she jumped out of bed. I watched as she departed our bed and opened the bathroom door, steam rolled out. Her naked arse disappeared as she closed the door behind her. "Damn" I said out loud. I sat up and softly tossed my erect cock. I looked down at my erection sticking out from my body. I told my cock "well buddy you ain't getting anything this morning" I put on a pair of shorts and walked to the kitchen to make coffees. I had coffee going when Tim and my wife eventually came into the kitchen, hand in hand. She was wearing a little T-shirt, it came to just below her panties. Her legs sticking out from under the soft cotton shirt hem. I looked at Tim and asked him if he wanted coffee? He said "as a matter of fact I am desperate for a coffee" We all drank and made small talk as we sipped. My wife asked Tim what time he had to leave? He said "he had a job to go look at around 11am" She glanced up at the clock on the microwave and said "it's only ten now, we have a little time to have one more fuck before you leave, if you have anything left in your tank?" He looked at me first then back at her and said "baby I can't go again" He said, looking at me "She never gets enough. Your sexy wife made me do her in the shower a few minutes ago, I don't know where she gets the energy" He pulled her face to his lips and kissed her long and soft. I looked at her after the kiss, she held her coffee cup to her lips, her cheeks flushed in the redness of a blush. She coyly smiled at me and took a sip. Tim said "have your husband fuck you, I'm so done for a while" She looked at him and said "His cock is not yours, yours stretches me out and opens me up just right". She teased. He shook his head and laughed. After I finished my coffee I cleared the bench whilst they walked out to the pergola, still sipping coffee. I started the dishwasher and then joined them. My wife was sitting with her legs crossed and showing tons of thigh. At 56 she is a delicious package. With shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes she has proven many a man's dream. We sat out there for just over half an hour and in that time my wife tried no less than three times to get Tim to take her "one more time" before he leaves. He told her she would have to wait until he came back, "next visit" he said. She saw him out and even followed him to his ute. I know the neighbours got an eye full of her exposed legs. I met her at the front door when she came back in. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She rubbed her hot pussy on my leg as we made out. I was ready to fuck her when she said "OK, that's all, I need to get dressed" My undies were sticking out in the front. I pointed at my cock and said "what about this?" She looked at it and grabbed me in her right hand, she squeezed me hard and said "sorry babe it ain't big enough" She went and put on a cossie and when she came back into the lounge, I was still standing there. She said "I'm going to lay out by the pool" I joined her once she had settled on a lounge and we headed out to our pool. I had made us cold drinks. She told me "Tim promised he would come back tonight to maybe we could fuck some more" I asked if she liked having sex with him? She said "God yes, "that and his cock stretches me out enough to easily make me cum" I asked her if I could join in with them tonight? She said "What do you have in mind?" I said "I want to fuck you in the arse while he stretches open your pussy. "that does sound hot, yes please" she said, "if he's OK with that, then I'd like to try you both" That evening my wife and I were sitting in the lounge watching some boring movie, waiting for Tim. She was dressed in a pretty little short white cotton mini skirt and a floral top. Her nipples were easy to see through the thin material. I asked if she was "wearing panties?" She said "no, of course not". I asked to see her pussy. Again she said "No, You'll have to wait" Tim eventually arrived, saving us from the boring movie and they disappeared, very quickly, moving off to our bedroom. Giving them a little time to warm up, I joined them after about 20 mins. Well that night I was able to ease my cock into my wife's tight anal passage while she was sitting on Tim's cock. That really turned me on. My wife actually leaning forward and offering me up her little brown hole. Before I pushed in, I couldn't help stopping and checking out how her pretty pussy lips were tightly sucking along Tim's thick veiny cock as he worked in and out of her body. I knelt forward and worked my own meat into her dark passage, with surprising ease, she was so excited. We must have looked like a porno movie. My wife took both of us like a true trashy starlet. I couldn't hold myself for very long at all, it was just so exciting to be buried to the hilt, deep in her really tight anus and I quickly flooded her dark tube with my load. Tim never missed a stroke as I pulled out and he continued for some time, ploughing her pussy, with my wife grinding all slutty like, down on his erection, before he filled her body with his spunky load. He was certainly a virile man, he had her again sometime during that night and then again Sunday morning before he showered and left us, till next time.... ...That was one fucking fun weekend...

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