22 Mar 2020

It was a Saturday night, I was bored and super horny. I wanted something nasty to satisfy my kinky mood.

I cruised a few hot spots around Canberra looking for a cure. I arrived at Black Mountain Lookout around 9:30-10:00 to find a few cars there so I parked up. As I got out someone in a car flashed the lights, I walked over wondering what I would find. A couple were sitting inside partly naked, he was stroking his cock and she fingers deep in her pussy.

I pulled down my shorts as they got out of the car. She went down on him as he reacted out and started stroking my cock. He pulled me towards him and placed our cocks side by side so his girl could suck us both.

I was so busy enjoying the blowjob we were getting that I didn’t notice another car pull up next to us. Another couple came over and wasted no time getting in on what we had going.

The new couple quickly got to fucking in no time flat while the girl sucking turned around so her man could fuck her from behind. While he fucked her I reached down to tickle her clit only to find her fingers deep in her cunt. He was fucking her in the ass. Mmmmm. After a few minutes he pulled out and I took his place. It was incredibly lose and sloppy and I’m guessing that was his cum I was using as lube.

She pulls away from me and he goes down and cleaned my cock off with his mouth. As I was getting a blowjob the second couple got up and left. We stayed for about another 30 minutes and I got to unload in his mouth then I watched them fuck again. She wouldn’t let anyone in her pussy unfortunately.

The interstate plates suggested I probably wouldn’t see them again.