3 Apr 2020

Let me tell you about the first time I had sex in public.

So I met this girl after I had turned 18. We met online and chatted for a bit. She seemed like fun so I decided to meet her in public.

When i met her, she was exactly like her pictures. She was tiny, like no more that 5 feet tall and adorable. She was 18 and Indian as well. She was a little on the heavier side, but I always loved my women to have curves. She had just finished a boxing mixed martial arts class and was wearing her workout clothes. The 2 sports bras she had were barely containing her massive tits. And her yoga pants enhanced the shape of her ass. It was massive. And she was gorgeous. I knew I had to have her.

So as we were walking about and chatting away, we found an old multi storey carpark. We went up the stairs, all the way to the top floor and looked over the town. It was a weekday so there weren't any cars on the top floor. As we were overlooking the city and enjoying the view, she gave me a little peck on the cheek and said this has been fun. I grabbed her and start making out with her. She did the same, and we kissed with such passion for quite a while. I started making my way to her neck and gave it kisses and licked it. She moaned softly.

I started making my way down to her cleavage and started to give it soft kisses. All the whilst grabbing and playing with her ass. She was horny and her hands tried to pull my pants down. I said not here. She agreed and we went to the stairwell, since it had a door.

So we made our way to the stairwell. I asked her if she wanted to have some fun and she replied with "Oh god yes!". I put my hands on her yoga pants and pulled them all the way down. She gasped and I could see that she had soaked right through her panties. I removed them as well and was greeted with the most intoxicating aroma. She smelt fantastic, and had such a juicy pussy. She was completely shaven as well, looked like she was ready to get some 😏.

So I started to kiss her thighs, slowly making my way to her pussy. I gave her a licked and she moaned and quickly covered her mouth. Since she was so short, I was having difficulty even though I was kneeling and I still had to crane my neck.

I decided to lay down on the floor and got her to sit on my face. She did just that and I proceeded to eat that pussy out! She was so tasty with a hint of sweat. Just great. This was turning me on immensely. Her stifled moans and the fact that she was quivering every so often was just sublime. Eventually she had an orgasm and lost control of her legs and just sat completely in my face. This didn't bother me, I just kept eating her out. But I could tell it was getting too much for her.

She took off her sports bras and then pressed her tits together and swung them in my face. They were double Ds and I was playing with them, and licking the nipples. Whilst I was distracted with her tits, she has started to pull my pants down. I could feel her running her hands all over my underwear trying to feel my raging hard on. She pulled down my underwear and gasped and then said it's huge. Definitely bigger than her ex boyfriend. And started to stroke it.

Then she decided she wanted to taste it. I was dripping pre-cum at this point and she took her finger, ran it down the entirety of my shaft and had a little taste. She said I was sweet. And then she decided to blow me. I was uncut so I was extremely sensitive. She was blowing away, using her tongue and doing all sorts of teasing. I was there trying to stifle my moans. Oh how the tables had turned.

I told her that I wanted to eat her out at the same time, so she climbed aboard my face and started to straddle me while giving me head. I could tell I was throwing her off her rhythm cos she kept bucking her hip and could no longer keep her head down. Eventually she stroked me off with one hand. The other covering her mouth trying not to make a sound, whilst I was going to town on her.

She had another orgasm and she said she wanted my cock inside her. She grabbed my cock and sat on top of me, cowgirl style. Although I had done foreplay, she was still a little tight and couldn't get past the halfway point. Eventually, after going slowly and carefully with short periodic thrusts about halfway, she slid down my entire cock, engulfing me in her pussy. She was tight. She had about 4 long strokes before I realised I wasn't wearing a condom. In all the haste I forgot to put one on. I told her this and gestured to my pants. She pulled out my wallet, got the condom out and rolled it down the shaft. And then she said, "You know this is a regular sized condom right? This isn't going to fit you." I hadn't realised they made different sized condoms... I told her I didn't wanna get her pregnant or catch anything. She laughed and sad she was on birth control. She didn't wanna get pregnant either. So she pulled off the condom that was only half rolled down my shaft. And then climbed on again.

She had one hand on my chest she was riding me and enjoying herself. I had my hands on her hips and was trying to keep in rhythm with her. She came whilst ontop of me and just collapsed on my chest. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she had never came from being penetrated. So then we swapped positions and went at it missionary style. I was pumping away as she had her hand on my ass when we heard a gasp. I turned around to look and it was an older Asian woman, who must've been in her late 40s. She was alone and was staring right at us. Not moving. Then she smiled.

And I started pumping away. I now had an audience. It made me much harder and bigger. My girl was moaning "Oh it's so deep. No one has ever been this deep" whilst squealing in delight and this made me speed up my rhythm. The Asian lady was still watching, curious... I saw her hand wander over her dress, over her crotch. I winked at her. She blushed and swatted me away.

Anyways, I started to pump harder and faster, and my girl couldn't take it anymore, she let out such a loud moan and smaller moans in between. I decided I had to silence her so I made out with her at the same time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the older lady was now playing with herself. A couple more pumps and my girl said she wanted me to finish in her mouth. I pulled out from her. And put my dick near her face. Whilst I did this I could hear the older asian lady gasp "Oh so big!" I took my cock and slapped my girl on the chin with it. Stroking it vigorously. I said I was going to cum, and she wrapped her lips around my head. After my cock had finished pumping. She proceeded to suck me off. Making sure that she got every single drop from me. Completely draining me.

The older lady smiled at the both of us and then left. We cleaned ourselves up and went home. After that me and this girl started to date for a bit, but eventually I had to move away...

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