Written by perfect2sum

7 Nov 2010

She lays there on the bed... quietly waiting... she can hear him pottering around in the bathroom, he seems to be taking his time... she was told to wait, be patient and good things will come.

The radio plays softly in the background and the lights are extremely dim, it’s almost a wonder that she can see the other side of the room. There is no light in the room expect the amber escaping from the ensuite door.

She pats the bed clothes and smoothes out the creasing, she can’t wait to see what he has in store for her this evening, her body is covered in the sheer fabric from the baby doll dress that he brought her two weeks earlier. She liked how it felt wearing the clothes that he had purchased for her... they made her release that when they were apart he was still thinking of her... desiring her.... wanting her

She liked that feeling... made her feel whole.

She closed her eyes and lay back on the bed her legs hanging off the end and her hands at her side, she started to caress her thighs imagining his hands on her skin, her movements against her dress caused the hem to rise, soon she was stroking her bare skin, she could feeling the affect by her heart increasing, ever so slowly, soon it would be him touching her skin, at this point she stopped and sitting back up she straightened up her dress and removed her impression from the bed. She knew he would not be impressed if she had started without his permission.

She can hear the tap at the sink turn off and the towel rail move, the door slowly opens and she can see his shadow on the other side of the room move among the curtains. The door swings shut and the room seems so much darker. She knows to keep her eyes straight ahead, he likes it when she keeps her eyes open, something she find nearly impossible when they play.

Her eyes straight ahead come to rest upon his crotch, she can feel the urge to reach her hands up to touch that prized package, but she resists knowing that it would not be tolerated and she doesn’t want to upset him, she doesn’t want to tempt fate... who knows he might just walk away.

He rests his hands on her shoulders and gently pushes her backwards “lay back my pretty, I want to see your gorgeous body draped across the bed”

She uses her legs and pushes her body up and across so that her bottom is placed in the centre of the bed, she curls her legs half way up the bed and rests her head upon the soft pillows. She smiles up at him and looks him in the eye. Somehow with the little light there is in the room they twinkle and shine, giving away her pleasure of being there with him. She knows that she’d do anything that he asked, she had so much respect for him and put her trust in him whole heartedly.

He turns around and walks toward the dresser and pulls out a paper package, he turns around and see the concern in her eyes and he just smiles, this eases her mind and she relaxes again and lays back on the bed. She knows he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her... this was all about personal growth, this was a journey that she had decided to take and he was joining her.

He asked her to close her eyes and she did so willingly. Without her sight she could hear more movement, the paper bag being pulled off whatever he had in his bag, and the opening of a box. She heard the plastic contents being removing, that scraping nose of the thin plastic packaging against the rough cardboard. A lot rustling and tugging, it took forever before she heard him move around on the bedroom floor.

Next thing she knew he was gently pulling on her leg... she felt the soft fur and the firm fabric of a cuff go around her ankle, then the other.... she then heard him move to the top of the bed and attach something similar just slightly smaller to her wrists. He walked around the bed a couple of times and she could hear his feet hit the floor beneath... she was dying for his soft caresses on her skin and she knew they would come but she longed for them to start now... she felt a tug on her left leg, pulling it straight, then the right... they were pulled quiet tight... she guessed he didn’t like how much she wiggled last time, a huge smile came across her face as she remembered “what are you smiling about” she heard him say as he walked away from her.

“Memories” was all she replied.

She let herself linger in those memories for what seemed like an hour but she knew it would have only been about 15 minutes... he liked to make her wait... she felt his hand touch her wrist as he adjusted her cuff, and then pulled it tight to the corner of the bed, he then went around to the other side and tightened that one just the same.

She was spread eagle across the bed and her baby doll dress lay across her lap covering all her parts... she knew she was safe for now... but she could feel the wetness increase, she didn’t understand why the waiting did this too her, and she knew that he did it on purpose.

He started at her feet, wanting to feel her move, see how much give the ties had, he stood up and adjusted the ties, and she felt her legs spread even further apart. This time he touched her just under her knee, she felt her body jump but it had nowhere to go, the cuffs at her wrists pulled and she tried to keep herself still. His fingers trailed long her body, up and over her curves from her knee to her neck and everywhere in between, random touches at random moments. Then he ran a single finger from her ankle up to her knee, beneath her bottom and up the side of her torso and around one breast, up to her shoulder and under her arm up to her wrist, he drew a few circles on the palm of her hand... this was driving her crazy... she needed to squirm, she needed to move but she was bound.

She could feel him move away again and this time was only gone for a few seconds before she felt the light vibrations of her favourite toy gently circling her lips over her thin dress, she felt his other hand on her inner thigh, sliding her dress up and pulling her wet g-string aside. With one hand on the vibe and the other playing between her legs she could feel herself getting nearer her desired passion.

“Please” was all she could manage.

“Not now my pet” he said as he removed the vibrating toy, his other hand still resting between her legs. She tried to squirm downwards to get contact between her clit on his firm fingers however he tapped her gently and said in a strong voice “not now”

He got up and walked away, she heard him walk to the kitchen, the fridge door open and then close. He walked back into the room and asked her to open her eyes as he dribbled water onto her lips. He always knew what she needed even if he did hold back on certain things. She smiled up at him and pleaded with her eyes for him to let her continue to receive such a mind blowing experience.

He placed the bottle of water down on the side table and she then saw that he had an glass of water that had frost forming on the outside... what was he going to do she wondered... knowing that she wouldn’t have to wait long... he undid the cuffs “but not for long” he whispered in her ear. He pulled her arms up and then asked her in a firm voice to remove her dress. That pulled aside and now laying on the floor he pushed her back down on the bed “close your eyes for me” he asked in a soft gentle voice.

Eyes closed she waited... then it came.... icy cold water dripping along her belly, between her chests and running down her neck onto the bed below.... my god how cold it was.... but then she felt his hot tongue follow the trail of cold water along her body. She felt her body curl at this attention, being free from the restraints, he pressed firmly on her legs and said “stay still or I will reapply the cuffs” liking the freedom she did as she was told.

She felt her nipples harden to the touch of his tongue and she felt herself growing even wetter at the idea that the goal was nearing. She needed to feel him between her legs, she needed to release the built up tension. He reached down and cupped her mound, he pressed his hand in firmly and released one finger between her lips, a long moan escaped her, and she knew not to push it, not to try and get anything he wasn’t willing to share just yet, she couldn’t handle the idea of him holding back any longer. She waited patiently enjoying the moment, feeling her desire building up again, his finger slipping in and out of her slit, his palm pressing down to apply the right amount of pressure on her clit. He could feel body tense, he slowed down to see how she’d respond.

“Please... please... please” she begged.

He replied with an increase on his movement “you may” was all he said as he continued to heaten the moment...

“Oh... Oh God...” she replied as her body shook and she explored within his hand and he allowed her body to curl up this time and he removed his hand and started to caress her body pulling her into him and let her come down from her high slowly within his arms “that was...” she started to say before he interrupted her with “SSShhhh, just Shh”

She fell asleep within his arms and he watched her, seeing the smile upon her face knowing the pleasure that he had just help create was the reason behind those sweet sweet lips and their perfect smile