Random meet at arndale Other

She wont forget me…

It was a rainy mid autumn day, it had been quite mild, was still warm. I drove into the car park around 515 pm, just to get smokes. Had been helping a friend close by, was on my way home. Not to many people about, all the sheep hiding in their houses from a mild cold 80 percent of people will never catch. As I drive in, I saw at the edge of the canopy by the main entrance, her.

Petite, slender, dressed in those overall type shorts, with tig… Read more

Massage anyone? Other

Sensual massage for a friend who asked me how I'd go about it.…

Well, I'd be dressed in loose shorts, but with no top, just in case of oil spills! You would start out on your front in traditional massage style and I would fold a little towel across your bum, pretending to be protecting your privacy. Then I'd start standing by your head and rub right from our shoulders down to your bum. Leaning across you, you would feel my belly against your hair. Then I'd move on to your legs, oiling each one up and rubbing … Read more

Disco orgasm Other

Public extasy…

We were sitting the the corner of the night club in a raised booth and after a few drinks where we indulged in a bit of crowd watching I took you to the dance floor. The music soon had you moving to its beat. You smiled and closed your eyes as you took in the calming effects of a few drinks, the energy of the music and the crowd.

As you started to slightly sweat absorbed in the music I reached into my pocket and removed the remote for the vibr… Read more

Nice Other

Taken from the real…

was a warm evening and the curtains stirred gently in the breeze of the open timber doors looking out over the rain forest. Your stepped out of the scented water of the spa having just let me wash your hair and scrub your back and walk out onto the balcony. The water running down your back and into the crease of your perfect rear. I follow you with a towel and nibble your neck before I pat down your back and wrap you gently in the towel. Putting … Read more

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Husband assisted wife breeding Other

How I planned and executed the breeding of my wife…

Are fantasys ment to be forfilled?...in my wife's case...yes..Lisa..my wife has always loved sex..and is in her late thirties...I am 10yrs older and have always had a healthy outlook on our sex life...we had threesomes ..once in a blue moon..but they never seem to hit the mark..So it was a shock when I looked over the lounge one morning to see my wifewife casually scrolling through vidios of groups of black men gang banging white women...she b… Read more

three guys camping Other


I was camping out bush the other day the camp site was starting to get busy filling up with tourist and I helped these 2 young guys who didnt really know how to put up a tent.
The 2 of them had no shirts on and very loose shorts you could see their bolding cocks and they knew i was looking there.
I started to put the tent up for them with a little help from them too and they talked about me coming over for dinner for helping them with their te… Read more

Lingerie and toys Other

An Anne Summers party turned in to a little more…

A while ago I agreed to host an Anne Summers party; you know, lingerie and toys with an organiser and several girlfriends.
We sent V out to the pub, knowing that we’d be finished well in advance of him returning after 11pm. I also figured that the party would leave me a little aroused so I could treat V afterwards.
Well, the party was a fantastic success. The girls were really in to it and tried on lingerie and laughed when switching on the… Read more

While I was camping Other

a great time…

While I was Camping

I went camping one weekend to an excluded spot you need a 4x4 to get too well I set the camping trailer up unhooked the car then got some fire wood for the open fire for latter.

I made a coffee and sat down in my camp chair then went for a walk down to the beach to think and gather my thoughts then went back to my camper stripped off my clothes and sat in my chair again with a beer.

I heard a vehicle coming near my … Read more

Today at Cobblers Beach Other

This morning the sun was out, beautiful blue sky and hubby and I drove to Cobblers Beach to enjoy being naked in the sun.
I had showered before I left and made sure my pussy was freshly shaven, taking particular attention to my big pussy lips.
All I had on was a summer dress with a low cleavage that my hubby loved. It’s so nice feeling naked underneath.
We parked and made the trek down to the beach and was surprised at how many people were a… Read more

Part 3 Help me make it real as written by Dream Other

Part 3

There’s a knock at the door....you get up and go to your bag and bring out a blindfold and tell me to put it on, lie back, relax and make myself comfortable on the bed. I’m nervous but excited, not knowing who is behind the door.

I hear you open the door, say hello and someone walks into the room. I hear someone undressing. And then someone sits on the chair and someone comes over to me. I feel hands touching my legs .. slowly r… Read more

Part 2 On the journey Other

Part 2

We’re both relaxed and rested for a bit but we’re still yearning for more...

I reach down and feel your cock.. he awakens in my hand as I touch him.. slowly standing to attention.I take your hand and lead you to the shower. The water is nice and warm running down our bodies. I lather up your chest and slowly work down to your stomach, hips and find your hard erect cock. I continue to play with him while I feel your hands on my bo… Read more

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Part 1 how it starts Other

Part 1
I have the day off and have booked a room at the Mantra. I arrive early, check in and txt you the room number. I go up to the room to get myself ready. I know you won’t be too far away and am excited , knowing what lies ahead.

I slip the key card under the door so you can just see it and can pick it up and open the door.

I make myself comfortable on the bed, lying naked and slowly begin to play with my clit. I’m already wet wi… Read more

GloryHole Other

I watched my first gloryhole movie on the internet and became hooked, while I considered myself very straight. I started becoming aroused after watching cock been sucked through a hole in the wall, and even though I loved pussy so much, I started to think what it would be like to actually suck a cock, beautiful women were doing it all the time, so just that put the thought into my head that it might not be so bad. After a while it became a obsess… Read more

After work Other

My wife works as a waitress , midweek there are a few traveling sales reps that dine there .a bit ago one gave her his
Card and said if u would like a fling
I am in town each Tuesday night ,she smiled and said well u never know ,as she really loves to flirt . Any way last Tuesday night he was back in again ,he as having tea and a few drinks
Ally was knocking off at 9 and when she was leaving he was I the car park waiting for a taxi .she said… Read more

Mustang Ranch Other

Finished work on Friday and was feeling very horny, so I headed for the Mustang Ranch in Fyshwick where I found a sexy little cross dressing Slut. He was laying in one of the beds up stairs with the door wide open.
I walked in and rammed that 8in cock right down my throat.
After about 15 minutes of sucking that hot cock and rimming that ass I lay down and watched as he mounted my hard fat cock.
We swapped positions for half an hour before I… Read more

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Obeying my Master.... part 2 Other

He never ceases to amaze me. I had withheld from any sort of sexual contact.
My body would quiver at the slightest touch, as much as it was hard to not self pleasure at the least, I knew in the back of my mind it would be worth it.
At last, I got the call I had desired for so long. It was my Master. His voice went straight to my clitoris. He has the most sexiest voice I've ever heard. My clitoris enlarged, my juices started flowing. And then h… Read more

Obeying my Master.... part 1 Other

Have you ever wanted to be fucked so badly, but couldn't. Have you ever needed to feel someone's touch, but couldn't. Has your body ever quivered so much from those needs and wants it almost drove you to the point of insanity.
You may be thinking, do something about it.... go find someone or even, do it yourself.
But when your Master tells you not to, you do as your told. You know his words, his voice, everything about him means so much.
So… Read more

SIL my wife Other

I was married to Rani for 2 years and we were both not happy. Our marriage was falling apart. I didn’t feel any attraction to my wife. The affection between us were diminishing and I was looking for companionship wherever I can get it. That’s when I was getting attracted to Natasha.
My sister in law Natasha visited our place regularly and I was finding her attractive , Natasha was beautiful girl with all the nice features.
She has a bangin… Read more

Cofused and not sure Other

It was a very long time ago when I meet the most amazing and beautiful woman i had ever met, she was tall with long legs Curley long black hair and the most amazing bodoncardonk butt and stole my heart from the moment I layed my eyes on her.
We first meet about 18!years ago spoke a while before we decided to met each other and it was the best day of my life knowing I had found the one. It was easy at first coz it was early in our journey even … Read more

Thursday night thrills Other

A Young tradesman with the nickname firehive, given to him by his mates as a bit of banter, had just come off his 3 week swing at the mine he works at. It’s summer so it’s quite warm in the Bunnings he’d stopped at to pick something up he was desperate, he needed to find what he was searching for. It’s hot a hot December, as he strolls the aisles looking for what he wanted with two buttons on his high vis shirt undone, exposing part of hi… Read more

Sweety and the monkey man Other

The monkey man wasn't hard up for gash so he placed an ad and sweety turned and said yeah I'll give it a bash .. moved in last week 18 and stunning tatt on her back a little sunburned brown eyes purple hi lites in her hair proud firm cleavage nice bum full of energy and sexy as a squad of on nuns on shore leave ...made a fire last nite and sat around talking she'd broken with her boyfriend but was pretty upbeat and laying back in her chair wearin… Read more

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Ass stimulus 2 Other

This was it she needed to fuck and the time was now so into my room I was taken stripped off and thrown on the bed as she was on top riding like a mad woman, after the first 1/2 hr she lay down and I got on top for more steady rhythm, then just as I get into the swing she fingers my ass and was fantasy come true… Read more

First but stimulus Other

The new girl on the scene showed at my back doorstep too shy to come inside so we went under the old Qldr to chat. Before I could react she had a hand massaging my 8" member to a state of hardness slipped it out the leg and climbed onboard, could not believe here she was screwing the daylights out of me people didn't care just walking on by ,after I came she grabbed me and said we do naked next time. Next time she was around she had got to know t… Read more

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Magic undies or magic panties Other

Probably most people on this site are more than likely very happy and comfortable with their sex lives and probably will not care about this story, but if it helps out any individuals or couple regardless of their sexual preference then it is worth telling.

A few years ago I suffered crippling depression and when combine with the medications I was taking I stopped all physical contact with my long term partner. There was no intimacy, affection… Read more

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My beach experience Other

just here to share my experience...
The day was 14th of feb 2017 and the weather was fine. I decided to head down to my local beach for a light walk. Upon arrival I removed my gold jewellery and set on for a walk along the beach. Whilst only walk I noticed a woman topless sunbathing. Without being suspicious I walked closer to her to get a better view. Once I got close she stood up turned her back to me and bent over to clear some sand from her … Read more

Best Served Cold Other

Revenge can be likened, to
A morning brew of your best mates
Day old cum, that has lost the
Viscosity and freshness body warmth lends,
Freshly squeezed from your best sluts arse,
Shaken, not stirred and served with an air of
Loathing…… Read more

a massage Other

written in the 'stream of consciousness' style...staccato and to the point

you lay there on your front...naked except for a towel draped over your bum.....dreamy soft music and the fragrance of warm oil as he starts on your feet......slowly massaging the soles ...toes ....ankles.....you melt into the feeling.....so good...pampered and indulged.....you feel oil pouring onto your calves...knees ...thighs...he works his way up your legs...relax… Read more

Wife Fucks Mate Other

Wife fantasy…

It all started when an old mate Brad contacted me on Facebook, when I started having major fantasises about seeing sarah fucked by another man.
Some years before Sarah and I were married we were going through an experimental stage and one of the fantasies that came up was a threesome.
We were watching a porno at Brads house and as we were sitting behind him I managed to play with Sarah's pussy which was getting wet the more we watched.
It had … Read more

My slut ex girlfriend and my mate Other

I have been with my gf for almost 4yrs and we did break up and get back a few times and really it's not going great with fights and all.

I have taken pics of her pussy and she sent me nudes of herself while we were together.
So now the pics are with me and when i was over my mates place for him to load music on my laptop, he went into my pics and saw all her photos.

He asked who's this girl? and he said wait a second... that's you're gf.
Read more

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